Help Wanted [NOT 6/12/21]

my expression damn near everyday at work

Hi, friends!

Happy Monday! I hope your week is going well so far.

I will be gone for a week and unable to do NOTs. Any chance some folks could pick them up for Dec 12-Dec 16?

Topics can include (but are not limited to) —

  • what’s something you like
  • what are people eating that week
  • something stupid happening in Missouri
  • something stupid happening elsewhere
  • was the creator of the bundt pan a masochist or a sadist
  • what is soup
  • good things to brag about
  • and many more!



    • something stupid happening in Missouri

    You wouldn’t be, uh, singling anyone out by including this now, would you. . . ?

    • I will take a night if we can talk about Devon Nunes cow & where the billion dollars came from for Trumps new social media company?  We can talk about this now, I can come up w/ other stuff whatever night you want to assign me.

    • No, I was just thinking about shit that I often post about.

      Stupid shit in Missouri.

  1. I can take one! I think I already know a topic.

    So, I have some exciting news to impart. Every year sometime in December we give the apartment a present. This year the apartment got…a most excellent wok. I used to wok up a storm but then ours broke from overuse. We finally got another one. Such is its magic that I have already made and eaten dinner, and this is very early for us.

    • I didn’t know you could break a wok, I’m impresed!

      • There’s gotta be a story there….

          • If you’re referring to me, it wasn’t idiocy, it was overuse. I’m surprised I got as many years out of it as I did. If you’re referring to the guy in the gif, then yes, no arguments.

      • I can’t remember where, but I think I’ve heard of the weld/rivets connecting the handle to the wok failing at times.  Probably under heavy use and of lower quality or defective items, but I’ve heard of it happening before…

        • I’ve definitely had handles fall off of pots before. Had a giant stainless steel stock pot crack along the rim, too. That was fun.

        • There was that too, toward the end.

      • I didn’t exactly break it. After about 15 years of heavy use the seal in the bowl cracked a little. I went into denial, but from that crack sprang another veiny crack, then another, so we just thought, “These are cheap enough, we’ll just throw this one away and get another.” And then we forgot about it…

    • My favorite chef has a cookbook on just wok recipes.

    • Oooh which one? I’m in the market for one and am too lazy to do research. If it’s good enough for you, it is more than good enough for me.

      • Better Half found it on sale on Amazon. When he regains consciousness I’ll see if he remembers. I just went on Amazon and there are, oh, about 1,200 to choose from.

    • Apologies for my useless reply 👉 I normally would volunteer to do a NOT but I’m busy with family who are visiting.


      *Oops this was meant for the general thread.

  2. I can take one. Gimme a night and let me know when it should go up.

    I have posting privileges now and have a photo essay series slated to go live tomorrow at 2 pm. If Tuesdays at 2 pm steps on anyone else’s posts please let me know.

    • They go up at 19:00, pick a day and go. No one has claimed a specific day yet and you can schedule in advance if desired.

  3. I know the answer to Bullet Point #5, and it’s “neither!”

    Dave Dalquist was a WW2 vet, who had a business that made parts for General Mills home appliances, and was approached by a bunch of Jewish ladies from the Minneapolis area, to re-create more of a type of cast-iron pan that some of them had immigrated from “the old world” with–He renamed it with a “t” at the end, because as a WW2 vet, he knew & understood that “Bund” had too many German associations…

    And then after the lady in the mid/late 60’s won the Pillsbury Bake Off with a Bundt-cake recipe, well, let’s just say, “Dalquist” became a name as popular as Avocados for some folks…


    • Wait until my Bundt fruitcake recipe posts. I suspect it will be the year’s most ridiculed FYCE.

      • Absolute nonsense. The fruitcake gets a bad rap because so many of them are mass-produced monstrosities, dry and flavorless. I’ve had excellent ones and am looking forward to your post.

    • And if you really want a deep dive, here’s how very controversial cake style is tied to the first Concrete Grain Elevator–completely revolutionizing safety for grain storage, around the world…

      And another bit of random, tied to both “The Pan Company” and grain-dust safety, is how “The (Washburn) A-Mill explosion revolutionized flour milling safety…

      Washburn was a competitor of, then became part of “Pillsbury-Washburn Flour Mills Conpany, Limited.” 

      And that concludes today’s “Random Bit of Useless Information about MN Food History” for the day!😉😁💖

      • Much like Kevin Bacon, there really are six degrees or less, in most of the “big” MN food inventions, companies, & events😉

        Eta, and if anyone would like another fabulous rabbit-warren to lose days or months immersing yourself in, may I suggest Norman Borlaug, UofM Student, Agronomist/Scientist, father of the Green Revolution,  Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Presidential Medal of Freedom winner, and Congressional Gold Medal winner?


      • I love me some food history! Thanks, Em!

  4. Here’s a semi verbatim conversation I had yesterday.

    “Your new document management platform is too convoluted.”

    “I know, but the home office implemented it.”

    “Why can’t we upload actual 3D models for this construction job?”

    “The document management software can’t handle it.”

    “Wait you’re a construction company, why would you pick a fucking system that can’t read model files upon which your whole damn company was funded?”

  5. I suck at math, so not sure if you have enough to cover, but I can be available any of those days. Let me know so that I get it on my calendar (not because I’m busy, but because I forget things). Hope you are doing something fun during that time off.

    • It looks like the 13th and the 15th are still up for grabs. Let me take the 15th, unless I’ve overlooked something and someone has already jumped in.

  6. It looks like you’ve got plenty of volunteers.  I’d try one, but I’m not near smart enough to write a NOT.  I mean, I keep going to the grocery store and as I walk in the door I say, “I should really have written a list”.  Then, I run through the store buying things we don’t need like brazil nuts and gum and forgetting the cans of tomato paste, cider vinegar, and jalapenos my wife expressly told me to buy as I was leaving this morning.  I knew I was forgetting something so I bought a box of those bourbon caramels she likes.  I have to drive to town again on Wednesday, so I have another chance to not make myself a shopping list.  This time, I will try to buy a nutcracker for those brazil nuts because I’ve been using a pair of pliers and it’s not easy.

  7. I can do the 14th

  8. I would volunteer, but A) I don’t think I have posting privileges and B) I don’t know if I could do it from my phone :/  Just trying to reply can sometimes be an adventure!

    I’m a hundred pages in to the first book in Laurell K. Hamilton’s new series, A Terrible Fall of Angels, and so far… I love it. I used to be a huuuuge fan of her Anita Blake series, even drove to St Louis with my friend for a meet and greet, but about 8-ish books back, I got tired of all the navelgazing and endless relationship shuffling. It started as a paranormal crime/mystery/horror series and became a way for the author to work out her own relationship issues (although  I will say that the last 2 or 3 have gone back to some crime-solving.) This new series is starting back at the top again, so… I have hopes!

    • Ohhh – I have that book awaiting me on my kindle; if you like it so will I. Same, re Anita Blake.

    • I’m an idiot. Let me reschedule for 1900. This military time…

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