How You Doin? [NOT 21/8/21]

Hopefully everyone has been enjoying the weekend. So How you doin? Got anything going on or coming up you want to share? Also a shout out to our people in the Northeast with Hurricane Henri on the way. Stay safe and well.



  1. I actually had a social event to go to today, and I fixed my hair and put on makeup and was like OH DAMN I FORGOT I CAN LOOK GOOD.

    Anyways, then I got home about an hour ago and am throwing together a tomato sauce since I’m awash in tomatoes and was like hey I can make a spicy tomato sauce for lazy curries. It’s simmering now and will be simmering probably another few hours to render down. Naturally, I grew no paste tomatoes so these maters are juicy and not ideal for sauce. Luckily my standards are low.

    In evening plans, I was a little … overzealous … at the farmers market this morning and I have 6 lbs of crowder peas to shell. They are perfectly ripe and the farmer was like “6 lbs for $12 if you want that much” and they freeze fine. So yeah, I’ll be busy doing that. 

    I need to figure out dinner and I am thinking it’s going to be pizza since I don’t have anything ready and pizza delivers. 

  2. I will soon be mixing a dessert cocktail, the famous grasshopper, with creme de menthe, creme de cocoa, and cream. Two shots of each booze and one of cream, shaken with ice, and strained into a coupe glass. Alas, I have no vanilla bean ice cream because a dollop of that would really work.

  3. I’m still mentally trying to flip my body over to recognizing daylight.
    I hate shift rotation, but that’s what pays my bills (for now.)
    Ended up finishing a couple of projects earlier today, but am so brain fried that I pretty much hit a wall.  I hope to get more done tomorrow (ha, doubtful.)

  4. I went out to get lunch and then renew my driver’s license. It took longer to eat than to renew my license, which was something I wasn’t expecting.
    Then I finished the rough work on a translation from very poorly written Spanish, and now I’m working on translating a school report card, which recommends practicing some of the same things that apparently went unlearned in the other document.
    I’ll probably take a break before too long and finish off the leftover pizza from last night and then make like brightersider and get some frozen custard. (And I’ll probably walk right up the window without bothering with a bra, too – because I just don’t give a fuck.

    • I had to renew my DL last October and it took four hours (most of which was waiting in line outside – at least the weather hadn’t turned yet). But they waived the eye test so that was ok :/

      • Earler this year, after my surgery but before my institutionalization, I had to renew my driver’s license. However, because of the pandemic, you could do it online as long as you let them use your old photo. They keep using my old photo which must be from about 20 years ago at this point.

        Then, for the vision part, you self-certified that you can see well enough to drive. Who would admit that they couldn’t? However, just yesterday I got  notice from the DMV reminding me that I needed to submit a real eye exam within one year of the issuance of my new license or it will be reclassified as invalid. So I have to put that on my to-do list.

        I hope the Public Health Clinic I go to administers them. i seem to remember an eye chart hanging on a wall at one point, but things are so haphazard there they’d probably just give me a torn-ff scrap from a paper bag with “He see fine” scrawled across it.

  5. …I went to see friends today…several all at once, even…there was barbecue…booze…small children & animals…lego may have been involved at times…& for a while there life seemed pretty good to tell you the truth

    …in the words of the song…it was a good day

  6. I think I’m hallucinating a smell. It smells like rotting vegetables/trash. I smelled it last night for a couple hours, then it went away. Nothing today until around 6pm, then it went away again. I took the trash out yesterday and never put food scraps in it anyway. I cannot pinpoint exactly where it’s coming from but it seems worse in the kitchen? I have put my face directly in the sink, under the sink, in the bin, the fridge and nothing. It’s just sort of there. The evening appearance makes me wonder if one of my neighbors is cooking something disgusting, but honestly almost four years here and I’ve never experienced encroaching dinner smells before now. Maybe i have a tumor!

    • Do you have any potatoes or onions that are sitting out on the counter or something? There’s been a couple times when I couldn’t identify where the gross smell was coming from and it turned out to be a single veg in the bottom of the bag that was slowly liquifying.

      • aaaand I’m glad I’m a secularist/skeptic who doesn’t believe in ghosts, because as much as skunks scare me, a ghost skunk would probably be worse…

      • Oh! I have very bad memories of when, as a smallish child, a squirrel family got in the wall between my closet and the external wall. The closet, my clothing, and my bedroom smelled, depending on the air temperature and dampness, of decomposing animal for a year. @HammerZeitgeist @PumpkinSpies

        • Nooooo did it take a year to find it or did it just finish decomposing at that point?
          When we first moved in we had a bird reeking in our wall for a couple of months. After we figured out what the smell could be, we were able to locate it because of the hole on the exterior wall.

          • @elliecoo @hammerzeitgeist
            the exterior of the building is concrete block, which certainly doesn’t negate critters. But the a/c guy was out just a month ago and noticed no holes in that area. I also don’t smell anything on that side, it’s only in the kitchen (when i smell it), and the kitchen is a completely interior room. If it were a dead thing, wouldn’t the smell be consistent? 
            This is why i keep thinking I’m hallucinating bc nothing makes sense.

            • @PumpkinSpies …drains? AC filters? Okay, another gross smell family story. My aunt kept noticing a serious intermittent stench. For weeks. She was a clean freak, had excellent personal hygiene, etc. It drove her mad. Cut to the chase: she had made a meatloaf without removing her rings, and raw meat had gotten trapped under the engagement ring and up around the underside of the stone. Yech.

            • Had a friend with a new home and a central vac system, where a mouse crawled in during construction and… well…
              The spot it was in couldn’t be reached, without ripping out the whole vac base/mechanism–AND the mouse carcass *wouldn’t* move, no matter which way they tried to work the suction to get it out of that spot…
              So they had to live with the stink, every time she vacuumed for about a year🤢, because–as she said–“I wasn’t gonna pay thousands to install a central vac system, and then rip it right back out a month later, then have it re-installed! The kids & husband got to suffer through, because they never ran the damn thing anyway!” 🤣🤣🤣
              YES, she was frustrated by the smell for that year, but after all the headaches she had as they built the house, she said *that* was “a small concern”😉

  7. For once, I haven’t had a ton of stuff to do today. I’ve mostly been sitting in my library, finishing off The Hanging Tree by Ben Aaronovitch and playing games on my phone. There was also an unscheduled 3 hour nap that I am still rather foggy from. Apparently, I was tired!

  8. all good here..went to bed for a sleep but ended up with a nap…fully energized now
    not sure what to do with myself at 4 am tho

    oh wait yeah…. music
    nvm ive got me a hobby

  9. Only in New York

    Last night was the culmination of a week of public concert events held around the city. Twenty-two thousand gathered in Central Park to see various acts perform. Mayor de Blasio, thankfully out the door in about four months, said he was confident the concert could continue despite the unpromising weather. Moments later, while hometown boy Barry Manilow was in the middle of performing “Can’t Smile Without You”, the Jumbotron behind him sent out a message basically saying, “Concert canceled, go home.”

    As a fan of dark humor I’m still chuckling about this. As far as I know everyone made it out safe and sound.


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