I Did A Thing: Homemade Perfume

Another request for I Did A Thing homemade household products was perfume. I don’t wear perfume or even cologne so it took some research on my part to figure this out. There was one blog post in particular that helped me out a lot that I really should cite here, but I can no longer find it. It is important, for some reason, to add the essential oils in a certain order. You also need to know (or look up) base notes, middle notes, and top notes.

Homemade Perfume:

It is recommended to use a dark glass bottle, but I used a small mason jar and kept it in a dark place and it turned out fine.

  • In a jar/bottle put 1/2oz of jojoba oil
  • add 9 drops of base note essential oil
  • add 7 drops of middle note essential oil
  • add 7 drops of top note essential oil
  • add 2.5oz of vodka

Shake extremely well for a few minutes and store it in a cool dark place for 48 hours to 2 weeks (I stored mine for 7 days) shaking once per day and smelling for desired smell as the smell will change the longer it sits.

Once you’ve reached your desired smell/strength, add 2 TBSP of distilled water, shake, and then filter it through a coffee filter into its final bottle. Store it in a cool dark place between each use.

The Result:

I only had one or two essential oils for each note and I really have no experience with essential oils so I kind of just winged it…surprisingly it turned out really well. It is subtle, yet smells really nice, the way a perfume should be (in my opinion). I had no intention of keeping this bottle of perfume as I just made it to write this post, but it is actually a really nice perfume according to people who wear perfume. “It is something I will actually wear because it smells really nice and it isn’t too strong. It won’t give people headaches…like some of the people who come into the salon.”

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