Here We Go Again [DOT 16/8/21]

Hey gang, happy Monday!

For me, it’s the first week without our mandatory Monday morning meeting. Yay!


Afghanistan Falls To The Taliban Again As The U.S.-Backed Government Collapses

Afghan government collapses as Taliban sweeps in, U.S. sends more troops to aid chaotic withdrawal

There was a rare mass shooting in the UK recently. In ‘merica, we call that Saturday night.

San Antonio sports bar shooting leaves 3 dead, 2 wounded, authorities say

UGHHH. Shut up shut up shut up shut up.



Japan’s Nikkei 225 falls more than 1% as Asia-Pacific stocks slip ahead of Chinese economic data for July

Some Good Tweets.


I mean…they aren’t wrong.

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  1. Jennifer Slopez is an excellent name.

    That weird incel creature who killed his mother and went on the rampage in Plymouth (UK) claimed to be from Phoenix on “social media.” The US-based news account I read seemed to doubt this since he spoke with an English accent.

    1. If he were from Phoenix and then was removed to Plymouth, UK, of course he would speak with an English accent. Presumably at least one of his parents was English else why would he end up in Plymouth, UK? Better Half lived in London for a year almost a quarter of a century ago and now he has cause to deal with a lot of people in the London area. His best friend in his company is a Londoner working in the London office so chats are many. If the calls go on long enough by the time he disengages he’s starting to sound like Bert the Chimney Sweep from “Mary Poppins.”

    2. But what if this is completely fabricated, the incel had never even been to the US, and this was just a “social media” ruse? What a strange thing to aspire to, a Phoenix background. This is kind of what gives the report credibility. 

    I know these made-up backgrounds happen. I went to college with an American guy who did a “gap year” in the UK. It’s very rare for an American to do a gap year, but he somehow found some kind of way to do it. Upon arrival at my university he had made up an entirely new persona for himself, no doubt replicating the life of a friend he had made over there. I don’t know how long he was prepared to keep up this ruse; he was a very strange guy and exhibited behaviors described in the DSM-5. His cover was blown a mere two or three weeks into our freshman year when word got ’round that another of our classmates had been a patient of The No-Talent Mr. Ripley’s father, who was a pediatric dentist in a middle-class New Jersey suburb.

    “What a piece of work is man”–Hamlet

    • Peripherally knew a Ripley guy in college who masqueraded as wealthy though dirt-poor. He ended up in a room with a truly wealthy roommate, the type who would say, hey, I know, let’s fly to New York for the weekend and stay in Manhattan. He pretended to be waiting for his allowance from his trust fund or some nonsense and would pay his roommate back then. Eventually the rich kid figured it out (to be fair he was NOT bright). Ripley left school — I don’t know the circumstances or if the wealthy kid took action to get his money or what. 

  2. Poor Jennifer Slopez. She does not respond to verbal commands like “TURTLE! NO!!!” Hmmm – she appears to have that in common with many of the sentient creatures of my acquaintance – dogs, humans, etc. Which brings me back to Butcher’s line, these are the natural consequences of your actions.

    Also, I would neither admit to nor share the…ahem…jelly fish story.

      • Chekhov’s Gun. The playwright was Anton Chekhov. “if you introduce a rifle in the first act, it absolutely must go off in act 2 or 3.” It refers to foreshadowing, and also the principle of simplicity — you should never introduce details into a narrative that don’t pay off later. 

    • Jennifer Slopez is poorly trained though excellently named. Sheldon comes when called. He does love stairs, however, and if left to his own devices without supervision he would doubtlessly find himself in Jennifer’s position. 

        • If you feed them they will come. But if you don’t reinforce it regularly, he’ll start backsliding. Sheldon also knocks on the door to be let in. We have an atrium so he can’t wander off, but he finds the outdoors to be a dubious proposition filled with uncertainty and lacking in room service. After 10 minutes or so he starts banging on the door. He prefers his tank. My turtle is agoraphobic.

  3. Word from Buffaloe has just reached us here in Manna-Hatta:

    Apparently there is still train service to Buffaloe but the Central Station is disused and in decay. I would take this train trip. New York (State) is very beautiful in all its many varieties, and Buffalo is the jumping-off point to view the Niagara Falls. I mean you wouldn’t literally jump off into the Niagara Falls, you’d go over in a barrel, like a civilized person.

  4. So, the more or less final tally looks like we pissed away over 2 trillion dollars and tens of thousands of lives for, literally, nothing, because we simply couldn’t bring ourselves to avoid making the EXACT SAME MISTAKES we made with Vietnam.

  5. This is a pretty good summary of this shitshow…

    When I lived on a Marine base, our next door neighbor was the last helicopter pilot out of Vietnam.  My dad was a F4 squadron leader in Vietnam.  When those fellows got together they would never talk about the war other than to acknowledge the job they did and the pride they felt to serve their country.  Not sure why I am stating this but seems like an important memory right now.

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