How are you “extra”? [NOT 12/7/22]

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Hi, friends!

I confused the heck out of a friend the other day when I mentioned something like “I used my good eggs to make an omelet.” I then had to explain that I keep 2 kinds of eggs in my fridge – the general use ones from the grocery store and some fresh ones frm the farmers market for omelets and fried eggs. Because the yolks taste better.

She told me I was being extra with my egg specificity, and sure, she’s probably right. I’ll buy generics of almost any food in the house, but I’m stubborn with raw eggs.

Do you have anything like that where you are very specific in a certain process or product or habit?



  1. That’s funny, I do the same thing.  Use store eggs for making fried chicken or baked stuff.  Right now I don’t have store eggs since my wife’s patient gave us about 60 eggs,  I’m sharing the wealth with friends but still have a ton.

    I have trouble sharing my good beers with people that can’t tell difference between good & shitty beer.  I also don’t keep shitty beer for guests so that can be a problem.  I don’t mind sharing if you want to learn about good beer but if you are going to chug my craft beers, I’m going to shut that down.

  2. Booze/beer at home.  I don’t drink as much as I used to, but every so often I buy a bottle and I always want top shelf stuff.  I do not tolerate shit booze in my house.  Although when the cokehead addict narcissist lived in my house, she drank all my booze. I haven’t restocked the liquer shelf outside of booze I use for cooking.

    When I give booze as a gift, same thing.  My parents freaked out when I gave our lawyer a $400 bottle of 25 year old scotch as a gift for services rendered. Considering that he saved my parents from a costly legal fight with their neighbors without having to go to court and the chance of losing 40k in damages, I’d say it was pretty cheap.

  3. A friend of my wife gave us a bunch of her chicken, quail, duck and goose eggs, and I have to admit I noticed nothing special about any of them.

    But I picked up strawberries last week from my farmers market and the difference between fresh picked local and shipped from California when you’re eating them straight is like night and day.

  4. At work, I’m extra when it comes to leadership. As a supervisor I expected the same from my team leads as I did from myself.

    I was fortunate to not have this problem with my team leaders but failures of leadership set me off more than mistakes.  I don’t like mistakes either, but I can stomach it more than failing to lead.

    Nothing pisses me off more than seeing senior leaders running for cover or sticking their heads in the sand. YOU ARE ALLEGEDLY THE SENIOR… ie wiser/more experienced then show it. I know this is one of the things that does not endear me to my bosses as I’ve from time to time yanked a manager’s head out of their own ass and verbally kicked it from one end of the building to the other. If they don’t act then I WILL. I EXPECT THEM TO DO THEIR JOBs.

    Then I wonder/whine why I never get promoted… Sheesh.

    • Manchu my friend, I highly suspect you may well be suffering from a bad case of “Good Employee Syndrome.”

      Where you are *PERFECTLY* capable of being moved to & succeeding at a much higher and much more managerial position than you currently occupy!!!

      But if the company actually promoted you to that sort of position, 1. They’d have to hire *and* train a minimum of 3-4 people to do all the  tasks (including Managing your Managers!) which you currently do solo… and 2. If you were able to move up into a manager slot, then all the other managers would suddenly be “caught out,” for the lazy half-assers and company dead weight, that they truly are


      So you get the short end of the stick, while all the lazy half-assers hide & pretend they’re adequate & freeze you out, so shit gets DONE.🙃🙄😱

      • Thanks. I wish I was that good.

        What I found irritating was that what I did was used as a weapon by senior management to take out the lazy inept project leads (including my successor.)

        The reason I know that is because of a quirk of fate I witnessed a couple of the “executions.”

  5. i only drink milk from an un opened bottle or carton

    once its been opened its basically coffee milk to me……but that first glass fresh from a newly opened bottle or carton

    mmmm….cow juice yum

    other than that…..i think the only thing im really extra with is music….which is why im banned from playing dj pretty much everywhere anyone knows me….

  6. My number 1 would probably have to be Cheese.

    And the fact that if the fridge doesn’t hold a minimum of 5+ cheeses at any given time,** it feels empty to me–no matter *how* full it might be.

    A decent cheese plate in my world *starts* with *at least* 12-15 different cheeses on it. Most of which are NOT the aforementioned “fridge basics.”


    **shredded parm, shredded cojack/cheddarjack/cheddar/etc, a decent Cheddar, a soft cheese (usually Boursin’s green-label chive/onion one), some kind of Swiss, Bongards American slices, and Neufchatel (or cream cheese!)

    Neufchatel is typically the go-to in my fridges, because it has less fat than “regular” cream cheese, without the “abomination flavor” which seems to be *somewhere” in ALL low-fat cream cheeses.

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