…I don’t get it [DOT 12/2/20]

…there are a lot of things I don’t get – I mean I don’t get what Joe Biden’s doing that’s doing anybody any good…

Joe Biden called a voter a ‘lying, dog-faced pony soldier’. His time is up

…or whether Bloomberg is doing a good thing or just a better funded variant of orange foolius’ you-gotta-cheat-it-to-beat-it

How New Hampshire could prove the tipping point for Bloomberg

…& I don’t get whether Mayor Pete is a distraction or a significant event when you knuckle down to the question of unseating the expansive & expensive (fiscally, judicially, morally, fundamentally or any number of other kinds of) ways in which the highest reaches of the principle branches of government in one of the richest nations in history have been & are co-opted to interests as venal as they are petty & as selfish as they are spiteful

Trump and Barr rescind promotion of U.S. attorney who didn’t file criminal charges against former acting FBI director

…whilst across the waters a party once synonymous with the other kind of paramilitary sectarian violence…the one where white people blew up other white people, or knee-capped them, or just beat them or murdered them…mostly the ones they considered to be the unforgivable sorts…although whether they were the IRA, the UVF or the police it seems like sometimes they killed at least a few of their own for not being all in on the team player side of the thing…might be making a bid for a trajectory that could conceivably end with a peacefully re-unified Ireland

Ireland election: what does Sinn Féin’s victory mean for Irish Americans?

…it’s a lot to wrap your head around

…is this to be an empathy test?

…like how there isn’t some sort of cross-bred variant of the Voight-Kampff test in Blade Runner to weed out your Dunning-Kreuger-positive politicians

Boris Johnson doesn’t let detail stand in way of latest vanity projects

…or, hell, just start following the thought from source to shore instead of stopping at the next school district

If we want to cut flooding we should stop burning the moorland

…how the hell did Clarence Thomas get to sound like the grown up?

Judges should not rule by own beliefs, says arch-conservative Clarence Thomas

…& why is anyone still surprised about this sort of thing?

CIA controlled global encryption company for decades, says report

…& how in the name of all that is holy are we meant to figure out who is most guilty of fucking over poor madame justice in the case of Roger “of course I did that shit” Stone…he of the multiple shattered gag orders & crosshairs-for-judges “meme” fame…but I already spent yesterday morning running down billy boys latest hits, so…fuck that guy

Roger Stone: prosecutors quit after DoJ signals plan to reduce sentence

…surely we have too many of their sort of hateful misbegotten “political” pirates & vandals…& not enough of these sorts of folks that we can rest easy letting one go

Celebrated cartoonist Claire Bretécher dies aged 79

…so…between you, me & the gatepost…it’s hard not to get riled up…but wouldn’t it be nicer to talking about comics…or whether or not it’s socially acceptable to offer spoiler-laced opinions about how The Good Place wrapped up [hint – I haven’t caught the last episode yet…] or whether Joaquim Phoenix gets to be proud of his awards & the speeches that went with them

hit it fellas…

…but I guess what I don’t feel like I don’t get is which side I’m on?

apathy is a cancer…let your action be your answer…

…so the long dark night of the soul seems to be the order of the day

moral compass all batshit…spinning in the shadows of a-moral magnets…

…but there’s life in the old dogs, yet

may go down…but I can’t go back…face towards heaven…& run like hell…


  1. The only people Thomas was talking to were the liberal justices. When he makes decisions entirely based on nothing other than his own personal beliefs, that’s called “judicial restraint” and “supporting the Constitution.” He’s a fucking hypocritical asshole piece of shit who needs to retire sooner rather than later.

  2. I don’t understand why Warren isn’t doing better in the primaries. Sure we’ve only had two so far but how the hell is Klobuchar beating her? This election is already bumming me out hard.

    • I’m with you. I’m very disappointed in the people that voted for Klobuchar over Warren. I don’t get it at all. I mean at least Bernie is doing pretty well. I guess there’s only enough room for one progressive – so far.

    • Me too. I was hoping for a Warren win. I can’t believe Klobuchar is still in serious contention. But honestly, everything about these primaries seems … skewed and out-of-focus. It makes me wonder if Putin (or someone else) is screwing with elections again. I mean, we know he is, but things seem so disjointed. And while Biden isn’t my first choice, it bugs me that Trump’s fake Ukraine corruption scam seems to be working. I feel like the right thing is happening there but for the wrong reasons.

      Bottom line: I’m very concerned that the Democrats are fucking this up again. It hearkens back to yesterday’s discussion, but I feel like Bloomberg’s laser-like focus on attacking Trump is the way to go, but he’s the only one going that way.

      • Ha! I’ve actually been thinking that Putin might be having a hand in all the zaniness too. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear that a bunch of repubs registered as Dems and are trying to screw up the primaries. I don’t trust anything these days. I put my tin foil hat in a box in the closet – I did not throw it away yet.

        All I know is that every one of the Dems needs to get their shit together – this is not a fucking drill.

        • I live in New Hampshire so I voted (for Warren) last night. And one of the things that struck me was an older guy in line ahead of me who voted Democrat that had kind of a conservative look about him. He had the slip that would change him back to an independent after.

          I could be totally wrong…I had the same paperwork and the guy wasn’t wearing MAGA anything but still, I got a real MAGA vibe from him.

          • “He had the slip that would change him back to an independent after.

            I could be totally wrong…I had the same paperwork and the guy wasn’t wearing MAGA anything but still, I got a real MAGA vibe from him.”

            After we learned yesterday, that it wasn’t just 4-channers that bogged down the IA reporting phone lines, but RNC’ers, too, I wouldn’t be surprised AT ALL, if,since trump’s nom is a lock there are plenty of R voters looking to spoil the D nomination process.🤨

    • I hope she hangs on to at least get through Super Tuesday. Firstly, so I can cast my vote for her, but also because I think she’s still got a shot at it–no thanks to all of the “Warren is Dead” stories from the various news outlets.

      • I’m hoping she hangs on through Super Tuesday too. I don’t have much hope that she’ll do better but I’d love to be wrong about it.

        I will say that I got more pleasure out of casting my vote for Warren last night than I’ve gotten in a long time. It was very satisfying until I got home and started getting the results.

    • Many in this country don’t think a woman can win. The ones who do, only think a Midwestern almost-conservative can win. As soon as she had her tiff with Bernie, I was worried about her, and I think I was right to be.

    • Because she’s polarizing to a lot of people – especially people on the fence who only know her through some of the more ridiculous stories about her personal life and her politics.

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