The president swiftly responded to the Supreme Court rulings on Twitter saying the legal battle, which has not been put to rest, is "not fair to this Presidency or Administration!"

SCOTUS ruled–seven to two!–that Trump’s tax records are fair game in the NY grand jury case.

The best part? His personal picks, Kavanaugh and Gorsuch, voted against that fat sack of shit.


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    • Honestly, any smart Republicans (there are at least six, maybe more) is trying to put daylight between themselves and Trump right now. They are craven, venal creatures who fear polls like vampires fear sunlight. And they are all wetting their pants right now. 
      SCOTUS justices are a special breed. It takes some of them the Republican ones a while to figure out that 1) Trump can’t fuck with them, 2) they’ve been appointed for life, and 3) they don’t owe him shit. But once they do, they’ll start focusing on the actual law, which Trump violates pretty much hourly. 
      It also helps that Trump is, very literally, destroying the Republican Party. They’re watching an orange fuckwit destroy decades of careful maneuvering. Yeah, they’re gonna start hanging him out. 

      • …honestly I’m still a little surprised how long it took them but that sunk costs fallacy is a bitch, I guess

        …Roberts in particular I think may be motivated by personal pride as much as the putative honor of the GOP, though…someone put the whole “this will be your legacy” thing in his head & it seems to have been rattling around in there long enough to finally connect a few dots?

        …like you say, they’re on that bench for life & I’d say there’s a decent chance they think they still have a shot at get those manoeuvres back on track…so in my more optimistic moments I catch myself doing some wishful thinking

        …once they cut bait…they might just light that sucker up & burn his shit to the ground for the political capital the GOP could recoup…which would be some popcorn-worthy shit to see

        …I’ll settle for just your basic better-late-than-never though if it means we can at least all agree keeping him in office is a non-starter

        • Roberts called Boof out by name in a couple of recent decisions. I think Kavanaugh is embarrassed. And seeing the way the wind is blowing decided to not go down in history as trump’s bitch.

          • See, that’s the thing that Trump, and Republicans in general, don’t understand. They want a shitball with absolutely no principles on the bench. The problem is that shitballs are by definition shitballs (circular argument but it’s still true). And shitballs will absolutely start looking out for their own interests, and not Trump’s. Because they are SHITBALLS. 
            There is no honor among thieves. 

  1. …I did…but I made what my folks’ generation might call “a complete horlicks” of adding some bits about it to the comments on the DOT

    …I could be wrong but I think there were perhaps five cases that had decisions pending which related to his tax stuff so there’s maybe another three to go along with the one that got punted down to a lower court today?

    …either way it seems like on the one hand they have a shot at preventing the information making it into the public sphere this side of the election, which I think is where the “victory for trump” stuff is coming from…but he went down hard on the “total immunity” thing…so hopefully the overall effect is that he’s one step closer to the whole house of cards coming down on him like the proverbial ton of bricks?

  2. He is having an absolute meltdown on Twitter

    • …when you’re nominally the head of the federal government & freely admit you see it as your adversary…it says a lot…& that’s maybe not even in the top three WTF moments in that thread?

      …if that’s the bit of his shitfit that made it onto twitter…can you even imagine how many toys he threw out of the pram today?

    • That’s a tough one. Accountants won’t do it — it could cost them their licenses. But attorneys? Who knows with them? And that’s not even considering admin/IT/paralegal, etc. So I’d say it’s a toss-up at this point, 50/50.

      • I’m not even close to smart enough to guess, but if a lawyer finds a way to do it all the power to them. I think on balance my money’s on IT, it would be a sacrificial move for anyone else.

        Or, in this case, a martyr most deserving of praise and no small respect.

        • You can be convicted of a felony and still become a lawyer. You cannot be convicted of any crime and still be an accountant. Lawyers can be disbarred and then get re-licensed. Lawyers don’t actually have to adhere to the code of ethics that accountants have to follow. My money is on one of them to spill the tea.

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