How’s your week going? [NOT [22/7/21]

Hi, friends!

It’s Thursday, we’re so close to the weekend. How’s your week going so far?

Mine’s been busy and increasingly combative at work. People on other teams are being stubborn because they think they’re smarter than me and my team. Shrug. Also three people put in their two week’s notice today. I work with dozens of people, but this three leaving is gonna hurt.

I’m impatiently waiting for about 45 minutes where the daylight glare will be gone from my tv and I can keep watching Star Trek Discovery.



  1. I’m impatiently waiting for about 45 minutes where the daylight glare will be gone from my tv and I can keep watching Star Trek Discovery
    Its the little things, huh. 
    Why are co workers leaving?

    • Mix of shitty leadership and better pay elsewhere. I can’t blame them. Not in my immediate team, but people I work with a lot. 

  2. I went to a really fun, small gathering in the building. It was, alas, a going away party for two of my neighbors who I can add to my ever-growing list of People Who Are Leaving New York. Combined with the Fourth of July, that makes two parties so far, as opposed to March, 2020–June, 2021, when that total number was 0. I was a little afraid that I had lost the ability to amiably socialize, seen as how I’ve been shut in with Better Half and The Loyal Beast for so long, but it all came back. People used to talk about getting cabin fever in January and February. Sixteen months of this would test the patience of Job.

    • Deadsplinter and groupthink before it really helped me stay sane, honestly. Having people to chat and be friendly with is a wonderful thing, even if I’m never going to have the chance to meet the vast majority of them in person!

      • I really miss groupthink. I miss Clashtalk too but though it was often screamingly funny and insightful it was often a little painful to read their takes on the Gawker sites. I will say I will take the phrase “Libby Watson, Child Blogger” to the grave with me.

        • Libby was a piece of work.  Then there was resident staff troll Isha What’s-her-name.

  3. I can’t complain, had a 1 day work week this week, high 60s & sunny, watching a paraglider cruise by over the water, just cleaned out the fridge, made a margarita, & about to cook some chili.  

  4. Had a good bird week. Feeders are jumping. Today poppa rose breasted grosbeak kept watch from the dogwood while his fam visited the birdfeeder. Did some fretting over the new bird watering device not being used when a finch started drinking from it about 2 feet from my head. I could see water droplets on his beak!
    Tomorrow my soda stream order gets delivered! I got mojito mix! Just in time for Friday happy hour!

    • Love grosbeaks, we have a black headed grosbeak family that are regulars at our feeder but only late afternoon.  Beautiful birds & not as messy as the all day Junkos.

      • Junco not junko

        • @Loveshaq I dug out my copy of Peterson’s Western Birds so that when I read your posts I can see what you’re talking about. We only see juncos in the winter around here, I have a stand of goldenrod that I let go to seed, they like that.

  5. …for the first time in what seems like forever I blew off the shit I should have done today because a friend had the day off & was nearby…there may have been day drinking

    …being self-employed has a bunch of downsides (not the least of which is the part where the possibility of being on holiday becomes something of a metaphysical conundrum) but some days it does have a certain charm?

    • My day drinking buddy just sent me this, I’m not sure if it’s the margaritas or if this is pretty hilarious…

      • …no idea what I just watched…but I’m pretty sure it was funny

        • So is it:
          Christ the Lord Has Risen Today?
          Christ, the Lord Has Risen Today?
          (asks the agnostic technical editor)

          • From what I remember of my quasi-Catholic upbringing, it depends on how much sinning you have done.

  6. I feel like such a whiny downer, but I am completely nonplussed when, after creating a comparative tool to add personal results to two data streams and total data…the management says “oh I  can’t look at so many numbers”.

    My statistician is horrified. Instead of dumping all results save for personal and highest percentages lines, I negotiated a show/collapse all. And a check box to add or remove the offending column…which was the total data for positioning and basis. I can’t even…but people are wired differently, and the result is a more flexible tool, ultimately. 

    Thank you for listening. I am going to go bang head against the wall.

    • While I don’t understand any of that, I do hope tomorrow is a less frustrating day for you.

    • but but….its managements job to look at numbers?
      its like…the only fucking thing they are supposed to do (sides from brown nosing the boss and writing out many worded emails saying nothing)

    • @elliecoo


      I love data blending and those jerks don’t deserve you! That tool sounds so useful and intuitive. 


