…I don’t think [DOT 15/9/20]

science knows...

…ok…so in case there was any doubt left…I don’t understand people


…how does one couple spend $150,000 in a year on a “casino-style” game in which you can’t.win.any.money…that’s not even a gambling addiction, surely…that’s just a straight up spending problem…& how is that not the craziest shit I ran into in the headlines?

…I mean, even this wasn’t

Bob Woodward said Monday that he was shocked when he learned that President Donald Trump “possessed the specific knowledge that could have saved lives” in January. […] Woodward said he found out about a briefing the president had received from his national security advisers on Jan. 28 about the pandemic’s coming to the United States and that, only a few days later, on Feb. 4, Trump didn’t share the information in his State of the Union address, which 40 million people watched.

Woodward said Trump missed an opportunity that night to convey the warning when he said only that the U.S. was doing everything possible. “At that moment if, like, Franklin Roosevelt after Pearl Harbor, [he] had told the American people the truth, a lot more could have been done,” Woodward said.


…which…I know we just did this whole two-step the other day but when we first got the “it’s on tape – & also in my new book that’s just now coming out” thing & people (including me) couldn’t help but wonder what took him so long…& the next thing you know president if-I-only-had-a-brain was out there claiming that Woodward’s not saying something sooner was both proof that not saying anything was the right thing to do & also that if it wasn’t it was Woodward we should be blaming

…& I don’t lay the blame for however many deaths there might have been that could have been avoided any less squarely than ever on the incumbent encumberance…but seriously…was the quickest Bob felt compelled to get that truth out where it “could have saved lives” really over half a year later as part of a book tour?

…I’m not saying there isn’t other material in those tapes &/or that book that may make more of a difference to the way the campaign season plays out by being plastered all over the media this much closer to November so I’m not trying to say it was as simple as that he should have gone for a byline in the next day’s edition of The Washington Post…but for information that in his own estimation could literally have saved lives had it been public sooner I still can’t quite credit that there wasn’t some sort of a middle way

…& yet…still not the craziest shit in the news…I mean stuff like this wasn’t even in the running

Trump Health Aide Pushes Bizarre Conspiracies and Warns of Armed Revolt










TikTok’s Proposed Deal Seeks to Mollify U.S. and China
TikTok’s Sale Is More About Power Than Protecting Your Privacy






Republicans are already acting as if there’s no next year.

…not even this…unspeakably fucked up as it in most certainly is

Jason Ravnsborg, South Dakota’s Attorney General, Investigated in Fatal Crash


…even the possible discovery of signs of life on another planet wasn’t the craziest shit I heard today

Life on Venus? Astronomers See Phosphine Signal in Its Clouds

…although some would argue that was already less crazy that this guy heading back to Putin’s Russia

Navalny, Awake and Alert, Plans to Return to Russia, German Official Says

…no…the craziest shit I heard today was a bunch of patented 100% pure unadulterated, unmoderated & unmitigated bullshit on the topic of wildfires & global warming

“It’ll start getting cooler, you just – you just watch” – some giant dipshit digging a hole
“I wish science agreed with you” – some guy wishing the giant dipshit would pull his head out of his ass
“I don’t think science knows, actually” – giant dipshit doubles down upon detection of dipshittery


…yeah…for me I think – at least for today – that takes the prize



  1. This looks like a slightly modified format? I like it, the bit with your analysis at the top. Also, the Morcheeba tune at the end really wrapped things up on a hopeful note (+stars for good music). I can’t begin to comment on the day’s insanity and cruelty, but thanks for wading through this morass of lies and hatred to provide us with a synopsis.

    • …I think referring to it as a format may be overstating the case…sometimes I start out with a bit of text but end up wedging links in between bits of it until it barely seems to be there…this time it all kind of stayed in one piece, I think

      …glad the morcheeba effect worked, though

  2. This is extremely petty but Jason Ravnsborg, Road Menace, is 44. Canadian dreamboat Justin Trudeau is 48. This post reminded me of Trudeau’s national address to Canada about Covid, which almost immediately was turned into a very funny autotuned pop hit. Let’s see if I can get this to work:

  3. The NYT piece about Republicans governing like there’s no next year is something that has been worrying me. Basically, as they start to give up (and they are, let’s face it) they’re going to do as much damage as they can on the way out, like someone with a foreclosed house stripping it to the studs before eviction day. Health care, school systems, the postal service, the economy, infrastructure, literally everything is being gutted, which means Biden gets handed MASSIVE problems on Day One (which, to be sure, is better than keeping Trump). But it doesn’t stop there:
    And this means that if Biden does win, he will have to govern in the face of what amounts to nonstop policy sabotage from his political opponents.
    They’re going to keep fucking things up as much as possible hoping to convince voters that only the GOP can rescue them from the mess the GOP created. That’s scarier than the orange shitgibbon convincing old, fat MAGAts to launch insurrection on his behalf. 

