Horrible Ideas You Want to Do [NOT 25/4/21]

Hi, friends! I figure let’s end the weekend with some silliness.

What is something that you are completely aware would be a horrible idea yet you would jump at the chance to do? For entertainment’s sake, we’re not ruling out anything requiring time travel or space travel.

I’ve always wanted to be on one of the planes that flies into hurricanes for research. I would be of no use. I have no skills. I would probably be screaming bloody murder. But if NOAA was like “fundraising contest and grand prize winner gets to fly into a hurricane with us!” my response would be “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.”



  1. This is probably a fairly common thing, but when I was a kid I wanted to be an astronaut–right up until I saw all the physical shit that they put people through and was like, “nope, I’ll puke my guts out.”  I eventually learned that space sickness happens quite a bit–even to veterans–which further validates why this is a terrible idea for me.  Plus, there’s the whole having to be really, really good at math and other sciencey shit.

    Now, if I could fly into space without having to worry about puking, or doing any actual–you know–work, then I’m on board.  But, they’d probably have to knock my ass out for the take off and landing parts because I’d probably have a heart attack.

    • Heck, I’d even love to just get to go to astronaut school (math information pre-loaded into one’s brain Matrix-style, of course!), and ride on the Vomit Comet!😉😁🤗
      It’s always been something that I thought sounds fun–ever since Ms. McAuliffe was chosen to get to go into space, and we learned ALLLLLL about what folks had to do to get to ride on the Shuttles.

    • When I was a kid I wanted to be a fighter jock then an engineering test pilot for high performance prototype military jets (which is one of the most dangerous jobs in aviation) then sign up for the astronaut corps just like most of the astronauts I read about.
      All was going well till my eyes turned to shit at 13 and my dreams went for naught.
      Part of me still wants to do it because of the challenge.  That (deluded) part of me also thinks I’m still 20 and my vision is 20/20.

    • For years I was unwilling to consider being an astronaut because they didn’t have a toilet situation that worked well for women. Finally in 2020 they redesigned things to be better with female anatomy.

      Now I just have the other 839082348392048 reasons I’d be a horrible astronaut to make me not want to do it. 

  2. I want to see the inside of myself, Inner Space style, not that weak sauce colonoscopy view. I’m talking full-blown miniaturization of a spaceship with a crew in it and wacky 80s hijinks. But with a HD live feed to my living room flat screen.
    You know, for science.

  3. Skydiving is probably one of my top 2-3…
    No plans to ever do it, because it’d void my life insurance policy, annnnnd I’ve had that thing for MUCH too long to lose it over something dumb😉
    Another, spending some time time-traveling…
    Getting to go back and see what life was REALLY like in various eras–Revolutionary America, Regency England, Elizabethan/Henry 8-era England *and* Europe, China when the Great Wall was being built, across Asia in general through various times, Africa during multiple eras in SO many places, AND Australia, South & Central America…
    I KNOW there were alllll sorts of terrible diseases/viruses/etc AND those folks most likely STUNK to high heaven….
    But what was it really like there?!? I SO wanna know.
    Also, to take a crew of folks and time-travel to ancient Alexandria before the times that the Library burned, and get *all* the scrolls out.
    Potentially a dangerous job, but maaaaaaan, all that knowledge!😉

        • Ngl, that has ALWAYS been the thing I’d do, if I had the opportunity for time travel…
          I found out the library burned sometime in late elementary school… since it was the 80’s, there was also TONS of bad sci-fi around… it just seemed like the natural choice, really.
          Because it’s HIGHLY unlikely, that saving the scrolls would change future timeliness the way “Saving Person X” or “Killing Bad Guy Y” would… but you *also* get the KNOWLEDGE which was lost, when the fires burned–the *first* hand accounts of those historical figures… the stupid little “daily life” details which were probably written down, too…
          Who KNOWS what knowledge we lost over the centuries, because the library burned all those times…
          And can you IMAGINE the fun of being a scholar & getting to digitize and research all that info?
          My one demand would be that if we managed to save the info, it would HAVE to remain in the public domain…
          After the scrolls were digitized? Sure, sell a few of the least important ones, to finance the facility they were going to be kept in.
          But, like Smithson’s museum idea, the writings would ALL need to be publicly available for all folks and scholars who wanted to study them.😉

    • There’s so many gaps for how things operated in the past that archaeologists have no clue on. 

