How’s your weather? [NOT 19/5/22]

Hi, friends!

How’s your day going? I’m hanging out in the basement because we have tornado weather today. I’ll check in later, I don’t think I’ll be done here by 6pm when NOT goes live.



  1. Windy with a chance of Covid.

    Oh wait, that’s just us. Ms. Meme tested positive Sunday; I tested positive today, on Ms. Meme’s birthday. No omens there, no siree.

      • Before Downton Abbey my obsessiveness was laser-focused on Mad Men, like a lot of people. (See above reply to MemeWeaver’s gif). When that episode aired I literally cried out “Nooo! Don! What are you doing????”

    • Ugh. Get well soon. I just learned today that my sister’s entire family has come down with a very mild (luckily) case of covid. It almost went undiagnosed because the pollen has been so bad where she is she and everyone else assumed it was just allergies. But a friend called with her test results and they tested themselves and sure enough…

      I must comment on that Mad Men jpg. First of all, when I was in college in the early 80s I had Bob’s “slouch” overcoat, pretty much that exact same pattern, because if you can recall it was back to the early 60s then if you were into New Wave, really skinny ties, fedoras, tight pants with peg legs.

      Second, to age Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell) they plucked his hairline to make it recede. Often. Daily, I think. As if that wasn’t a big enough sacrifice for his Art, if you’ve seen a recent photo of him that is what his hairline now is, no plucking necessary. His follicles probably just gave up. Don’t feel too sorry for him. He married Alexis Bledel, better known as Rory Gilmore from The Gilmore Girls, so she obviously doesn’t mind it.

    • Thanks for the kind thoughts, all. Ms. definitely had the tougher go of it, but she is slowly on the mend. Mine appears to be very mild — congestion and sore throat, some fatigue, but no fever, chills/sweats, lung issues. I have my second booster in April, so I think that’s really helping me here.

  2. Storm has passed now. A couple of radar indicated potential tornadoes, but luckily nothing super close to me.

    Interstate 55 flooded at one of the exits in St. Louis City and closed the highway. Turns out the drains aren’t set up well and are prone to clogging.

      • At risk of sounding like a bad fan, no one I know here thinks the Blues will  advance past the Avalanche. Like we’re all “let’s go Blues!!!!” but also “goddamn Colorado’s a helluva team we’re not winning 4 games against them.”

    • I actually got the alerts from the city on my phone while it was brewing last night because that was how I initially registered to get vaccinated back when it was the new style(The line stretched all around the front of the community college in Forest Park like people trying to get tickets to a vintage rock concert at the Arena — and/or Checkerdome — that was formerly next door, so I waited a couple of weeks for the initial demand had quieted down.) I have to admit that it was somewhat surreal to receive text messages advising me to “SEEK SHELTER NOW!” while it was relatively calm and quiet outside, save for the handful of people still talking and laughing somewhere off in the distance because this is Spain, after all.

      I did e-mail my dad and tell him to let me know that they’re OK, and I’m marginally worried about not hearing back yet. But, then again, it’s after midnight over there now, and I don’t think it really did much damage over where they are.

      • Kirkwood/Glendale had an EF0 touch down briefly and do some roof and tree damage. Ellisville along Manchester had the funnel cloud, but didn’t touch down. 170 and Ladue had a funnel cloud, also didn’t touch down. Aside from that it was flash flooding, most of which seems to have been in the city although I am sure South County near the Meramec was a mess since that area always floods, too.

  3. Informal poll: Who hasn’t caught Covid yet?

    We haven’t but I’m anxiously assuming that we will when we fly to Montreal in August and see all the family and friends that we’ve been missing for the past 3 years. I feel like Covid is circling closer and closer. One set of grandparents are still alive in Toronto and they are holding on to finally meet their great grand children in person. They also believe that Covid is not a threat because I’m guessing the news and government messaging in Toronto is very much over it all?

    • As far as I know, I am still a CoVirgin (only member of my family to avoid it.)  And yes, the media and pronvincial gubbiment claim it is over.

      I know it is not, but our local media wants team Fuckup, er, Ford to win. I am one of the few who still wear a mask.

    • I finally got it early April, but I want to specify I tested positive on day 3 of basic symptoms (but also the first day I had a fever, earlier symptoms were common allergy symptoms so like not bad enough that I felt ill), and by Friday when I checked in with the Moderna study and they did a stabby stabby stick the qtip all the way to my brain to check, already by then the viral load was low enough that I didn’t test positive from them. Although I did have some symptoms for about 4 days after that.

      Anyways, I’m just saying I think a lot of people have had it and didn’t realize even if they weren’t asymptomatic. I had 1 day of a fever. Most symptoms were a mix of post nasal drip and sinus congestion. So like…. hay fever if I hadn’t tested positive and stayed the fuck home. 

    • I have not, as far as I know. But I think it’s possible that I’ve had an asymptomatic case. It seems unlikely that I haven’t caught it. I hope you and your family stay virus free.

    • I’m about to head out to get tested at a clinic here in town right when it opens because I head back tomorrow and, as you may know, a negative result on a test no earlier than a day before the return date is necessary to get back into the States. I’m hoping that all goes well because if not, it’ll make trying to make it to the bus station less than an hour later for the group field trip to Segovia, not to mention waiting until what turned out to be yesterday to get paid for the trial that I interpreted for in fucking March so that my checking account wouldn’t be functionally insolvent, look like a relative cakewalk in comparison.

  4. the weather had a fair decent crack at drowning me on my way home yesterday….but at least it didnt throw giant ice cubes at me…

    made for real pretty skies all over the country tho

    today its sunny for the moment…definitely want to be getting all my outdoorsy things done before late afternoon tho…nother storm rolling in..for the moment it looks like its mostly planning to be a lot of water where i am…but the south actually has a tornado warning…pretty rare around here

    course..this country being the size of a postage stamp the south is only about 150 miles away from me lol

    and on that note i should get my laundry done whilst i still have sun

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