Hot Takes and Controversy [NOT 17/9/21]

Some folks are just know who you are.

Bundt cakes (and pans) produce superior baked goods.

Celery soup is delicious.

Grilled cheese and peanut butter sandwiches are the best sandwich.

Cilantro is an excellent herb.

Four dogs are great but having five dogs would be even better.

If you are in the doghouse with a partner, spouse, or family member, what is the best way to get out of trouble? A.) flowers and chocolates; B.) Another dog!; C.) Another or an improved greenhouse (lookin’ at you, @Loveshaq); or D.) Other – your choice is?

Aliens – I say they exist! Did they just throw rocks and hit Jupiter, are they coming for us, and can we request specific rock-hit locations?

Pineapple and pizza go together (a friend suggested this, I am agnostic on this one).

Mini Coopers are the cutest car.

Whatcha got, DeadSplinterati?

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Four dogs, one partner. The dogs win.


  1. Yes to celery soup and cilantro. Mini Coopers (particularly the green with the racing stripe someone on DS bought over the weekend) are quite cute, though I think Fiats are formidable competition. 
    Four dogs are great but having five dogs would be even better. But having six cats would be even better, better. 
    The best way to get out of trouble is by genuinely apologising for what you did and trying to set it right, if that’s possible. Oh my goodness, do simple words go a hell of a long way. 
    Hot takes:
    Astrology is so annoying. Having to listen to people talk about astrology is even more annoying. 
    Bulletproof coffee, paleo diets, whatever kick tech bros who worship Jack Dorsey and Peter Thiel are on are basically Goop for people who think they’re better than you because they’re machines ruled by “reason” and “logic”. 

      • During my callow youth I had a boyfriend who read tarot cards (he was the alcoholic who features in my trout almondine FYCE.) He read mine two or three times and they were eerily on the mark. We lived together so I must have told him a lot but not enough for him to randomly guess what the tarot was revealing to him.

        One of the ones I remember was “there’s going to be some kind of disruption…” I thought, at the time, “You don’t have to be Karmac the Magnificent to guess this. One more drunken public outburst–” “It’s something to do with one of your classes. Are you going to withdraw from one?” “No. I wish I could but it’s too late. I’d get an F, not a W.” “It’s something. One of those classes–anyway, let’s go out and get something to eat.”

        Two days later one of my professors dropped dead of a heart attack. In a classroom, but luckily I wasn’t in that class.


        • I have held a pet theory on psychics for a couple of decades. It’s tricky to support, so “theory” is a bit of a stretch really. I think there are some people who are amazing at reading people, but also extremely observant and more tapped into the cause and effect of the world around them. A mild example is like, you notice in your periphery two cars coming from opposite directions driving slightly erratically, and correctly predict an impending car crash. Or like think about Sherlock, if he didn’t explain where his deductions came from (and maybe didn’t even understand himself how he knew things because a lot was subconscious). 

  2. Oh, this should be fun. I’ll play.

    One of the most underrated movies in the entire postwar American canon is 1967’s Valley of the Dolls. It is based on the wildly successful novel of the same name by Jacqueline Susann, who herself is not given nearly the amount of literary acclaim that she so rightfully deserves.

    I could write a PhD thesis on Valley of the Dolls, surely the NYU Tisch School of the Arts would accept it and publish it, God knows they take all those tens of thousands from the dupes who

    But for our purposes let us consider the secondary character of Helen Lawson. She is a once-acclaimed toast of Broadway now losing her luster and threatened by newcomer Neely O’Hara. Neely was played by Patty Duke in a star turn, and Lawson by Susan Hayward. Susann based Lawson’s character on Ethel Merman and the producers actually asked Merman to play the role. They had balls bigger than Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend. Merman turned them down, of course.

    So there ‘s a big All About Eve/Sunset Boulevard thing going on and that’s just a subplot. 

    Merman, in real life, continued to shine, perhaps most memorably in a special two-hour episode of “The Love Boat” in 1982, where she played Gopher’s mother. What made it so special was Della Reese was also in it, as Isaac’s mother, and Carol Channing, as Julie’s aunt, and Ann Miller as Doc’s ex-mother-in-law. As if this wasn’t enough, Cab Calloway shows up as an erstwhile suitor to Della Reese. I remember watching that episode in 1982 and it still haunts me/gives me a warm glow.

    But as you were. Talk amongst yourselves.