      My grad school research was on Maya ceramics prior to me being a grad school dropout. We have no clue how broad-scale commerce happened in the pre-Classic and Classic Maya empire. The written history is all leadership propaganda about conquests and divine leaders, not “and then Jasaw Chan K’awiil sent emissaries to the market at Palenque where they traded feathers for obsidian” etc etc.

      We don’t even have identified market places (best guess is some large plazas were probably used, but we have no archaeological record of it). There was no money. We have cities that had tens of thousands of people, they had to get goods somewhere. But we don’t know what that basic aspect of life was like.  

    • This is THE COOLEST!!!
      And it REALLY ought to be a TV series (or streaming/WHATEVER!😉), or *at least* a movie!!!
      Can you IMAGINE the costuming and hair & makeup?!?😍😍😍

    • I think it says a lot of good things about your character that you want to time travel to have a come-to-jesus with past you, and not do any shenanigans like steal stuff or try to change history. 

  4. Catapults and watermelons.
    Maybe involving grain alcohol, wicks and matches too, but I’d need to figure out how exactly, and probably not launching one of those melons.

  5. I would love to go all the most beautiful places in the world! Explore all of the hard to reach scenic amazing jaw dropping anywheres that I always drool over In pictures. Thailand, India, Japan, New Zealand, the Philippines, Maldives, Mexico, Peru, Tanzania, Finland, Peru, Greece, Italy… just to name a few 

  6. time and space travel?
    woo… I’ve got some dumb ideas…
    but mostly, I’d just go looking at stuff.  After a bit of that, I’d be trying to mess with the timeline…  trying to prevent genocides and such, kickstarting technology, try to create a utopia, etc. 
    I’m pretty sure this is how supervillains are made…

  7. when i get a car again i want a classic…. im thinking a trabant would be pretty entertaining to travel all over europe with
    ……at least on the eastern side of europe parts should be plentiful when it breaks down?

    • While I 100% approve of this car, because it is HIDEOUSLY  Ugly, AND green…
      Aren’t you somewhere around/over 6′ tall, Farcsy?….
      I’d think the *first* horrible idea here would have to be the part where you fold yourself into a pretzel, just to *fit* into the damn thing!
      Let alone the contortions you’d need to do, to get back out of it later!
      although that might be hilariously entertaining, too!😉😁😆🤣💖
      (I TOTALLY realize “internet picture” and “no *anything* for a size comparison…. but this thing reads *to me* to be somewhere in the size/length of an MG, just with slightly better headroom!😉🤣💖)

      • i thought having to be a pretzel for several hours was part of the charm of a classic?
        anyways…i suspect itll break down before the cramps really kick in :p
        (and yep..its about mg sized….remarkably roomy tho…really…theres a lot of space freed up when you dont have to worry about things like crumple zones and sound proofing)

          • And not gonna lie, the design of it is SO fugly, that it’s 100% ADORABLE.
            And it would be a car I’d LOVE for living around here & commuting the 12 miles to work, because it’d make me smile every day, just to look at the ugly-cute little thing!😉😁🤗

            • Also, with it being MG-sized, it’s small enough for *my* short self to push on home, when those inevitable breakdowns happen on the way home😉😁

  8. Speaking of dumb ideas: switch up the order of awards at the Oscars to give Best Actress and Best Actor after the night’s biggest award, Best Picture. Do this because Best Picture is a shoo-in for Nomadland and everyone knows it, but the Best Actress category is wide open and Best Actor could very well go to Chadwick Boseman, creating a touching moment to honour him posthumously. 
    But instead, Best Actress goes to someone who’s won twice before and is on and off the stage in 30 seconds. Then Best Actor goes not to Boseman (or Riz Ahmed, or Steven Yeun), but Sir Anthony Hopkins, who didn’t even show, so Joaquin Phoenix says “Anthony isn’t here tonight, but we accept this award on his behalf. Thank you. Goodnight.” Then it’s over just like that. So anticlimactic.
    WTF was that?