      • @brightersideoflife thank you! I spent political capital to get to keep the expansion and column as options. Sigh.

  7. On Tuesday night, I made a surprise 11 hour straight round trip across 4 states to bring a stray teenager home. Long story short, she was staying with a local friend for the summer and the friend’s mom decided she was done having a house guest, 3 weeks shy of when she was supposed to go home. Soooo… my son asked if she could stay here for those 3 weeks, which was not happening, and we ended up driving her home because no one could come and get her. Left around 8pm and got home around 7am. It was a huge pain, but I’m glad we could get her home safely and out of a bad situation. 
    Other-Husband drove the whole way, bless him, but even so, my hips are still recovering from sitting in the car so long. I was just watching my grandson tonight and I was grateful 2 of my kids were still home so they could do the walking parts!
    Other than that, my excitement for the week will be tomorrow’s grocery store trip and (please, please, let nothing else get in the way of this, it’s been daaays) washing my hair.

    • Wow!  You are a saint!  It takes me multiple days to recover from those kind of journeys.

      • Nah, I’m not a saint, I just hate seeing someone in trouble, especially when it’s through no fault of their own. She’s home safe and that’s the important part. I’m considering it as an adventure! 

    • No one could come get her?  Are they all bedridden?  Incarcerated?  Are you sure she’s going to a better situation?

      • One parent is an addict and the other lives out of state for work, so she’s living with an older family member who recently had surgery and can’t drive. They’re in a very rural area (like, dirt roads rural) so a bus/train/etc. wasn’t really an option, either. It was a pain, (both literally and figuratively) but she’s home, she’s safe, and she’s out of the toxic situation she was in here.

    • I saw that comment over on GroupThink.
      what a shitty situation to end up in for the teen.  Glad to hear you were able to arrange things for them.

  8. i sliced a corner off my finger
    whoops….its just the useless spaceholder finger tho…not an important one…also..just a nick
    here..have a linky for the morbidly curious
    wierdly enough…did not hurt….bled like a stuck pig tho
    wierdly enough…still doesnt hurt
    wonder if thats my new fully vaxed superpower

    • damn.  I know you said it doesn’t hurt, but it looks like it should.  Granted, I can be a bit squeamish when it comes to hand injuries – hands are really useful, and everything in them is functionally important to doing hand-things, and really prone to injury.  There isn’t any bulky fat or muscle to help absorb damage, it’s all nerves, bones, tendons, ligaments, and similar…
      looks like it should heal up okay without any loss of function.

      • i agree it looks like it should hurt….kinda amazed here
        guess i missed all the bits that have feefees

      • come to think of it…..i have nerve damage in that finger from nearly taking the top half off many years ago..
        maybe thats why

        • ha!
          I think I had some nerve damage to a finger tip from a cut.  You know how they tell you not to try and catch a falling knife, and just wait for it to land and then try to pick it up?  Same should probably go for tipping over a glass bottle.  Did that in a lab several years ago, was too slow to catch it before it broke, but just quick enough to get a nice little cut on the tip of a finger.  immediately wrapped it in paper towels and duct tape, and that hand was pretty useless for a good week or two.  For a few years, sensation in that finger tip was a bit odd/tingly (I think it’s back to normal now), and there was a slight jog/skip in the friction ridges/fingerprint pattern.
          At least it’s working in your favor right now?  🙂

          • lol…it was catching a pint glass that nearly defingered me…(or more likely the half drunk gotcha *slams into side of table* what did)
            but yup… no complaints here for this one… does explain why works first responder has been looking at me like im some kinda freak since having to patch me up tho…
            do you need anything for the pain?…nope..what pain? just stop the bleeding please

            • that kinda makes sense, broken glass is pretty sharp, and can leave a really clean cut, which I think tends to be slightly less painful.  (at least compared to what paper/cardboard or sheetmetal can do…)
              anyways, here’s to a relatively quick and easy recovery, and hoping for minimal difficulties for stuff like tying bootlaces or whatnot.

  9. Well, I’m pretty annoyed with my ‘friend’. She spent hours at my house or on the phone venting about her husband. She suddenly decided to reconcile and can’t even be arsed to respond to an email now. I knew this would happen.

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