    • I think there’s definitely something there (yes on the connections to All About Eve and Sunset Boulevard–you might even work in Black Swan or anything that pits an ‘older’ starlet against the young talent signifying her upcoming ‘expiration date’). If not at Tisch, there’s always Gallatin (snerk snerk–Gallatin students are used to that line of ribbing by now) or the New School. 
      And you could possibly add a concentration where you cover the television connections (maybe work in a chain of connect leading to Diahann Carroll at some point?).
      I often think about how Todd Haynes made a Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story with Barbie dolls for his MFA thesis. If that can become the feted work it is today, your thesis seems perfectly sensible to me. 

      • Did you ever have the misfortune of seeing Isn’t She Great? It’s a biopic of Susann, played by Bette Midler, and her husband is played by Nathan Lane. Screenplay by Paul Rudnick. Stockard Channing is the best friend. John Cleese is in it. John Larroquette is in it. David Hyde Pierce is in it. 1960s New York is in it. And yet, inexplicably, it’s one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. With a cast like that and that material to work with it could have been this iconic piece of work, and instead watching it was like passing a kidney stone.

        • Oh Cousin Matthew, this comment had me so worried because I was like oh hell watching that movie is like having a root canal and Cousin Matthew is speaking so glowingly of it…ohhhh ohhhhhhhhh we’re good.

  3. Bread knives are pointless, a decently sharp chef’s knife cuts bread just fine, and makes less of a mess as well.
    I don’t understand vests, I can’t think of any time my torso was cold, but my arms weren’t
    Red and green LEDs for indicator lights suck.  Red and Blue is a far better color pairing
    Apps suck

  4. I think the Liberals are going to win Monday’s Canada Federal election maybe not the numbers they wanted.  (It’s not foreshadowing, the pollsters are showing a liberal victory pretty much no matter what.)
    O’Toole tying himself to Cheezburger Walrus Randy Lookalike (Alberta Premier) Jason Kenney’s inept and deadly handling of CoVID was the straw that broke the Tories back.  He ended his campaign basically got chased by the media screaming questions about CoVID which is an ironic bookend to Justin being chased by meatheads screaming about CoVID at the beginning of said campaign.



      • Hot in a “borderline alcoholic twice-divorced Texas used car salesman” kind of way.” 

        I think my vagina literally just zipped shut reading that. NOPE. NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE.

        Not even Stanley Tucci playing that roll could make it enticing for me. 

      • I don’t know if you know this, but the character Randy comes from the Canadian Showtime/Netflix series Trailer Park Boys.  He is well known as Trailer Park Superintendent Mr Lahey’s lover/2nd in command and also known by his street name Smokey, a male prostitute.   The character is a borderline alcoholic.
        Actor Patrick Roach who plays him, is a divorced water salesman/financial planner.

    • @manchucandidate What really got my wheels turning was after trashing Trudeau for telling NDP voters to vote strategically he spent the day telling alt-right PPC voters to vote strategically. 

      I mean…pretending you’re a centrist throughout your campaign to steal votes from the Liberal party when your own caucus is nowhere near centrist is one thing. But to realise your facade isn’t quite working the way you intended and, at the last minute, pulling a 180 to attract the anti-science, anti-mask, anti-vax, anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ+, racist & misogynistic idiots is a whole other thing.

      Tell us who you are without telling us who you are

  5. Re-Aliens exist: ThEaNuNnAkIcReAtEdUsInApEtRiDiSh. You sheeple have no clue what’s about to happen when Nibiru circles back from its elongated orbit.

    Re-The Dog House: This reminds me of the “sleep on the couch” thing. You have every right to be angry with me for the shitty thing I apparently (probably) did but if you don’t want to sleep in the same bed as me, YOU sleep elsewhere. Fight me!

    Re-Cilantro is an excellent herb: Anyone who thinks otherwise needs their head examined…by the Anunnaki.

    Re-Pineapple on pizza: Fruit goes well with fruit (especially avocado and banana) and most pizza toppings (carcass aside) are fruit. 

    Re-Dogs: 6 dogs are better than 5 dogs.

    Hot Taek: If you buy a pickup truck and it still looks brand new after a year, not only did you not need a pickup truck, you’re an asshole.


  6. @Elliecoo Wait, so I shouldn’t have left my wife to work for 10 days while my daughter & i party in Hawaii & miss her birthday?  Shit!  Looks like a bigger greenhouse may be in order.  

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