  9. oh also…kingsday being on a tuesday is a fucking stupid idea
    how far up your ass does your head need to be to decide tuesday should be a national holiday to celebrate your royal ass when theres a perfectly good monday right in front of it?
    also..i dont like kingsday….queensday was much better…his mums fabulous hats were worthy of a national holiday

  10. Speaking of HORRIBLE ideas😆😂🤣
    Anyone got 6 Mil, for the most *perfect* Deadsplinter compound EVER?😉

    It has multiple kitchens, for Ellie, Cousin Matthew and whoever else wants to create FYCE posts, a 20-car garage for our Oppos, *ART* for those who love culture-y stuff, AND for our ‘Spin folks, WE HAVE SPROTZ!….
    Because it looks like the cryogenically-frozen bastard-hell-child-offspring of a mid-90’s Taco Bell *and* the 1990’s San Antonio Spurs logo😆😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💖;


      • @elliecoo, isn’t it AMAZING?!?
        On the one hand, it is 1000000000% HIDEOUS!!!
        But on the other, it is SO OBVIOUSLY loved, and really well cared-for.
        And ALL that custom artwork, the custom fittings (curved cabinets!😳😲🤯–fugly  ones, YES!!! But *custom built* curved cabinets!😉😄), *and* all that custom-built furniture, too!
        It’s COMPLETELY God-Awful!!!!!!
        But so lovingly cared for, that you can’t help adore it😁🥰🤗💖
        Like, I WANT someone to buy this place *and* i want them to NOT do the obvious gut and/or teardown!
        Because this is kinda–in a warped way–like finding an unremodeled Frank Loyd Wright, or a beautiful intact Craftsman, a fabulous Art Deco, or an untouched MidMo.🙃
        The 80’s & 90’s were SUCH a damn gaudy & gauche era….
        Hell one of those living rooms looks like the 3D version of a Cosby Sweater, and I would FULLY expect EVERY visitor to have to do “The Carlton Dance” before they’re allowed to sit down!😉😆😂🤣💖
        But in spite of that  absolute, unrelenting, fugliness, this house is a literal GEM of the best and highest-end quality of that era.🤗
        And it should really be appreciated & loved for exactly that reason💖

          • Boy-roommie thought the LR was TOTALLY a Saved By The Bell experience, too!😉😁
            I never got to watch the show much, so I missed *that* part, but it’s just SO terribly, classicly 90’s, that I REALLY hope someone can appreciate it’s awful loveliness & wonder, the way the current owners apparently do!😉😁🤗💖

          • Also, it DOES sorta look like the owners took their designer to Taco Bell, Nickelodeon Studios, and maybe a Chuck E. Cheese, and said, “We want *THIS*–But make it a *Living Room!*” doesn’t it?😉😆😂🤣🤣🤣

  11. …sometimes I think I want the ability to curse politicians with an inability to lie & a compulsion to answer questions…sort of like that jim carrey movie from a while back…because it’s so consistently frustrating to hear them trot out the bullshit they do when asked questions that deserve answers

    …but then I realize that it’d most likely doom humanity in 24hrs or so…so I guess that counts as a dumb idea?

    …which I guess brings me back to a thing I’ve always found appealing but my entire family insist is right up there on the dumb idea list…live on a boat…one with proper sails & stuff…preferably one built to some wishful thinking specs that are themselves arguably unrealistic even if I in fact had more money than god?

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