Hump Day [DOT 22/4/20]

It’s Wednesday! Or so they say. Do we know for sure? Are we going over the hump and into the unknown? Beats me!

Rip assigned me the DOT today. Something about wanting to go to sleep or some bullshit. What’s sleep?

Therefore, I was forced to look at the news and I managed a little round up for yinz.

If you have anything to add, throw it below the line for everyone. Stay safe, hang in there!

Butter emails.

Female world leaders hailed as voices of reason amid the coronavirus chaos

Speaking of, GA could have had Stacey Abrams

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is running into resistance from mayors and businesses who fear a new wave of coronavirus infections as he seeks an early end to his state’s shutdown.

This is my shocked face :/

Officials have identified seven people who appear to have contracted the coronavirus through activities related to the April 7 election in Wisconsin, Milwaukee’s health commissioner said, and advocates worry that they could be just the “tip of the iceberg.”

Nova Scotia shooting: death toll rises to 22 as more victims identified

Senate passes $484 billion coronavirus bill for small business and hospital relief, testing

Don’t these people have friends? Or sisters like me who give out the PW?

Netflix blows away new subscriber expectations




    • “Now, one of the largest studies on the subject to date finds that 110 out of 111 deceased NFL players had chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disorder associated with repetitive head trauma.”

        • Pretty sure Gronk already has serious brain damage. I’m more surprised he could currently pass a drug test since he has been touring promoting marijuana products since leaving the NFL.

      • The thing is, it goes beyond the NFL. I read a heartbreaking article a year or two ago about a man who played college football. He was a linebacker, had a couple of concussions, thought nothing of it. Years later he started exhibiting strange behavior and finally his wife got him to go see a doctor.

        The doctor found his IQ was in the 80s, if I recall correctly, and asked his wife about it, assuming he’d always been that way. She was horrified — he was a teacher with a master’s degree in fine arts. The damage had basically initiated a severe cognitive decline — at the time the article was written, he was essentially child-like. I can’t find it now, but it was wrenching. And he never earned an NFL salary.

        She essentially said that, for the love of God, don’t let your children play contact sports. Not in college, not in high school, not at all.

  1. Happy EarthDay 2020 everyone!!! I’m celebrating by planting Liatris(Blazing Star) bulbs. They’re native to GA( where I am) and attract pollinators. I have an Eastern Bluebird family in one nest box and a Brown Headed Nuthatch family in another. Woohoo!!

    Also, I tried to make #CovidiotKemp trend yesterday on twitter, but only got about 25 likes.

    • Happy Earth Day!!
      And (unofficial) 11th Birth-Day, from my Goober-girl, Lily! (The Very Good Girl in my avatar pic😉)

      April 22nd was 11 weeks from the day we got her, and the family we got her from said she & her litter-mates were 11 weeks old when we asked their age.

      Her 11th adoptaversary is on June 29th😁🥳🤗

    • Happy Earth Day to you. I love this time of year with everything blooming and all the birds returning. Our house is on a hill next to a big nature preserve so we can watch all the birds nesting and returning. I saw my first albino hawk (thought it was weird a white bird was flying with a regular hawk & had to ask bird expert friend about that one). We also have eagles, falcons, osprey all hanging out. Although, I left my window open and was awoken by an owl a few days ago and next day a horny woodpecker. The males will peck on our fireplace flashing to attract a mate. Loudest dude gets the chicks!

      • Sounds like heaven to me! I’m in the burbs but super close to a state park so we get a decent amount of wildlife here.
        I’m trying to find a farm to buy for my retirement (still a few years away) so that we can rescue animals and have a nice mini – wildlife preserve away from the human population – preferably backing up to a state or federal forest.

        • My next door neighbor gets some kind of tax credit (like $200) for having her backyard designated a bird sanctuary. I imagine she spends 5x that much on bird food, but it does provide for a bevy of entertainment for me while working from home.

          • We have a few hummingbird feeders which are fun to watch year round as the resident hummers chase away the transients but can’t do seed. If you do seed around here you will have mice or rats in your house. We already have a bunny invasion which has caused a coyote and owl population boom. You put bird feed out here & you just get pissed off neighbors. The local birds raid our blueberries instead.

        • For future reference – some nature preserve agencies will pay you for access to your land. To collect specimens and data, and are very respectful of the property. So if you ever get that farm contact them.

          • Thanks! – that’s good to know. I’ll look into it.

            We’re working right now to rewild our yard with natives and only pollinator plants. During quarantine – I’ve been trying my hand at growing from seeds. So far, a lot are coming up. We haven’t completely tackled the lawn – it’s about an acre – but we’re working on it bit by bit.

            • If your pollinators come up maybe you could be part of your states butterfly count. Check with your local lepidoptera society. The counts are really important and easy to do. We do ours in July so I’m hoping it will still happen this year.

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