…I gotta ask [DOT 23/9/20]

how does any of this look like winning...

…I know it’s the year of “it’s going to get worse” & all


…& maybe I ought to just suck it up & make out that I’m sufficiently jaded that my lack of surprise at the depths to which the out & out craven fucknuckles currently doing their damndest to eviscerate any & every aspect of the great american experiment that once made the place seem like something sane folks could aspire to puts me squarely in the category of comfortably numb to this endless cavalcade of destructive chaos erupting out of the bloated carcass of a zombie administration apparently hell bent on having the US look like making a bid for failed state status



…but the truth is I’m neither numb




…nor comfortable






…truth be told, although I don’t know so much about these things as some folks hereabouts I had at least one person with several decades as a stockbroker behind them make a pretty good case to me that if Deutsche Bank hadn’t had all these dodgy dealings propping up the ledger it most likely would have gone bust some years back…& that quite possibly had it done so a shitload of other things wouldn’t have & we might not be trying to drag our way out of from the depths of the financial crashes we’ve had in our brave new century…but that’s a longer post I’d almost certainly garble in translation…partly on account of several of the more indignant bits of my brain kind of fused while they were explaining it to me & I might not have been able to hear them properly








Climate Disruption Is Now Locked In. The Next Moves Will Be Crucial.


…craven as we know the likes of Barr […fucking sedition, motherfucker? …project much?] or McConnell (or Romney) or the tangerine sack with the margarine mind to be

This opinion piece was assembled using statements from Republican senators in 2016 as they were trying to prevent President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee from being confirmed. Senators argued the election was happening too soon (though it was almost eight months away) and that appointing a new justice would prevent Americans from having their say.








Law Firms Pay Supreme Court Clerks $400,000 Bonuses. What Are They Buying?



…at this point there seems little point to the remaining vestiges of pretense that they have any interest in playing anything by any rules – much less the ones they themselves have been loudest about





If Democrats are willing to treat a Republican-dominated Supreme Court as a partisan and ideological foe, if they’re willing to change or transform it rather than accede to its view of the Constitution — two very big ifs — then they’re one important step along the path to challenging judicial supremacy, the idea that the courts, and the courts alone, determine constitutional meaning.



Trump’s Supreme Court Pick May Need to Denounce Roe. Good.




The religious right has made no secret of its expectation that President Trump will choose a socially conservative successor to the seat held by Ruth Bader Ginsburg. And the president will likely deliver, further confirming the power of the religious right.






…or giving a damn about the health of the nation they so stridently lay claim to holding dearer than their very lives

Voting G.O.P. Means Voting Against Health Care



The Affordable Care Act touches the lives of most Americans, and its abolition could have a significant effect on many millions more people than those who get their health coverage through it.


President Trump on Monday incorrectly claimed at a campaign rally that covid-19 “affects virtually nobody” under the age of 18, again downplaying the extent of the pandemic and contradicting his previous statements that the virus poses a risk to “plenty of young people.”

In front of a crowd of mostly maskless supporters not adhering to social distancing in Swanton, Ohio, Trump suggested that only older Americans with heart problems and preexisting conditions truly need to fear the virus.

Despite Claims, Trump Rarely Uses Wartime Law in Battle Against Covid


President Trump has blamed just about everybody but himself for the country’s multiplying woes: China, the World Health Organization, Democrats, his predecessor, his opponent, governors, mayors, the press, scientists, antifa and his own appointees.

So it was perhaps inevitable that we would arrive at this point: Trump’s White House is now blaming the voters.


…& we know some big fish in the online pond are pretty much for shit when it comes to being up to the job they volunteered themselves for as de facto arbiter of a broad swathe of public discourse



How Big Tech Could Influence the Election



…& you know what…that arguably isn’t even the most pressing issue on the table just now

If you were to approve a coronavirus vaccine, would you approve one that you only knew protected people only from the most mild form of Covid-19, or one that would prevent its serious complications?

…although to be clear

Mueller prosecutor says special counsel ‘could have done more’ to hold Trump accountable […hint…guess who has a book coming out?]

…however unwilling someone might be to admit he got played like the cheap fiddle he is

Trump has long sought to negotiate an arms control deal with Moscow, but so far his administration has only pulled out of pacts with the former Cold War foe, citing violations by Russia. In comments Sept. 4, Trump said arms control talks with Russia were a “very important thing”— more important than addressing global warming. Trump and Putin have been discussing a deal for months. […] “Either they can stop making their ultimatums and we can start to negotiate something, or there will be no agreement,” Ryabkov told the Russian state news agency RIA Novosti. Ryabkov said the U.S. demands don’t correspond to Russia’s idea of what must be done to ensure strategic stability.


…claiming you’re not in a war isn’t known for being any kind of a way to win one


C.I.A. Reasserts Putin Is Likely Directing Election Influence Efforts to Aid Trump


President Trump has brought China’s relations with the United States to their lowest point in years. Joseph R. Biden Jr. could prove, from the Chinese vantage point, to be a tougher and more complex challenge.
China, in Pointed Message to U.S., Tightens Its Climate Targets
China Calls on World to Reject Politicization of Covid


…still…on the basis that we need to take our laughs where we can find them these days


…I guess there’s this?


…mind you…some drugs are serious business…& that line is a looking a little blurry these days




  1. While I come here to stay informed (and get all riled up), I always look forward to the masterful use of the king’s English. Today’s highlight: this endless cavalcade of destructive chaos erupting out of the bloated carcass of a zombie administration.

    • Well, she did used to date a guy that may or may not have sold drugs. So, obviously she deserved to die. /s


      Mitch McConnell is probably telling AG Cameron, “good boy.” And when he says boy, he means it in the most southern sense.

    • I have to say, I’m honestly surprised that any indictments were handed down. I fully expected all three to walk free and go back to ‘work.’ This was blatant, egregious negligence and stupidity that took an innocent person’s life and I thought they were all going to get off scott-free. 
      And that’s the real hell of it. The glass isn’t half-full, it’s barely got a few drops in the bottom. Rampant injustice is just a Wednesday now. 

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