1. The funny thing is, if the Republicans weren’t so fanatically devoted to systemic racism, they actually would appeal to a lot of conservative black folks who believe all the same horrid, bigoted shit they believe, who only vote Democrat for existential reasons. But instead they would rather keep on being racist, because…I don’t even know why at this point.

      • Numbers game suggests otherwise. Let’s say they could pull 40% of black voters into the GOP by just not being openly white nationalist. Good for them — they just gained about 4% of the voting population!

        The problem: That would infuriate about 25% of the voting population who are deeply and unapologetically racist. They’d be screaming bloody murder about the you-know-whats taking over both parties. Plus, there’s another 25-33% who are racist but don’t want to be known as racist who would be “uncomfortable” with the whole thing.

        In short, racism is way more popular than the alternative, and that’s why the GOP is cool with it.

        • Good point – although I wonder how many of those people would just use it as an excuse to claim they aren’t racist and go along with it. Lots of racists make a point about “the good ones…”

        • I’m with you. GOP will never give up racism, it is what gives them a base since they have NO policies that help anyone in their party that is not a millionaire. Without racism, god & guns they would not get more than 1% in any election not completely controlled by outside rigging.

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