I got nothing! [NOT 18/5/22]

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Hi, friends!

Halfway through the week. Yesterday morning I was convinced it was a Wednesday already, so sadly today felt extra long since I double Wednesday-ed.

Anyways, I got nothing for a topic tonight. Talk amongst yourselves about whatever ya want!

Bonus points to whomever leaves a comment that gets a thread with more than 4 replies.



  1. I’m sitting on my porch and I just saw the most gorgeous husky. He didn’t want to say hi and the owner said he’s still a puppy, about 10 months old, and is still just getting used to people and the general surroundings.

    And he’s been raised with cats so he thinks he’s a cat.

    • Just this morning I ran into a husky in my building lobby that I’ve always wanted to meet. I didn’t have Faithful Hound with me so I stopped the hooman and asked its name. I must have come off a little loony as I explained that I have a dog, a male black Lab, and he is very friendly…I was gushing a little bit because the hooman was a tall guy, even taller than I, very beautiful, and I suspect gay. I also probably have 30 years on him. No matter! I haven’t harmlessly flirted with another man in years, certainly pre-pandemic and probably 2 or 3 years before that. Unfortunately as I rolled myself out of the lobby (yes, I had the super-sexy Rollater with me) I realized that that very husky is normally walked by a woman, presumably the owner, who always shies away from me and Faithful Hound (I suspect the husky doesn’t like other dogs) and my conversation partner was probably just an occasional dog walker.

      • Fresh off my social triumph in the building lobby I returned to the apartment and have pretty much been napping all day. This isn’t like me at all. I hope this is just hay fever, from which Better Half and I are both suffering. It might also be that since pretty much the beginning of the year I’ve been diligently working away on various projects that all have a certain amount of tedium involved and a certain amount of creative component, sprinkled liberally with “did any of the three people who had this before me even look at this fucking thing? Can’t people just do their jobs?” I have put at least a little time into some work-related project pretty much every day since the new year, so I may be getting burnt out.

        Well, that’s enough from me. Back to work…

      • Although in retrospect encounters like this can seem awkward, I think nine times out of ten they’re a gift, because they give the person on the other end something to talk about. Their lives are quiet enough that thet’re glad you stopped and talked to them about something besides meeting the Q2 deadline for filing the TPS-23 reports. Now they can think about something else.

        • New York is a very social town and anyone can strike up a conversation with almost anyone. I’ve done it hundreds, thousands of times. Better Half is also very good at it. Woe betide the conversation-shy person attempting to traverse a residential lobby with a dog in tow, for they are the most vulnerable of all to the almost obligatory chat-up.

          • In my limited experience in NYC people are very blunt, and a few are having bad days or genuinely troubled. But most aren’t hostile and they’ll honestly engage with you just as fairly as you treat them.

          • I’ve heard the same.  I have heard that Toronto is one of the toughest places to meet people. I don’t know what it is. Very cliquey based on my dating experience.  We’re West Coast… as in the meme:  East Coast isn’t nice but they’re kind.  West Coast is nice, but not kind.

  2. The lilacs are in full bloom. Mrs Butcher trimmed a few and put them in a vase in the sunroom. It smells like an old lady’s perfume but it’s also a scent I associate with the two lilac bushes outside my bedroom window on the farm so actually very nice.

  3. After a few months of quiet, I have some workplace drama???

    1. Manager posted up a “volunteer” read unpaid position to basically do what I applied several weeks back to do.  Why? Because the new guy who got the role instead of me is a well connected (in the company) noob fresh out of school who knows less than Jon Snow.  The manager mentioned that I should apply for this when he told me why I didn’t get the posting. I ignored it then and and I am going to ignore it now. I am not going to babysit a dumbshit junior or even more dumbshit managers and not get paid.  Fuck that, I am doing this out of spite and principle (in my family it’s one and the same.)

    2. Recently, there has been a push for use of an operation equipment/process efficiency program (which I helped implement to my now regret.) My new supervisor went after me because there were questions from clueless managers about an extra long process changeover. The real reason is the previous shift killed time mostly and we had to finish what they didn’t do. This is the reason why I do my best to not fuck over the next shift because it will come back to bite me in the ass. Today my partner from that shift and I got stuck in the same room doing the same task and at the same starting point (from scratch.)

    We completed it ahead of schedule and then sat on our asses enjoying the dismay on the new supervisor’s face. That’s the way you’re supposed to do it.

    New supervisor is starting to find out that he isn’t as smart as he thought and was hoodwinked by his previous shift which is literally the previous shift.

    3. One guy on the incoming team bitched endlessly about a minor mistake I made. I ignored him and shrugged when he mentioned it to me. I normally would be apologetic, but this guy likes to make mountains out of molehills so fuck him. Also, the mistake was I didn’t order enough material. I checked it out in SAP before and there was more material available. All crybaby had to do was order more.

    • I have a really important meeting tomorrow and I need a person to forward the invite to several people who need to attend. I don’t know who they are, so it’s literally the one thing I asked this person to do. I work with them and I’m very much underwhelmed.

      Anyways, I’ve yet to see the notification that they accepted my meeting nor forwarded it to anyone. I’m going to wait until a few minutes before the meeting and do a reply all to that email with “hey person, maybe the email is being weird, but I never say any notification that you forwarded this meeting nor accepted it yourself. Are they going to be here?”

  4. currently watching a stormfront roll in…weather radar seems to think it’ll get here maybe 20 minutes after i get to work…that’s..cutting it a little close…might get a bit of a lightshow on my way in

    be good for the garden tho…its currently so bone dry out there even the insects have fucked off somewhere… i mean…cant say i miss them much…but that aint right

    • okay….now theres a warning out for golfball sized hail….thats maybe not so good for the garden…or me if i get caught in it…maybe i should take a helmet to work today…lol


  5. There used to be a commercial explaining how sometimes things suck… There are two people sitting on a bench and one says “it’s like waking up in a Thursday and thinking it’s Friday.”

    The guy next to him says “it’s Wednesday dude.”

    And the first guy slumps down.

    Just really tickles my fancy.

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