I am so observant [NOT 2/6/22]

Hi, friends!

Today on the way to work, I noticed that there’s a temperature display on the radio display in my car. I always looked at the temperature display by the spedometer/dashboard display.

I’ve had this car over 4 years and I never paid attention to the temperature display on the radio.

It was a lovely morning and I didn’t need the air conditioning. So I thought maybe one is the outside temp and one is the inside temp. Nope, determined real quick on the ride home that it’s definitely the same temperature displayed on both. What the fuck is the point of the both????

Anyways, happy Thursday!



  1. You guuuuuuys I’ve been watching the new HBO series The Time Traveler’s Wife. Mr. Pamuk’s (Theo James) naked derriere should get top billing because it is in every scene.

      • I was wondering if you knew and were holding out on us because of his carnal knowledge of your wife Mary 😉

        I’m enjoying the show. Probably mostly for that hot ass and the hope of a slip of the peen. It is HBO after all.


        • Oh, and also, you watched The Crown, right? How great was it that in the first season we got to see hot Prince Philip’s (Matt Smith, also Dr. Who) ass not once, but twice. Completely gratuitous but so satisfying. And then nothing. I thought for sure once Anthony Armstrong-Jones showed up we’d get more, because in real life it seems like he slept with half of London, women and men, but the one scene that even hinted at his sexual rapacity was when he’s in bed with his male friend and the friend’s wife but they’re all under a sheet or a blanket and they’re just chatting. We do get to see Princess Margaret’s Mustique boy toy in a Speedo but, come on, “Battle of the Network Stars” was doing that back in the 1970s.

            • It’s anything but boring, and there are episodes that stand alone. There’s kind of a heartbreaking one where the Queen Mother has recently become not the Queen anymore and how she deals with that. There’s a fairly weird one where Prince Philip explores his spirituality. There’s an episode around Prince Charles’s Investiture as the Prince of Wales. One of my favorite ones is where Princess Margaret and “Tony” are shipped off to LBJ’s America on a goodwill tour. All of those could stand alone.

            • I loved The Crown and I don’t think it’s too late to start. IIRC, there aren’t a crazy number of episodes per season anyway. But I’ve always been a bit fascinated by the British royals, and I love the historic politics stuff too, so I’m definitely right in the target audience.

    • I finally got around to Bridgerton and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of butts. Have other people watched it? I liked season 1 a lot more than season 2, but that might mostly be because the Duke was much hotter than Anthony.

      • Okay so season 2 really annoyed me because the book it’s based on is much better!

        @HammerZeitgeist he’s a much more appealing man in the book.

        Also, the book isn’t the sisters pitted against each other over the same dude. I didn’t like that plot at all. I call that the “everyone wants that dick like it’s magical” plot and it’s boring and often sexist and misogynistic in how it’s portrayed.

        • I would hope the book made him better, because he really just was an all around douche in the show. He got better, and they gave us some backstory on what his damage was, but I don’t know if he ever really redeemed himself from all the crap he pulled early on. I mean, I never even really forgave him for the horrifying arranged marriage he attempted to foist on Daphne.

    • You know men are more than just nice asses right?  Some of us have brains too.  I’m not speaking for myself because I have no ass & very little brains but I’ve been told I should be outraged anyways.

      • I’m a (gay) man and I partially disagree. Did you know that the largest muscle in the human body is the ass/gluteus maximus? I just learned that recently, like within the last month. Now I don’t know what else it could be; I guess I never thought about it.

  2. My comment concerns both tonight’s theme, observation, and last night’s, no shits given.

    I returned with Faithful Hound to the Casa Encantada and noticed for the first time that our building’s energy rating had been plastered on the front door. This is a new thing to promote the move to carbon neutrality, through shame. As if any decent New Yorker over a certain age can feel shame. An occasional twinge of guilt, perhaps, but never shame. Exhibit A is Queens native son Donald J. Trump.

    I am buddies with all the door staff (luckily they’re all dog lovers) so I demanded to know why we got a D, since the building is only 14 years old. Surely it should be pretty up-to-date, energy efficieny-wise. He explained that we got dinged because the building always has electricity running (lights in the lobby, the hallways, the stairwells, and the elevators function) and all the units have at least one built-in air-conditioner (we have five, but our apartment is fairly large and it’s not like we use them much; we installed ceiling fans in every room).

