I got nothing [NOT 29/6/22]

Hi, friends!

Multiple times this week I’ve thought “oh I should make that a topic for a NOT!”

And I do not remember a single one of them.

Anyways, you awesome people, open comments and talk about whatever.



  1. Question for supervisors out there:

    What to make of a crewmember that asks 20 questions about every assignment, works different from instructions, then asks 20 more questions about why they need to fix the assignment.

    • Is this a new crew member? If so then either this person is a malicious smart ass or a really stupid idiot (either way who has a bad case of Dunning – Kruger).  If this person is an older crew person then maybe something is wrong and a long talk is needed.

      I don’t mind folks asking questions, but doing things against the SOP/Work instructions is the red light. Those instructions are there for a reason. I don’t have a problem if the person finds a better way, but it has to be successful and not cause issues.

      • Thank you and all the other replies. Not gonna lie: another supervisor and me got very pissed about the situation the past few days. After some cooling down I decided to change from verbal instructions to written ones. This takes away “I don’t remember” or “I’m not sure what you said”.

        I’m gonna try eliminating the possibility of misconception or vagueness from the supervisor side of things, then see how it goes.

        One newbie is already on the personal cell phone too much tho. We’re a bit permissive about personal cells and headphones, and have had to regulate when it gets out of hand in the past.

    • I’d have said person in my office to discuss. I’d begin with the fact that I appreciate the initial questions as it shows that they care about carrying out their assignment properly which is a huge plus these days. Then I’d – very politely – go with the “but”…that they seem to go rogue when it comes to actually performing their tasks and ask them what it is (even using a specific assignment for which they decided to go rogue as an example) that made them decide to do X and Y instead.

      I’d need that answer before I could decide where to go from there…whether it be explaining how important it is to carefully follow instructions or offering assistance in that area (perhaps via more training or more, temporary, guidance from a more experienced team member…in which case I’d establish a timeline for them to reach a goal, or goals by means of project management with goals set to acheive by specific dates…then praise them for the ones they reach in time and work with them on the reasons for the ones they don’t).

    • Ever trained a puppy? Sometimes the approach is basically the same. You’ve got this bouncing unfocused thing which sometimes does the right thing but can’t keep it together for more than a minute.

      Isolate to avoid the risk of “accidents.” Focus on one behavior change at a time. To the greatest extent possible ignore unwanted behavior and focus on rewarding the one wanted behavior at a time. After the desired behavior is achieved, reward and try for repetition with a repeated reward. When the focus shifts, don’t reward the shift with attention but as soon as possible return to task. Do not get mad if at all possible, because a negative reaction can become its own kind of reward.

      Lots of repetition until the lesson sticks, and even then revisit the reward/training process on a regular basis. But gradually withdraw the rewards so that the inconsistency becomes a way to reinforce focus. And recognize how much patience there is for training sessions and only try to expand them slowly, recognizing that there is an upper limit for any puppy to stay focused, at which point they need to nap or play uncontrolled.

      Then pick another behavior change to reinforce. To the greatest extent possible pick a sequence of related changes which build from one stage to the next, so sit, then stay, then come.

      Unless you’re talking about a high wire job like disarming explosives or helicopter pilot. Then you need a more hardcore approach.

  2. Latest foster dog gets adopted tomorrow. Fingers crossed he sticks. He’s been recovering from heartworm treatment so he’s been forced to be nearly on bed rest, and he’s about 100 lbs so he’s not used to being forced to do anything.

  3. Two good things;


    Utah passed a bill so that Native students may now wear Regalia to their graduations, and it’s a protected right!😁🤗💖

    And 2. This afternoon is the 13th anniversary of the day my roommate went “just to go look at a litter of puppies…”

    And I gave Lily her name about an hour later😉😁🥰

    And that was the day I made the promise to Lil & myself, that no matter WHAT happened regarding that roommate & Lil**


    **roommate was a GREAT person, but she had a looooong, funny history of getting “impulse pets”

    Piglet the cat was ours because her boufriend-at-the-time brought home two kittens, when he visited a farm. We ended up with Pigpig, because she bet the boyfriend (who she later married), that *we* could raise a better-behaved cat than HE could.

    We won, of course, and pigpig was one of the best-behaved assholes I’ve ever known😉

    Mini, Piglet’s companion cat was taken in, when some neighbors heard mewing, as they walked past z wet cardboard box left next to a dumpster, after a RAINY night!

    There were two ferrets, because it’s cruel to have only ONE ferret. We had various aquarium fish, and then there was Lil–who was intended as a companion for Lucy–the dog my roommate & her now-ex got shortly after getting married & buying a house…

    With ^that^ history, plus another couple pets, I knew there would be a solid chance that *at some point* roommie would decide that she just “couldn’t take care of Lily anymore.”


    And I refused to give up on such a sweet little puppy, so I made the promise that she’ll ALWAYS have a home with me, no matter WHAT😉💖

    Lil became *mine* when she was two, and has been ever since💗💞💝

    • This court is just going to whittle (or hack) away at people’s rights until there’s nothing left.

      And i agree about Gorsuch. He’s not a Trumpublican, i don’t get the sense. He might actually still be able to use the logic portion of his brain.

      • That’s exactly what I find so fascinating. He knows the others are straight up pieces of shit who put their political bullshit before literally anything. But he still seems truly dumbfounded when they do it on a case where he actually uses his ability to think and use actual facts to decide the same case. It’s like he suddenly forgets the whole reason why the other assholes were put on the bench.

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