Holiday Food Round-Up [NOT 26/12/22]

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Hi, friends!

I hope your Monday went well. I did a lot of laundry and have been steadily eating away at leftovers. Will these decisions help my waistline or my cholesterol? No. But are they delicious? YES.

Anyways, starting off point for tonight’s NOT is if there is anything different you made this year and if you would make it again? Either as an intentional meal or as a way to use up leftovers.

I made this for brunch yesterday and holy fuck was it good!!!

Baked Eggs

I made 2 changes. The first, because I’m lazy, was that I used spray canola instead of melting butter and using it to brush on the baking dish to prevent it sticking. The second was that I used half the salt because cheese is already salty so it seemed excessive. Worked out fine, probably could use even less than half the amount. Maybe skip entirely. Also, it reheated perfectly today. Anyways, this is going into general rotation I think for work breakfast options since I could easily pack it and reheat in the office.



  1. We pretty much did the same thing as Thanksgiving but it came out even better.  Only difference was we always do haupia cheesecake for dessert for Christmas.  My younger daughter made us a blood orange/cranberry mojito that was new (especially since she is only 19) so hopefully her making us drinks will become a tradition!

  2. I cooked two complete dinners with appetizers and desserts on two days for two different guest groups. Sent all the leftovers home with them each day, because it saves them cooking and saves them money. Tonight for us it was hot dogs (or veggie dogs), coleslaw, and baked beans. I’m cooked out.

  3. Hey, howdy, hey 👋

    Christmas here was a little mixed up… my mom’s poor old kittycat became very ill in the days leading up to Christmas, so my mom and sis were afraid to leave her. They stayed with her Christmas Eve and Day, and she passed away this morning. She was 16, and they’d had her pretty much her whole life… my sis found her as a stray when she was just a kitten… so I’m glad that my mom was with her when she died.

    So, because of all this, Christmas Eve was just us 3 parents, our 4 boys, 3 of their partners, and Grandbaby. Oldest brought home all the leftovers from the restaurant that would have been thrown away, so we had a build-your-own taco/nacho set up for Christmas Eve dinner. We’ll get together with my mom and them in a week or 2 and do the rest of the whole deal.

    Christmas Day, a couple of the kids went with their partners to family gatherings, and the rest of us just hunkered down and did nothing all day, which was lovely. I used a bunch of the leftover taco stuff and made a big tray of oven nachos for dinner, and there were fruit and veg trays (and cookies… can’t forget the cookies!) out for snacking on.

  4. We really didn’t do anything different. Lots of the old stand-bys this year, which was perfectly good. It’s been a long, tough year and I think we didn’t really want to challenge ourself.

  5. Today I cut up a bunch of beef fat and melted it in a saucepan, then stirred in a lot of peanut butter and a healthy dose of hot pepper.

    Then I poured it into a log I drilled a bunch of holes into and hung it up for the birds. Don’t do this for your kids.

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