Hit Snooze [DOT 11/6/22]

I am gonna sleep in today and maybe go to the grocery store later.

I also need to clean up my kitchen as I’ve been making ice cream all week and that has taken over. I made cookies and cream, Reeses PB cup, vanilla with Goobers and chocolate covered pretzels, and earl grey ice cream with chocolate shavings.

My neighbor requested dairy free ice cream so I’m going to try a coconut milk version and see how that turns out. Then I’m putting the freaking thing back in the basement because it takes up half my counter.

I scream, you scream, we’re all just screaming…

The Dow falls 880 points as inflation hits 40-year high

Primetime January 6 hearing shows set-piece TV can still pack a punch

We’re almost out of ammunition and relying on western arms, says Ukraine

Have a great weekend!



  1. How tedious it must be to be not-American and yet, voluntarily or not, conversant in so many American things. Take that Green Day show. I assume that’s Berlin, Germany, and not Berlin, Ohio. Do the Berliners know who Ted Cruz is? They know his positions, and they object to them?

    Let’s put the Schuhe on the other Fuß: How many Americans can name a single German Senator? Or what the name of the German sort-of equivalent is (the Bundesrat)? Who is the head of Germany (hint: it’s not Angela Merkel anymore, at least not nominally) and what is their title? The Germans, like the Italians and the French, also have a position which is technically to be the leader of the country but it’s mostly ceremonial, like attending funerals and giving advice if asked (they rarely are.) In a sense they act like temporary monarchs, giving the country some personage to rally around and more or less free from politics. How many Americans know that?

    Anyway, more importantly, Meg, were you at the Halsey show at the Marjorie Merriwether Post Pavilion? NuGawker was!


  2. Even all hungover and etc. I second that emotion….Fuck Ted Cruz. While I’m feeling salty, fuck centrists, fuck confused libertarian imbeciles, and fuck anyone still in the dgaf movement. We need compassion, empathy, logic and reason, and it’s in short supply.


  3. Artillery (or any long range standoff weapon) has always been the main killer on the battlefield despite what movies show of infantry fighting at close quarters blazing away at full auto.

    Something that gun nuts screaming about “tyranny” don’t get. All the AR-15s in the world don’t mean shit against 152mm/155mm shells or 200mm long range artillery rockets or Hellfire equipped drones. They won’t have to see the whites of their eyes because they won’t have eyes, just CCD cameras.

    At this point, the best thing the west can send is counter-battery radar, long range rocket launchers and more weapon equipped drones to help take out Russia’s big guns and rocket launchers. The more guns and launchers the Ukrainians can take out, the better the chances they can defeat the Russians.

    • …I don’t claim to know a whole bunch about the most effective military options…but it seems as though despite rhetoric suggesting russia considers the line to have already been crossed the desire to avoid anything which could be interpreted as directly assisting offensive rather than defensive options for the ukrainians is going to fall short of bringing hostilities to a close unless russia calls things off

      …which doesn’t look like it’s something putin’s showing any signs of considering…what with comparing himself to peter the great & talking about reclaiming imperial territory

      …so I wish I could see how anyone thinks this thing gets done getting worse & starts to get better?

    • …not being facetious…but is it possible they are/have?

      …I mean, I know the select committee hearings aren’t legal proceedings…but they’ve definitely done a bunch of investigating…some of it in concert with the DoJ…& superseding indictments are a thing

      …don’t know as I have faith they’ll pick their way that far through the tapestry but it’s not like there’s a shortage of loose threads they could look at tying up?

  4. What is wrong with the DC press in a nutshell:

    In short, Chuck Todd, NBC and Meet the Press aren’t just so clueless they don’t realize they’re inviting dead people to talk.

    They are also working from a fossilized little list of people who get to talk. If you’ve ever wondered why Lindsey Graham has been such a fixture on TV while, say, Tammy Baldwin or Sherrod Brown are not, it’s because the powers that be have decided that a narrow bumch, overwhelmingly Republicans, are the only ones who matter. And being dead doesn’t disqualify you.

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