Holy Shit, CM Punk is Working with WWE Again

The important part of the headline is the “with” part. But nonetheless, six years after leaving the WWE behind, CM Punk showed up on WWE Backstage as a surprise in the last segment of the show.

While Punk has emphatically stated he’s done with wrestling in wrestling, his return to the larger canon of WWE is not insignificant. Though it appears he’s working for FOX and not for WWE, the fact that the company can now, if nothing else, mention his name (and his wife’s name for the matter) goes a long way towards rebuilding some of those old bridges. And who knows, maybe Punk will show up on WWE proper and make the shows less of a frustrating mess!

I eagerly anticipate his thoughts on the Lana/Rusev/Lashley cuckold angle that is absolute dog shit but somehow keeps getting a million views on YouTube.

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