Holiday Humor [NOT 9/12/22]

Laughter Is The Greatest Gift Of All (Besides Cash. And Beer. And Maybe Cheese)

Snowman and two women
Detail from Christmas Puck / WE Hill, 1913 / Source:

Ho Ho Ho

OK, holiday time can be grim, stressful, and sometimes tedious. So let’s inject some humor.

Here’s a joke:

Once upon a time at Christmas, there was nothing I loved more than sitting in front of a blazing fire, mulled wine in hand, singing Christmas carols until I slowly fell asleep. And that’s why I got fired from my job as a fireman.

Here’s a classic from Cheech and Chong:

Here are a couple of cartoons from Emily Flake:

Here’s Key and Peele.

And possibly the biggest holiday of all:

So let’s all share some more holiday humor and make up for the lack of sunlight and chilly weather. Christmas, Hanukkah, St. Nicholas Day, Kwanzaa, New Year’s, whatever you got. Jokes, video clips, comedy routines, cartoons, let’s see what you have.



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