How’d your weekend go? [NOT 29/8/21]

Hi, friends!

Did you have a good weekend? Do any fun stuff?

I made the good decision/horrible decision to have 2 heavy outdoor days while it was in the upper 90s. I managed to not sunburn, I managed not to get heat stroke. I managed to mostly hold off a migraine.

If you need me, I’ll be laying around rehydrating and trying to get motivated to prep my work week food and do laundry.



  1. i spent 4 hours watching an f1 race that never started
    but…coz im a genius i started drinking at the pre race blurble
    really…ive had a pretty good time watching it rain in belgium
    i even found time to cook nasi goreng mid non race
    today has been fine

  2. A very mixed bag of a weekend for me.  9 hour round trip drive across state for the 2nd time in a week was taxing.  Leaving my baby at college was terrifying!  Having dinner w/ her new roommate’s parents & having them pick up a very hefty tab was nice.  Having her make lots of new friends, 2 being from Hawaii & 1 from my high school was awesome!  Meeting her instructors & advisers was comforting.  Fighting with my wife over stupid shit was foreshadowing.  Being back home in time for DUAN & this was nice.

    • My daughter’s university is only 8 miles away, but it feels like more. She finished her frist week of classes. We went and got her today and took her shopping for groceries. She has 3 other roommates, but we’ve only met one. The fourth never showed up at all as near as she can tell. They have private bedrooms so they all come in, head into their rooms, and shut their doors. They barely interact. We’re like, don’t you ask them to go to dinner or anything? Nope. 
      She’s an only child, so on our end we’re trying to get used to cooking for one less person, less dishes, less laundry, more room (I moved some stuff into her bedroom). But on the flip side there’s no one else to empty the dishwasher, feed the turtle, empty the dryer, etc. I scoured her bathroom clean after she left and a week and a half later, IT’S STILL CLEAN. My wife is thrilled with that. 

      • Luckily this daughter found her roommate 6 mos. in advance, met & hung out w/ her a few times (even though she lives in CA., & get along really well).  The college is small & whole weekend was about meeting kids & bonding.  I wish I could have experienced anything close to what I saw at this school.  She is in an honors program & some of her classes have less than 15 kids.  I’m sure she will do great but doesn’t make it easier.  We move her older sister to school this coming weekend, she was setback a year by Covid so will be a much different experience & bigger school.

        • The whole “meeting the roommate in advance of university arrival” mystifies me.

          At my university back in my day shakes fist at clouds it was like they played a strange game where if you were from one part of the country you were paired with someone from another part of the country. If you went to the same (usually private) high school you were spread out among different dorms. The university had no frats or sororities so it was actually a great bonding experience. It was like we were drafted and sent off to a foreign land and had to fend for ourselves.

          Plus there were none of the amenities that The Modern College Student enjoys, so we basically lived on top of each other in bunk beds. Our cafeteria was so gross that had we been in the military the Congressional Armed Services Committee would have launched an investigation that would have scandalized the nation. But we all survived, or at least most of us.

            • That sounds like a drawback, though, private rooms where everyone’s behind closed doors on social media while taking an occasional break to go to a class or two or maybe do some class reading.

              What will happen to the tradition where when you get married your bridesmaids will include your best friend(s) from college? You won’t have had any. And what is the future of groomsmen? The best weddings are the ones where the best man is a close college friend of the groom and, being swept away by the matrimonial joy attendant to the wedding of his best friend to the woman of his dreams he decides to stroll down memory lane…

                • I am, and used to be a frequent wedding goer. “It’s going to be a very traditional Jewish service so you won’t understand the Hebrew–” “That alright. I’ll just sit quietly. I can’t be the only goy invited.” “I warn you, there’s going to be a sung wedding Mass that might go on for two hours, maybe more. I don’t know what she was thinking.” “Oh I hope parts of it are in Latin. I’ve always wanted to learn Latin, haven’t you?” 

          • Now schools here, like my older daughters, have apps that match you like a dating app to roommate possibilities that are similar in traits.  Then they can message & see if they are a match.  Strange new world!  My older one found hers thru other social media & they have met about 3x, also a Californian.  My fear is they are sharing an apartment & she may have an eating disorder. My daughter won’t follow suit but I hope she doesn’t have to play a mother role & can enjoy college.  She is much less outgoing so making friends for her takes work.

        • Yeah, mine’s in the honors program too. That’s why she gets a private bedroom. She’s in a mix of honors (small) and then regular classes (lecture hall). It’s bizarre to me. My dorm room looked like a prison cell. You marched down the hall and took your shower in a giant stall with 8 stations. Same with the bathroom. My kid has a full kitchen and two bathrooms in her suite. I’m like, can we move in here? 

          • Oh, now I see this reply. That does sound palatial. 

            For a semester I lived in a university apartment. It would have made a Soviet architect circa 1960 proud. It slept four. There were two bedrooms, each about 12 X 12 at the most, one tiny shared bathroom with a small shower stall not really meant for tall American men from the 20th century, a galley kitchen–that’s enough war stories. I’m sure we all have them, unless we’re about 25 or younger.

            • Hahahaah

              circa 2005 I was in a campus apartment (2 bedrooms, 12 ft by 7ft) with 3 other women and the university maintenance guy just… removed… the fire alarm because it was hard-wired and went off when we did anything, including boil water

            • Funny thing is my old university tried to recruit my daughter. They showed us a dorm room and it’s exactly the same as it was when I went there. Two prison-style beds in a tiny room, group bathrooms down the hall. Plus it’s twice the cost of all the other schools she looked at. After visiting the dorm room, we dropped to the rear of the tour group line and noped right out of there. Sorry, alma mater. Not gonna pay more for less, and I’ve got three of your degrees and they don’t really offer any competitive advantage. 

