I didn’t puke, barely [NOT 28/2/21]

Oh, friends

So tonight was the weekly dinner with my parents. Normally it’s something like History channel or Alaskan Bush People or Band of Brothers, etc, on TV.


Oh hell no, tonight was fucking CPAC because my parents wanted to watch Herr Trump speak. It started an hour before I got there and lasted another hour. And they are now watching NewsMax, because of course they are.

Cheeto Mussolini is stilly whining about the election and basically announced he’s gonna run again in 2024.

Anyway, I got through it. Now I’m eating kettle chops and doing laundry.



      • Even those dimwits are aware that the statue is a complete fucking embarrassment. The idiot who made it tried to have it delivered to Mar-a-Lago, but the Secret Service refused. Now he’s trying to get it into the Trump “Library”, which I am forced to assume will consist of golden toilets on which you may sit and watch a scrolling feed of the former Kumquat-in-Chief’s greatest tweets and feel like you too are owning the libs. So the statue will fit right in. 

  1. i decided to have these fucking things for breakfast

    and now im dying
    been nice knowing yous
    (in case i recover from death…ill be sticking to coffee for breakfast from here on)

    • Oh, man… I got those for my youngest son to try. I took a bite. I regretted that bite. He regretted his several bites. Husband finished the bowl and like, “What’s you guys’ problem? It’s not that spicy.”

  2. Well, for what it’s worth, this week’s episode of Last Week Tonight concerned police raids and their questionable legality, and while you know almost as well as anyone how bitter a pill that can be to swallow, it did give John Oliver the chance to mention a certain TV phenomenon from yesteryear known as Cop Rock.
    Don’t know if you’ve seen the episode yet, or if you’ve actively sought out clips of this particular show like I have in the past, but suffice it to say that it’s probably enough of a car wreck-meets-a-rabbit hole to make you forget all about CPAC.

  3. I told my dad that I’m very glad he hates Trump because it would kill me if I had to stop talking to him (he’s my favorite parent, we talk at least once a day). My mom is in a different state. Our relationship improved when she moved to a different time zone, but she’s still a Republican. I think the shine has worn off *a little* for her. Even her parents always voted dem. My surviving 92 year old grandpa, whom I successfully got to stop saying the N word around me, hates Trump so I don’t know where she got her politics from. 

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