    Because I am leaning in on my new grumpy old man persona (white hair that I can’t be bothered to barber, clothes I don’t bother about because it’s not like we’re really seeing anybody, after these long 2+ years), and, of course, the rollater, or at least the cane.

    (And speaking of leaning in, did you hear that Sheryl Sandberg is leaving FacebookMeta? She’s the one who twice tried to get unflattering but true stories about her then boyfriend killed by threatening to cut the media source off from Facebook. Apparently even the Great Zuck raised an eyebrow when he heard about that.)

    Anyway, I said to the door guy, do they expect us to power down the building overnight or something, and tear out the air-conditioners, as if it’s 1822? Read by candlelight? Draw water from wells? Subsistence farm? We don’t live in fucking yurts here. And another thing…

    This is when the dog laid down on the lobby floor and waited for me to finish up so we could go back to the apartment and have dinner. Via our working elevator. I felt like turning on all the air-conditioners to spite the vengeful little bureaucrat who inspected our lovely, thoroughly modern building,

      • Of course you do, this is all nonsense. I actually was so angry I went to the City’s website to find out more but it’s all vague. One of the things we have is three commercial tenants on the ground floor, and I guess the city thinks we should leave the storefronts empty, like so many other buildings since Covid. The other thing is they take into account all the residents, individual energy usage is and there I can see their point. At night we just leave the (large) window open and the ceiling fan going, because we, including the hound, can sleep through the noise, but I hear the other a/c units humming along. For our part, we use the dishwasher a lot more than two people usually would but that’s mostly me. Oh, every unit also have an in-unit washer and dryer. A new building just went up a block from us, the price per square foot is higher than our estimates, and they only have communal laundry rooms on every floor, so we probably get dinged for that too.

        But again, I ask you, re: the laundry, should we all be expected to carry our wash down to the Hudson on an appointed day and beat it with rocks? This is just performative Green New Deal nonsense, but starting in 2024 they are going to levy fines. Once that starts happening, we’ll see how long it takes to get this local law repealed. I give it a month.

    • This seems like a decent summary of the issue, but how it applies to specific buildings is beyond me.


      One thing that seems dubious to me is that lights are the issue. Assuming they aren’t still using some giant store of old incandescents which aren’t even sold anymore, it’s hard for them to contribute much to energy usage.

      There may be some other issue like a crummy boiler, or even somebody not filling out a form right. Or there may be a harder to fix issue, like the building being constructed with terrible insulation.

        • Oh don’t get me started on the NYC real estate tax labyrinth. There are hundreds of issues with it and reform has been promised since the day it became law, in 1966 I think. One of the most egregious aspects is that single-family residences are taxed much lower than condos or co-ops. Why? It is referred to as the “Keep the people in eastern Queens [where a lot of single family houses are] from fleeing over the nearby border to Nassau County.” But as a result, if you own a 5-story brownstone in Manhattan you may pay less in property taxes than your two-bedroom-having neighbor in the co-op building next door.

      • I don’t think it was the lights per se, it was the fact that the building as a whole is running energy constantly. Like I said the website is very vague and this is fairly new, but there are also classes of buildings, and we are multi-unit residential. I know that in my old office building they did things to get LEED-certified, and one of the things was the whole shiny glass tower was clad in a certain type of glass that you could see out of but it somehow reflected heat away from the building in summer and kept the heat in in winter, so the HVAC usage wasn’t nearly as high as a building built just 10 years before. Oh, and all the floors had light sensors, so if you showed up on a Saturday the entire floor would be unlit and only your movement would start turning lights on. We don’t have that either.

  3. I feel like as a parent I’m supposed to be dreading summer vacation but I’m so relieved the school year is ending. (tomorrow!) This teacher has been a nightmare. I just got Lil’s final “progress report” and I feel like I shouldn’t be shocked at how little she understands him, but I am. She gave him a mid level rating for things like reading left to right, counting and organizing numbers – things he’s been doing reliably since before the school year started. She didn’t give him a high rating on any item. And the thing was 4 pages long.

    Meanwhile, we’ve been doing his evaluations with the public school system (4 evaluations down, 1 to go), and everyone has just been so friendly. They’re always complimenting Lil and I can tell they make him feel really confident and good about himself. Each time we go, he doesn’t want to leave. It’s so nice after dealing with Ms Sour Face.

    I swear, I have trouble thinking of a single other person in my life who has made me feel as bad about myself as she has. My husband called her a gaslighter at one point (to me, not to her), and I think he might have been right. I’ll be glad to never have to see her again.

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