    • Probably not terribly helpful, but fighting over stupid shit could be a lot worse…
      I can see the idea of less-fighting=better, but if you are going to fight, it might as well be about stupid shit, because at least then it’s just about the fighting, whereas fighting about serious shit brings a whole other level of serious problems into the mix.
      probably doesn’t make it any easier to endure…

  3. Hi everyone. I am here to let ya’ll know I’m safe in the hands of my grandparents in TX while my home gets battered by this hurricane. To stay on topic, I am having a shitty weekend! But others are having a much shittier one than me – if you’re feeling generous, consider supporting Imagine Waterworks Mutual Aid, who will be crucial to people’s survival in the coming weeks. 

    • Good to hear!  I just heard from my relatives that didn’t leave, they got a back up generator recently & now getting to use it!  Not the brightest folk but glad you are safe & chose the smarter route!

      • Leaving is really difficult logistically and emotionally (and sometimes it’s not the safer option), so don’t be too hard on them! But I’m glad I left. Very worried about my people who remain. 

        • …not that it’s much help in a practical sense…but certainly been thinking of all of you folks a lot since ida started looking in your direction…so thanks for letting us know that you’re not in the middle of that

          …& here’s hoping that things are ok for those that are

    • Thank GOD**!!! And thank you SO much for getting safe & letting us know!💖
      Been doing a LOT of thinking, wondering, & worrying, about You guys, Violet, and our other NOLA-area GT’ers!💖
      I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible, and that you’re back home & on your feet there, ASAP💞
      **or who/what ever!😉😁💖Praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and may ALL the Sauces be with you, if that’s what you prefer!🤗

    • glad to hear you are ok.  Violet Baudelaire posted earlier about sheltering in place over on the Groupthink Blogspot (  ), and I couldn’t help but think of you as the other old GT NOLA (I know there were a couple others, but I think you two were the most common posters from that area before the kinja implosion…)
      wishing you the best of luck, and thanks for checking in.

  4. I’d planned to review and correct a 5500-word translation that’s due in Edinburgh near first thing in the(ir) morning, translate and lay out four pages of vital records and then review terminology for a special remote interpreting gig I’m doing on Tuesday, having to do with the electricity industry inasmuch as it relates to Argentina.
    Did the first thing, and I’m about halfway through the second thing right about now. . . .

  5. I haven’t done a damn thing this weekend, and it’s been lovely. Well, I did a couple of loads of laundry, cooked, cleaned up… but that’s nothing compared to my usual bustling around! 
    We were supposed to go stay the weekend at our friend’s house, but there were complications on both sides, so that’s going to be next weekend.

  6. nothing terribly notable.
    my old RPG group is trying to start up again (remotely) and I’ve had computer issues, so this weekend I dragged out my old laptop with the intention of setting up dummy accounts with myself to try and sort out the problems and such.
    And I completely forgot why I got my current computer as soon as I could afford to, the previous one was okay, had some graphic card issues, but worst of all was the keyboard was unreliable – sometimes keys wouldn’t register, sometimes they’d double or triple tap.  It’s frustrating, but can be worked around normally.  However, trying to log on at startup with a password twice as long as what the window will show is a reminder of how much stacked probabilities can suck…

  7. We start back up at the school tomorrow (staff stuff, for the first week+), so the Delta stuff and specifically “Delta+kids” has been on my mind a LOT lately, what with Sturgis getting done last weekend, and knowing how *last year’s* rally led to such widespread sickness & so many deaths here in the Upper Midwest last fall & on into the winter, and what’s been happening in the states where classes are already back in session…
    And of course, I can’t *just* worry ’bout my work kiddos and their potential to get harmed by all this!🙃
    As a semi-professional worry-wort, I can’t help but be reminded of this article about the catastrophe that happened down in New Orleans, during Katrina so many years ago…
    This was the article that I read & had to refer back to countless times, back at my “first college, this go-round,” when I was a tutor in the Writing Center on campus.
    The Nursing students (Licensed Practical Nursing or LPN’s), all had to take Medical Ethics, and ☝that article on what went wrong at Memorial was a unit they spent a significant amount of time on.
    Eventually each LPN candidate had to write a reflection paper on the article, and I helped many of them figure out what they wanted to say,  and proofread for them, after they started.
    It’s an excellent, but HARD story…
    And I’m incredibly worried for patients down in LA, in light of what will for some be intersectional medical emergencies–with Covid meaning that the hospitals *weren’t* able to evacuate out most of the pt’s, like they DID before Katrina… with Covid (and pandemic fatigue!) already being a HUGE cluster**** for the Healthcare systems down there….
    With the fact that so many laws were changed, meaning that as long as there were “good faith efforts” by medical staff, they are now largely shielded from civil charges & prosecution…
    And then, for what we KNOW always happens after a natural disaster; heat-related injuries, broken bones, water injuries (and infections from dirty water!), abrasions & other wind-related injuries…
    And then there will be the diabetic folks, whose insulin wasn’t able to be kept stable, the asthmatic folks, who need nebulizer treatments, dialysis patients, and SO many more, who are dependent on systems that were already stretched to & past the breaking points by Covid…
    I hope to god, that I’m worrying for NOTHING (I would be THRILLED if I’m merely Catastrophizing here!💖), but I’m scared for so many folks needing care down there, that I’m not!💔💞💓
    When you know just enough about hospital rankings, trauma-wise & ICU-wise in the US, you know how precarious it is, with *just* Covid running as rampant as it’s been… adding in *all this* might be the BIG of BigBads.😟

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