Holiday Week Food [NOT 19/12/22]

Hi, friends! Happy Monday!

Topic of the night – what sorts of things do you eat the week of a big food holiday?

Like growing up since there was holiday foods that needed to be prepped and we knew there would be a fuckton of leftovers in fridge (but never drinks, because we used a JeffCo fridge*), the week of Christmas it was scavenging off whatever leftovers were around, scambled eggs, pancakes, sandwiches, etc. Nothing time-intensive or that would take up space in the fridge.

As an adult, Christmas is at my parents’ house and is just the three of us, so it’s no different than any other week now.

*Jefferson County is immediately south of St Louis and has a ridiculous amount of rednecks and weirdos. Like would fit right in with the Florida people weirdos. We always called just leaving your booze and soda on the back porch to stay cold in winter a Jeffco fridge.



  1. We didn’t get to it over the weekend so tonight is dumpling night!  We are doing pork & shrimp, shrimp & shitake, tofu & shitake, a veggie soup dumpling, & mochiko chicken & mochiko mushrooms for my pescatarian.  Should be fun but a lot of work.  Of course, they have been shopping all day so most of prep falls on me.

  2. Back when one of my sisters wasn’t gluten intolerant, it was a lot of Mandu (Korean dumplings).  Usually stuffed with pork, beef, green onions, garlic, (sometimes) kimchee, bean sprouts and tofu.

    And Bindaetteok (mung bean pancakes… allegedly hangover food)

  3. If your shindig is in -20 to -40 weather there needs to be a beer spot and a pee spot. If you’re wasting drinking time by *GASP* going inside…to the fridge…which involves taking off your shoes and shit which, btw, is enough time to down an entire tall can…I’m sorry but you’re in no position to be making fun of Jeff or his beer-drinking-time-saving company.


    • Naw, see you got the case of beer along the side of the house right next to the sliding patio door. So you just open the door enough to stick your arm outside and grab a cold one. No coat, shoes, gloves, etc.

      • Heck, this is what the heater-in-the-garage is for!😉😂🤣💖

        The garage stays cold enough for the booze to just sit on the cement floor (beer goes in the fridge, ‘cuz at -20 to -40°F, that stuff can explode, if it’s left out on the groj floor overnight–and that’s just alcohol abuse, if ya let THAT happen!!! Stick it in the fridge, sand it’s much less likely to explode, because the fridge acts as a bit of insulation!😉)…

        The boys go “out back” most of the time, because they don’t need to sit like most of *us* do, and the girls wear cute boots that slip off easily, when we run inside to go downstairs to the bathroom😄

        The heater in the groj means you only need a hoodie or *light* coat–not your entire winter-weather kit, and the booze/beer will also help you to *feel* nice & warm–even if it is cool enough to see your breath in that “heated” garage!😄😂🤣💖💝


  4. Of course, in Maine there is always the option of buying warm beer and throwing a few into the snowbank in your dooryard*.

    *Doahyahd = a Maine thing.  The area outside the exterior doah you use most often.  Might be the front doah, might be the side doah, but probably the doah closest to where you pahk the cah.

  5. Totally unrelated, but THIS crossed the news briefly around here today🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳;



    It got drowned out with all the Trumpty-dumpty stuff, but this is about the Tony Lazzaro/Republican donor sex-trafficking case😈😈😈

    Apparently ‘ol Tony the predators accomplice–the 20 year old woman–turned witness, for lighter charges (she’s pleading Guilty on two charges, while five will be dropped)…

    Tony, might I remind you, had some ties to Florida–Gisele was BUSTED down in Florida and had to be extradited back here to MN…

    I’m STILL crossing my fingers, that we’re fiiiiinally going to see some bigger names dropped (Matt Gaetz, Roger Stone, Rudy Colludy, etc.), siiiince I highly doubt that those same bozos are smart enough to be running two *ENTIRELY* separate trafficking rings, serving the same sectors, when they couldn’t tell the address of a dive-y landscaping company from that of one of the poshest hotels in NYC😉😈🥸

    And I am thrilled seeing that Jeff Anderson is the attorney for the youngest trafficking victim!!!😁😁😁

    Full Disclosure; i DO know someone who won a workplace sexual harassment case, with him as their lawyer!

    But even before i knew that my loved one had *had* a case he won, I’ve adored Anderson–for the great cases he’s brought, and for the WINS he’s gotten for his clients against big institutions–in particular the Catholic Church here locally, which–as elsewhere–had a DEEP HISTORY of sending predators out into small, poor, and/or rural places where “Well, there wouldn’t be too many people hurt!” if (WHEN) those bastards (predictably!) started preying on the local populace.😒😠😡🤬🤬🤬🤬

    (Edited to correct Gaetz’s name!)

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