Hobbies [NOT 7/8/21]

I have been collecting records since I was a teenager many moons ago. For birthday and Christmas gifts Ellie signs me up for record clubs. The hobby has expanded into vintage turntables and various components.

Do you have any hobbies?



  1. nope no hobbies here
    i spend all me spare time looking for music
    thats normal human behaviour…..i think

    • actually i lied
      i love pissing off my boss
      will probably get me fired one day….
      but till then.. i am going to age that grey fucker

      • @farscythe

        I love doing the same thing to my boss. He knows I’m doing it but he can’t help himself.

  2. Nail art. I paint my nails every weekend, and not just a solid color. Designs, glitter, gems. My hands usually don’t match because then I can do twice as much art! I also post them to Instagram so i can post one hand one day, then the other later in the week. I have over 250 bottles of polish and over 100 stamping plates.

    • @PumpkinSpies

      Do you try to keep them a certain size? I’m guessing the longer they are the more intricate the design is.


      • Yeah they’re long-ish but not too long. I have a typing job. Though I’ve seen crazy acrylics on some of my coworkers so people adapt. They’re usually about an 1/8 inch past the end of my fingertips, and yes that does give you more room for stuff 👍

    • @PumpkinSpies, ooooh! Fun!!! I like Zoya, do you have a preference? Toenails are always painted, seasonal colors or red. Nails are short for all the reasons, and mostly pale neutral with a little sparkle. But I use 2 or 3 shades on them for holidays (red/green at Christmas, orange/black at Halloween…).

      • @Elliecoo
        Zoya is my favorite salon brand, but I don’t buy much off the shelf. I’d say half my collection is Zoya and half is independent brands. I like Holo Taco, Fancy Gloss, Cupcake Polish, & FUN Lacquer. I like to do my toes neons in the summer because it makes me look more tan (which is a lot of heavy lifting for a nail polish lol).

  3. Hobbies you say? Ha! Aside from my regular 50 hour workweek, providing content for some website, cooking ahead, 4 dogs? I have been known to paint, watercolor and acrylic, but not much lately. Oh, I read a ton, maybe that counts?

  4. I don’t think I currently have time for any hobbies, unless you count drinking, internetting, and poor time management…
    I used to keep aquariums and paludariums (I’m sometimes considering making an attempt at this again…
    I used to do some backpacking, and am considering trying that again on a vacation/holiday
    RPGs like D&D, etc.  one of the groups I was a part of is looking to start up again, but pretty infrequently, and I have mixed feelings about this…  I’d like to meet more frequently, but then it’s also easier on the schedule to not meet frequently…

    • @Lochaber

      I started playing Axis & Allies before  Covid hit. Looking forward to getting back at it but who knows when that will be. One of the guys is a “My freedoms” douche.

      • @KeitelBlacksmith
        I have rather limited experience, but I do enjoy some board games and such.  I tend to prefer the cooperative ones though.
        But I can’t really deal with “politics” anymore.  I’m pretty lucky that just by location most of the people I interact with on a day-to-day basis seem to be fairly decent, but I grew up in a very homogeneous, conservative, and frankly ignorant area/culture. 
        I don’t really have any patience for MAGATs, general bigots, or even libertarians at this point.  Out of desire to avoid conflict, I’ll just bite my tongue and be quiet for an interaction or two, but much more than that and I’m burning bridges…

  5. I can’t afford the hobby that I want to do which is building a kick ass audiophile system.  So, instead, I plant shit in the ground, read and make lots of shit in the kitchen.

  6. I crochet amigurumi which are small stuffed animals. And sometimes I sew felt toys. My need to create ebbs and flows. I often find myself struggling to finish my projects. Sometimes I end up with a bag of crocheted arms, legs, heads and no willpower to make the torsos and sew them all together.

    • @HammerZeitgeist

      They look very cool. The closest I ever got to needle and thread was French knots in textiles class in high school. I bet the bag of parts looks wild. American Horror Toy Story

      • I clearly do not have the hang of posting plain old images. 

    • I crochet, too, but I mostly make blankets. Unfortunately for my storage space, I tend to get bored or run out of steam halfway through, and start something new… I currently have 2 queen-size blankets that are about 2/3 finished, and I just started a new one that’s a lot of little pieces, so it’s more portable. We won’t even get into the other half-dozen abandoned projects that I’ll probably have to pull apart if I can’t figure out what I was doing with them!

  7. I’m the weirdo.  I build models to stay sane.  Mostly military from any era or nation and/or SF because I enjoy machines and the history behind them (terrible oft times) or building things that I loved as a kid.  But I’ve built everything from figures (not great at faces.)
    Some things are true.  I’ve observed that the car modelers are the most casual and artistic while the armor/SF modelers tend to be the most right wing and rigid (fighting over details in some cases that aren’t real–I’ve been there a couple of times.)  The guys I tend to avoid are the ones who have an obsession with Nazi stuff (mostly armor) because they love it too much (MAGAts many of them.)
    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve built stuff with swastikas, but they’re not the focus of my collection.  I’ve loved aviation since I was a kid so I’ve built everything from early flight (powered kites basically) to the X-15/Apollo and German military aviation plays a large part of that history.
    That’s what I do.  Any application in real life is purely accidental like my ability to differentiate between subtle tones of paint.

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