Hump Day. [DOT 15/9/20]

Happy Wednesday peeps! I hope your week is going well so far. Probably better than Trump’s town hall last night….

Now arrest the cops that killed Breonna Taylor.

Louisville agrees to $12 million payout and policing changes in agreement with family of Breonna Taylor, killed in police raid

“Why can’t we just direct the hurricane over the wildfires?” – Trump, probably

Hurricane Sally sits in the Gulf, but along the coast deadly flood waters are rising.

That bad, eh? Breaking a 175 year tradition.

Scientific American Endorses Joe Biden We’ve never backed a presidential candidate in our 175-year history—until now


(Been saying it for years, Jim Cramer is a hack.)

Yes, it’s late so I’m just giving you a lazy Twitter roundup:

Man, no more WAP for him!


This is cute af.

Go show your Wednesday who’s boss.



  1. Because I can’t get enough of my favorite orange buffoon:
    Oh, look. Trump stiffed a contractor. Who would have thought? (Answer: Everybody.)
    Herd mentality? He said “herd mentality”? I mean, I just … my brain is tired and just froze up. But I’m still doing better than Mr. “saved two, maybe two and a half, maybe more than that, lives.” “It’s gonna be herd developed.” What the actual fuck is this imbecile saying?
    Anybody who’s worried about Biden debating this clown needs to look at this interview. Sweet jumping Jesus.

  2. That little Nandie is amazing – I don’t pay much attention to Dave Grohl but he seems like a stand up guy.
    The ducks are hysterical.
    This is dedicated to that idiot congressman and just an excuse to post some David Byrne.

    • That’s rich! 

      • Dominick also alleged that Louis DeJoy hid the mailed bank statements for three different bank or investment accounts in Dominick’s name from him for more than five years, from 1994-2000, or had employees of the company hide that monthly mail from him.

  3. Hi! 
    So, not that anyone here actually missed me, but I’m still around. Work has been crazy. The stupid low interest rates have people buying luxury cars like they are going extinct. Which isn’t that far from being true.
    I’ve also been ‘promoted’* to start training as a Porsche Pro to handle all the tech support for that brand here at the dealer group. I’m excited to work more closely with Porsche and finally have some corporate support. *There was no discussion of increased compensation for the additional responsibilities. Basically this just makes kosher what I was doing already anyway. 
    Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well. I’m exhausted and terrified and barely holding it together most days as I incessantly scream internally. To all the PoC and, quote, Others, I cannot fathom how you deal with the unending dread on the daily and I applaud your resolve to keep fighting. You are all better people than me. 
    Of you’ve read this far, thanks. There isn’t any specific point to this post. 
    Please enjoy this mind-blowing Essential Mix from Hybrid Minds. I’ve had this stuck on repeat on my phone and in my head for the last two weeks.

    • …sorta congrats on the kinda promotion…& of course we missed you…we might even have said so but I think we’re all barely holding it together so as you say much of the screwing is happening internally?

      …well, in my case maybe less so on the days I end up putting the DOT together, I suppose

      …best of luck with it all, any road

        • …it really is…I probably ought to watch it again, really

          “there are some things that make us all the same…you, me, us – them – everybody”

          …& one of those ought to be recognising that it’s a cinematic masterpiece

    • Good to hear from you, don’t work too hard. You forgot to mention the Deadsplinter Porsche discount. I’m sure that was just because you’re feeling very harried right now. No worries, you can explain it to us next time you have a free moment or two.

      Congrats on the recognition of a job well done, I hope they see fit to compensate you financially in the near future.

        • The Taycan is amazing. It feels like driving a car from the movie TRON
          I’ve moved a Model 3 around the lot. It felt like driving a cell-phone. Like a cool bit of tech, but it would become common and lose its sense of novelty after a short time. Similar to how getting a new phone feels after long enough. 
          The Taycan is exciting in ways I can’t even describe. Driving one is what I imagine driving a space-ship would feel like. If you can honestly afford one, I cannot more highly recommend getting it. The range may not match Tesla. But the Taycan is so fucking cool it almost just doesn’t matter. 

          • My wife would NEVER spend that kind of money on a car even if we could afford it.  With her failing eyesight I might be able to eventually convince her on the Tesla 3 but most likely we will sadly remain a multiple Honda/Subaru family.

      • Thanks. I’m afraid I do not sell cars, so I’m not able to do much about that discount, sadly. Best I can offer is a Hot Wheels Porsche mailed to your door. 
        And I’m taken care of well enough. I followed the management running my dealership now from my former employer, the local Lexus dealership. While at Lexus I was honored to be considered by Lexus as one of the 9 best at my job of teaching privileged, mostly white, boomers how to use all the tech on their new cars. Lexus even flew me out to Lexus HQ to film me and the others explaining things for dealership staff to learn as well. So lame humblebrag over, my current management was my former management, just now with different brands. So they know me and I’m not complaining about pay for the time being. 
        Short answer as to why we are at a different dealership is PoundSign Drama. Corporate buyouts can be a blessing and a curse. This one was very much the latter. 
        Also none of this matters compared to what almost every community, other than straight, white, hetero, males like me are dealing with. And have been dealing with for generations. I’ve been extraordinarily fortunate. Why is it such a problem to let everyone else have the same chances to succeed?
        Sigh. That was entirely too much over-share. 

        • I couldn’t afford a Porsche even with a discount, lol. As for letting everyone having access to the same opportunities, I couldn’t agree more. From your keyboard to the Goddess’s ears.

  4. So, as many of you know, I work in the healthcare field.  My employer just sent out a company-wide email to remind everyone about the mask policy.  Not for us, mind you, but for the FAMILIES OF PATIENTS WHO AREN’T WEARING MASKS.  Fucking for godamned Jesus Christ, we’re in a HOSPITAL and you assholes still want to fight us over masks?!

    • …despite the fierce competition for “dumbest of dumb shit” these days arguing with &/or assaulting the people who are literally trying to improve your health &/or survival prospects has always been right up there for me

      …in a sane world hospitals wouldn’t need security personnel or the cops on speed dial…& people.unwilling to don adequate PPE wouldn’t be admitted as anything other than ER patients

      …sincerely…good luck.with that…& don’t let the assholes get you down

  5. i need to install cctv in my kitchen
    left me daughter home alone to go to work again as i figured i could see well enough (this..was not entirely true and my work day sucked)
    but more importantly….i came home and found pancake mix around the kettle
    this is impressive… as the kettle is on the work surface at the other end and across from where shes making pancakes
    she must be one feisty pancake mix mixer

  6. 2 yrs, 27k miles, 0 major problems. 
    2-3 minor issues/learning curve for a new car. 
    Only complaint is that the head rest feels like a bowling ball. Mrs. Yellowbird doesn’t like it because it rides so smooth it makes  her carsick. 
    Go test drive one. 

    • I’m trying to get the wife to go but I think she knows she will love it so is refusing.  She also thinks her patients will think she makes too much money.  

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