House Impeaches Biff

This evening, for the third time in the United States’ history, a sitting President has been impeached. Biff Tannen, esq, joins the ignominious likes of Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton with that particular distinction. Nixon should be part of this list, but he resigned prior to any vote.

The votes were, as expected, basically on party lines. Article 1, Abuse of Power, passed by a margin of 230-197. Article 2, Obstruction, passed 229-198. Apparently someone wasn’t convinced on both?

Whatever the case, this sets the stage for a trial by the Senate that will be a dog-and-pony show, if that. Mitch McConnell, who earlier in the week stated he’s in no way impartial, gets to preside and make a complete joke out of what the House just did.

I’ve cautioned all along that while I wholeheartedly agree with impeachment, and that Biff needs to be booted so fast it makes his head spin, the political realities have told me to be wary that this will galvanize his supporters even further. Proof? I got ya there. Here ya go.

Yeah, this is what it looks like. If Republicans could muster a shred of decency or respect for their offices, or stop sucking on the maniac’s teat because he’s one of theirs, they’d remember the oaths they swore and act accordingly. But that won’t happen. They do not plan to call any witnesses(gee, I wonder why), and 20 would need to defect to convict. I’m calling it now, there is zero chance that many will do so. If half that do, I’ll be floored. This is the climate we live in. Political favor with the President, no matter the level of corrupt, and the name of the party they belong to goes ahead of all else.

Don’t be popping the corks on the champagne, or singing any songs celebrating, because there’s nothing to celebrate. We shouldn’t even be here, because we’re supposed to elect better people than this. Our discourse should never have gotten this bad. And it’s meaningless because Republicans value power more than anything else, and they will protect their own.

Sorry to be Debbie Downer, guys. I really am.

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  1. The “here ya go” link just goes to MSN news page. But I believe you that they are galvanized. HOWEVER I think they were always going to be galvanized. I mean, fuck, even if he never had an impeachment hearing, he could tell the rubes he was being impeached and they’d agree.

    Your last paragraph…yeah. I am not celebrating. I am feeling a sense of relief and a sense of optimism that literally anything is “normal,” but I am mostly feeling sad that we are here in the first place.

    I don’t know about you, though, but rage is my most productive emotion and I am FUCKING READY for 2020.

    • Couldn’t fix the link, so I found another story to link to.

  2. I haven’t finished trying to absorb the coverage – clearly the senate is his dream team for damage control at this point…but how much of this stuff either still lies with Congress in investigative terms…& how much outside the federal judiciary?

    …not for nothing but I note that someone pointed out the other day that were a criminal referral be issued in the name of one Bill Barr it would fall on the FBI to do something about it

    …not sure how exactly Mitch & his pack-mule-for-moscow’s-water-carrying-needs might be served his comeuppance

    …but even absent the senate voting to remove him surely there’s still scope to keep slowly ratcheting up the litany of simple factual information about how entirely mired in corrupt practices he & the rest of his alleged (& largely “acting”) administration are to publicly drag him from here to next november 24/7, right?

    & assuming he isn’t allowed to game the electoral college math again…he gets to spend yet more money he wouldn’t have had he not reached into the public purse with both hands on lawyers to represent him in more courts than I have fingers & thumbs…

    …so it’s not a total loss?

  3. I wish I could find a way to disagree with you…

  4. This Gohmert/Nadler exchange was fucking excellent.

    I will say, I agree with ol’ Gohmie on one point: I also hope he doesn’t live to see the net effect of this impeachment.

    Also, Tulsi voted “present”, and she should really just shut the fuck up and go full MAGA at this point.

    Sorry if I used too many spaces on this one, I’m still new here.

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