Helpful Tips! [NOT 31/3/21]

Hi, friends! Today’s a good day to share some helpful info amongst the group.

As I sat on a video conference today, I’d like to say I paid attention to the speaker but mostly all I could think was that if you’re video conferencing from your bedroom at work, make you damn bed before you turn on the video. That’s my helpful tip this week!



  1. Don’t buy your parents a subscription to Sex Toy of the Month Club.

  2. If you have a cat who likes to get outside, look down when you’re going in/out through a door!
    Brought to you by finding Sam on the wrong side of the door after Other-Husband came home for lunch. Thank the gods she was smart enough to hunker by the door instead of wandering off. She ditched her collar a couple of weeks ago and I have no idea what she did with it… not that she’s friendly enough to let anyone who’s not me or O-H close enough to look at her tags, but, still. I’d feel better if she had it on! 

    • Not sure if you already do this, but I always recommend breakaway collars for cats. Otherwise they can get themselves into trouble getting collars caught on fences and the like… 

      • Oh, yeah, definitely the breakaway collars. That’s what she had on…

        • They’re also more likely to get lost haha. But at least they’re safer. 

      • Breakaways with the BELL on them!😉
        That way you know when they’re being naughty around the house, and can correct the behavior immediately💖
        (There is a reason why Rocket is belled…if he gets too quiet,i KNOW to go looking😉😆🤣💖)

  3. Video backgrounds are very important, and it’s always startling when people don’t think about it. A co-worker’s shirtless husband wandered into the background on a Zoom call in the early pandemic days. We all just sort of stopped a second, and then my boss soldiered on. I ALWAYS have a background set. Always. I have videos of waterfalls or snow or beaches or other scenes, but when I’m being more serious I have a static photo of a bookshelf that I use. I don’t need my co-workers seeing my daughter wander out in her pajamas. 

    • I use still backgrounds mostly just so people can’t see the train wreck behind me. Fortunately I don’t have to worry about sudden appearances of half naked humans in this house. 

    • A coworker had a toddler run screaming into a room with “I just pooped my pants!” the other day. 

    • I tried to use a fancy zoom background and it only filled in my hair with the design instead of the blank wall behind me. This is why I don’t bother with technology 97% of the time. 

  4. speaking of parks and rec, isn’t today the day that April didn’t think was real, and scheduled a bunch of meetings for?

    • Yes! That is one of the greatest episodes. 

  5. …you know how people say “plus ça change…”?

    …well, here’s a thought

    Begin each day by telling yourself: today I shall encounter interference, ingratitude, insolence, disloyalty, ill-will & selfishness – all of them due to the offender’s ignorance of what is good or evil.

    …or so said marcus aurelius…in 120 or so AD…but we’ve come a long way since then I’m sure you’ll agree?

    • @SplinterRIP I am a complete Marcus Aurelius fan girl. He is cat nip. 

    • I was on a zoom with my homeowner’s association this evening, so i definitely encountered “interference, ingratitude, insolence, disloyalty, ill-will & selfishness.”

  6. You’re welcome… Lester.

    I don’t like video interviews.  I’ve had to deal with four of them over the past 3 years.  The first one was a complete disaster and I’m guessing the company uses it as the highlight of their blooper reel.
    1) Never do a video interview after a grueling day.  I did after working 50+ hours on a physical job.  I was completely brain fried.  Hence the clusterfuck interview.
    2) Dress appropriately to get in the same mind set.
    3) Eat something if you do the interview in the morning.  No energy = the same as working too much OT.  Brain lock is not funny (unless you’re not the interviewee.)

  7. I just posted this in the DOT in the discussion about Boston, but it’s so late in the day that I want to post it here too to make sure people see it. My tip is this: when driving a truck, always make sure the road you’re driving has appropriate clearance.
    We were DYING watching those videos. 

    • I probably should have embedded a youtube compilation instead of the ancient website.

      • At least some people had the sense to slow way down and bounce off. Not a lot, but some. All that flying debris and sudden stopping though, I’m amazed it hasn’t killed someone.

        • My absolute favorite is the one at the end (around 8:50) who can tell they’re not going to make it, turns the other way, then reconsiders and comes back to jam themselves under! Just absolute gold.

  8. When everyone and everything is standing on your very last nerve…maybe it is you, not them…unless, of course, it IS totally them. In which case, lock up the knives, open the whisky, and go commiserate with @MatthewCrawley.

    • I am absolutely aware when I’m in a shit mood. It doesn’t make me hate everything any less, but I do try to avoid other living things when I feel it.

      • Situations like this are why I sometimes love self-checkout. When I am in a shit mood, I’d rather not be around people. This includes store employees just doing their jobs who shouldn’t be subjected to my extra strong RBF when I’m in a shit mood. 

        • See, the self check out is guaranteed to put me in a bad mood. I have some sort of force field around me that causes beep-boops to go haywire. It was working and now it’s not?? Sorry, that was me. I looked at it. 

  9. Garbage has a new album coming out this summer!  Just ran across this video on my Youtube feed, and I like the imagery in it.  I got to see them a couple years back, and at the end of the show, Shirley Manson just asked us to be kind to each other.

    • Ahhh that’s so exciting! I’ve seen Garbage several times (3 or 4?) and Shirley Manson is absolutely incredible. Love her, love them. 

  10. Don’t put out fires with your face.

    • did this involve alcohol?

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