The AP called PA for Biden! For some reason, they haven’t actually made an announcement yet, but the first major hurdle has been cleared!

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  1. *shrugs*
    i mean fucking yay i guess
    but its still fucking meaningless as the blue wave didnt happen
    woo we have a blue president who cant do shit for 4 years
    (and by we i mean you…..)

    • Nothing by itself is ever enough.
      People are much too sure a more competent Trump will come along soon. The GOP has been loaded with turds claiming the mantle of Reagan for 32 years and they have all stunk.
      Nothing is written.

      • “More competent Trump” is an oxymoron. Incompetence is the cornerstone of Trumpism. You must be The Expert of Everything, which means you know more science than the scientists, more military than the generals, more history than the historians. You have to exceedingly incompetent to be a competent Trumpist. and like they said in “Multiplicity”, the copy of a copy isn’t as sharp as the original. 

    • It’s okay. It’s okay to take a minute and actually feel happy about this.
      It’s not a blue wave, but you know what it is? It’s the US back in the Paris Accord. It’s the US getting back into the World Health Organization. It’s the US getting back to the Iran nuclear deal. Closer to home, it’s the end of children in cages. It’s the end of that stupid fucking wall. It’s the end of rampant environmental destruction. It’s the end of obstructing net neutrality. It’s the end of demonizing doctors and scientists. It’s the end of claiming bullshit is true and science is fake. It’s the end of claiming that windmills cause cancer. It’s the end of claiming masks don’t work.
      It’s the end of so, so, so many things that absolutely needed to end. And I’m a glass-half-empty guy myself, so I get pessimism. Oh, I get it. 
      But it’s the beginning, too. It’s the start of things that need to happen. It’s not perfect, it’s not wonderful, it’s going to take a lot more work. But Tuesday night I truly believed the world was coming to an end and I had no fucking idea how I was going to protect my daughter from the horrors of four more years of Trump, and I’m a middle-class white guy, and what must fathers of color have been feeling? 
      But against all odds, when most of us had no hope left, somehow we managed to get one thing right. It won’t stay right forever. But goddamn it the good guys won. Just this once, for right now, in this moment, I’m taking the fucking win

      • yeah, it was that first two years with  democratic White House and supermajorities in both houses of Congress…and STILL the fucking Republicans were essentially calling the shots, when I officially lost faith in Democrats ever just doing the right thing and telling the republicans to go screw. 

        • If my memory serves, (which is a stretch) it seemed more like Democrat infighting over the ACA than repubs calling the shots. It really sucks that the dems take a ton of heat for trying to do things the right way, aka, listening to both parties and try to find common ground. I would love nothing more than to see Biden and Co. ram thru all kinds of legislation, but that just not in the dems DNA. Who knew trying to be fair would be the biggest downfall.

          • At least Trump has set the table for ruling by executive order.  If Mitch obstructs, he needs to do executive orders and force them into court to show why you don’t want a fucking bunch of partisan hacks on the supreme court.  Maybe that will make the midterms more meaningful.  That is worst case.  Best case, we get the 300,000 plus back on the roles in Georgia that those fuckers purged for the special election and flip the Senate. 

      • Stacey Abrams isn’t Nancy Pelosi. And it’s not because she is any meaner than Pelosi, it’s because she’s more competent at winning races.
        The odds are still against them, but Tuesday night after the results were rolling in, the odds were being run as 6-1 against Biden winning Georgia.
        The Democrats failed over and over during the Obama years due to listening to psuedo-realists like Rahm Emmanuel and Larry Summers who refused to even try if the odds weren’t great. They gave up on a meaningful stimulus before they even began, and we all suffered needlessly for years as a result.
        I am very worried that pseudo-realists in the US left are going to be just as gun shy as Tim Geithner and Rahm. Nothing is written, the GOP comes out of this election with serious problems too, and the left needs to fifht all the way.

      • im considering going feral and biting people
        seriously how the fuck was this even a close race? 
        what the fuck is wrong with yous?
        not that i can judge…we have fucking wilders…..if theres one thing he accomplished its making me vote…
        i dont stand for any of the parties here….but i stand against the right
        (voted for the socialist party)
        (interwebs says im a socialist libertarian)

          • …you’re among friends…& it is for sure hard to stomach how many votes went to his fatousness fuckface von clownstick

            …but at some level it seems worth clebrating his defeat because the avoidance of the alternative is no small thing…however much the result falls short of where many of us would like to have seen it finish up

            • i agree with you…sort of
              i mean shit.. trump out biden in…fucking whoop
              at the very least it will be easier to listen to biden
              buuuuut….it probably just means we get 4 years of nothing happening coz the reps blocked it followed by another fucking rep prez

              • …well, those run offs are in Georgia…& until extremely recently most people had the possibility of Georgia swinging to team blue down as functionally non-existent?

                …again, it might be that the GOP hold the Senate…& it might be that a slim majority for the Dems instead isn’t enough to give some of the big stuff (like eradicating the filibuster, for example) much of a shot…but like today, if it came to pass I would celebrate the absolute shit out of Mitch having to wind his turtle neck in & deal with being minority leader instead of the single most broken link in the mechanisms of functional legislative governance the way he has been all these long years

                …so I guess I’m kind of in the never-say-die column at the moment when it comes to the possibility of things getting better…& I’ve got to admit that it’s a weird feeling to be the voice of optimism for a change?

  2. Holy shit indeed. It’s 2 hrs later, and it’s really starting to sink in. They’ve now called NV and AZ.  GA looks right behind them. And if Biden pulls off the sweep with NC, good gravy. What a statement. I’m going thru a ton of mixed emotions right now. Very similar to 2008 for me, with the Phillies winning the WS, and electing Obama, all within 2 weeks. The gratification of the country doing the right thing. But this time is different, with a raging pandemic, and knowing that even with the win, our opponents are still out there en masse, and will be just as difficult to overcome in 2 years. Coupled with the worry of what these crazy Trump supporters may pull in the next 24 48 hrs. I’m all over the map here. So fucking weird. 
    Just like in 08 when we had to wait 3 days to win the WS,  this was excruciating. 

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