    • …pretty much the train of thought I’ve been on & wishing so could derail…indeed somewhere amongst all that moaning about Boris & Brexit O did the other day I’m pretty sure I said something similar, even

      …if you aren’t interested in fixing anything but want the other guy to look bad then it “makes sense” that you’re just going to set shit on fire every place you can & claim he can’t put them out because he sucks

      …it’s not a pretty picture…think fox in a hen coop

      …so I definitely agree with all of that

    • Ultimately this has been a feature of Republican “governance” for decades.  They know that what they do while they’re in power will eventually go to shit–usually right when a Democrat takes over.  The only difference here is that they’re not even bothering with the wink and nod approach anymore.  They’re just outright tearing it down before they get sent home.

    • You can bet if Trump were to lose they would stop propping up the stock market (as soon as they all cashed out first).  Then all those great Lincoln Project “friends” would get to work to make Biden a “one term president”.  They are going to pull the old Two Santa Claus tactic but an even more aggressive version than we have ever seen!

      • Thank you for this – it is a brilliant explanation of something I’ve been saying for years. When republicans are in power they steal all the money and then Dems get elected to clean up the mess. It’s usually such a huge mess that Dems can’t get it cleaned up in one or two terms and then get voted out for being ineffectual. Wash, rinse, repeat. 

      • The obvious danger is a repeat of 2009, where a coalition of pundits and corporations push accomodationist Democrats to negotiate with themselves before even coming to the table, and then the Dems end up getting shivved by bad faith Republicans.
        If the Democrats can pull this out, which is not at all certain, there is going to be a wave of idiots who spout bad history about the Union forgiving Confederate soldiers in 1865. We can’t let them forget about the rise of the Klan. I think the Rahm Emmanuel types are on the decline in the Democratic Party, but Pelosi will still lead the House, Biden has a lot to prove, and they won’t do the right thing without a lot of prodding.

        • This is exactly why we need to keep pushing for more progressives and getting money out of politics.  The corporate Dems to me are just Republican-lite and will not do the right thing without being pushed and threatened.  I feel like we are getting way ahead of ourselves even talking about this at this point but good to have a game plan in the slim hopes we have a fair election and not a civil war when the ballots are counted (or not counted).

      • yes BUT nothing forced the dems to shoot their santa clause. they could treat republicrats like they treat progressive democrats. but  no. they “listened” to the GOP. why did I use quotes? they didn’t really listen. they did what they wanted to do all along and used the GOP screams as a justification fig leaf. biden will do the same.

  4. Batshit crazy? Hah! There’s still 49 days left til election day my friend… The best has yet to come.
    Wait til the Qanons say Biden only like Amtrak because it’s part of Hilary s child sex ring.

    • One of the crazy Tea Party/white militia conspiracy theories in the early ’00s was that Amtrak maintenance buildings were secret death camps.
      Which if you’ve ever ridden Amtrak is such a joke — the idea is nuts that they aspire to anything more than a hassle free trip to the last station with no mess or fuss.

  5. eye update!
    (sorry skipped your links…reading is still problematic)
    sight seems to be improving…enough so that ill probably go back to work tomorow if its improved a bit again by morning… im definitely not safe to drive tho
    also ive been given a jar of tears by the doc…lol… apparently i dont make my own anymore…wich probably explains how my eye got all scratched up… no idea if thats a temporary infection related thing or if its just a new bit of wierdness ill have to live with *shrugs*
    anyhoo…seems the medication is working so probably wont need to visit the hospital

    • …I get the sentiment…& sure, I don’t think Joe’s anyone’s messiah…but to some extent I think maybe there’s a misalignment involved?

      …set up like it is it’s hard to see things changing from a binary choice where one choice is an increasingly insane GOP…making the other choice the nearest to a sane one that’s available

      …to make a third option a real option seems unlikely to ever be a matter of a surprise rush of votes in a general election…& when we know that hostile interests (notably russia) are busily expressing their interest by saying very similar things it makes that case harder to make, too

      …this time around it feels like voting for the democrats up & down the ticket is the best option available…maybe if some of the folks who want a third option went out & ran for local office then in 20 years or so maybe they’d be able to be a third party in the sense of fielding a party instead of just acting to split the vote?

      …but in the meantime I don’t see letting the current mess of a man back into the white house as being a viable way to teach the democrats they should have listened to “progressives”

      …surely that’s a regressive step if ever there was one…& I’m not looking for shit to get worse…even if the only other option seems to boil down to less-worse?

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