1. A very needy friend of my wife & mine fractured her foot over the weekend.  On Saturday we gave up our plans after she called and said she thinks she broke her foot.  My wife (also her medical provider) ended up going over to her house and taking her for X-rays and had to convince the weekend flunky staff at the emergency room that yes, that is a fracture in the X-ray!  In any case, she wanted a second opinion and asked me to take her to another foot specialist today.  So, I left work after about 2 hours and spent the rest of my day driving her to the appointment, grocery shopping and the bank.  She did take me to lunch which was nice but it was hard hearing all the gloom and doom stuff all day.

  2. I keep finding broken shit in our system at work. Stuff that’s been broken from anywhere from 10 months to several years—and nobody noticed. I’m debating whether to do anything about it because we’re getting a new instance of the software suite in a couple of years.

    • We’ve been working on some requirements gathering for a new project and in the process have found several significant defects in the current application that we’ve been using as a reference point.

      And I’m like, those twits haven’t had a significant code deployment in 6 months and they still haven’t touched the tech debt??? AGGHGHHGHGHGHG

  3. I’m going to the zoo tomorrow. Not the big one in Cincy, the smaller one in Louisville. I haven’t been since before the pandemic and I’m looking forward to it.

  4. Someone close to me once said “Why don’t you shut the fuck up about things you don’t understand?”

    It was a harsh thing to say but it taught me something. I should think a little before I type or open my loud mouth. I do… Most of the time.

    No one has ever really told Elon to shut the fuck up.

    If I was fighting for my life and someone told me to surrender to the bully I would have said something similar to what Ukraine said to Elon… To the effect of “Eat my ass.”

    Despite Elon’s claims otherwise, he’s not a fighter. Otherwise he would never have twotted what he Twottered. Moron. 

    Maybe if he thought more and tweeted less then he might not have bought Twitter for $44bil like a fucking moron.


  5. i think ive slept 40 hours in the last 2 days

    still so tired…no more fever tho….so its back to work

    was it covid you ask?

    fuck if i know…with prices of everything here i refuse to pay $3 for a self test….if work wants to be sure they can give me one for free

    anyways…im going to hug all my coworkers now and lick the offices doorhandles

    hmmm… seems ive got some grumps too

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