I Mean… [DOT 28/5/20]


Sometimes I take over the DOT because we’re afraid someone else might be too rant-y. But there’s a lot going on that’s rant-worthy. I’ll try and keep it toned down, but feel free to leave yours below.

One Hundred Thousand!!!

The U.S. death toll has reached 100,000.

Um, yes they should.

George Floyd killing: sister says police officers should be charged with murder

Protester Who Hanged Effigy Of Kentucky Governor Fired From Job

Woman fired by Franklin Templeton after backlash from racist park confrontation

That’s not how any of this works!

Trump threatens social media after Twitter puts warning on his false claims

Pennsylvania Republicans are going to get people killed.


Rip popped into a chat with this rant:

…it’s premeditated action that directly threatens the health of their political opponents…in service of a policy position that would be essentially the same thing writ large…for purely partisan political/ideological purposes …& with the explicit knowledge (by the sounds of it) of the wider legislative group that is the GOP …I don’t think that last bit is liable to stick any better than the impeachment did but just like that for those with the inclination to consider the matter for a minute it’s pretty fucking obvious ….who knows if it’s even going to be a “major” story…but it is an absolutely fucking outrageous piece of mendacity & it ought by rights to be ending careers with alacrity

I recommend reading the entire Tweet thread…

Things that make you go hmmm.

Market closes above a key milestone, setting up stocks for more gains

Larry Kramer: a titan of gay rights and literature whose prophecies live on

Icing on the cake!

I had to look, but I found some good news for ya!

For my Canadian friends:

I hate when that happens.

Have a day you guys.



  1. My neighborhood this morning;

    Lots of businesses looted

    Target had SO many run-throughs, many of them organized groups of folks, who were obviously coordinating with each other.

    A group of cars would suddenly pull up, park, folks would pour out, they’d hurry into the store, grab a bunch of stuff,then scramble back to the cars & zip off.

    Target is closest to us, so it was the one we saw hit over & over, and over again.

    But the other stores looted in looted in this section of town (that I know *so far* include:
    Two smoke shops, Penzey’s Spices, The Apple Store, Ragstock, an At & T store, Timberland, Sephora, Urban Outfitters, SEE (a small, indie eyeglasses shop), Paper Source, Stella’s Fish Cafe (a long-time restaurant), and Dogwood Coffee, and probably all of Calhoun Square, tbh.

    And that’s just at the *end* of the line of destruction–it runs for at least three *miles* east of the stores I took pictures of.

    Most of the liquor stores around here got trashed (of course), and there’s glass & debris EVERYWHERE.

    And it’s just heartbreaking, that most likely, the story is now going to pivot to all the looting & destruction, rather than what happened to George Floyd.💔

    It’s just SUCH bullshit.

    And it 100% takes away from the tragedy that was Mr. Floyd’s murder.

  2. It’s not looking good.

    In all honesty, I suspect most of the folks who were driving around & looting were from elsewhere (a decent amount of Wisconsin license plates), and the fact that most of the folks who live around here simply *walk* or bike to places…

  3. …not that it’s of any great pith or moment when frankly it seems like everywhere I look seriously unacceptable shit is ramping up to being completely out of control but apparently the list of things potentially conspiring to ensure I get nothing done & spend all day gripped in paroxysms of rage includes pretty much all of my devices today

    …this one comment that’s barely worth posting has taken more than one attempt on more than one device to catch one that won’t delete/garble it or spontaneously reboot & then claim never to have been able to connect to this thing called a network

    …so that header pic may realistically be responsible for whatever tenuous grip I retain on anything passing for sanity today…& I figured I’d say thank you

    …wasn’t expecting even that to trip me up…but what can I say…me & that cat are definitely on the same page today

    • …I don’t want to sound alarmist or anything…but I am alarmed…so that’s kind of the way it comes off?

      …the election is the best part of six months out & shit is this ugly now…the rats aren’t getting less cornered & there’s a woefully strong probability of a second spike in covid infections rearing its ugly head before then

      …& I don’t know what else to call this feeling but alarmed?

  4. Also, this is the motherfucker who started the shit at the Auto Zone that got burned down.

    To ME?

    He looks a good bit more like a probable White-Prider/Neo Nazi/Anarchist-wanna-be/ complete shit-stirrer, than like he’s there to peacefully protest the death of Mr. Floyd🤨🤔
    (The Tweet is from someone who works for MN’s current AG & former Rep, Keith Ellison.)

    • …I’d like to say that no actual adult human being would set out to ensure that a public attempt to protest something like this not be peaceful…that there’s just no way that they might instead seek to artificially produce events that might lend themselves to a chosen avenue for dismissing entirely legitimate grievances

      …but even in my head that sounds hopelessly naive…so, yeah…I hope they find the asshole?

  5. Honestly, here in MN, there’s been some history of bad actors doing shit like that.
    There was the RNC 8 case, where St. Paul?/Ramsey Co? Cops & FBI folks infiltrated groups of folks who were planning to protest the RNC, when it was in St. Paul in the early ’00’s.

    There were other times cops engaged with & provoked young folks to commit criminal acts, too.

    So if the rumor that douchebro is a SPPD member, I WOULDN’T be surprised at all.

    Also, this shit is what I’m honestly the most worried about/scared of;

    Those fuckheads WANT a damn race war, and they want to hunt humans.

    THEY are what I’m scared of!

  6. I love that GIF. It so perfectly encapsulates most of my daily feelings.

    On any of the other prescient happenings I do not feel it acceptable for me to comment as I won the genetic lottery being born white, male, and hetero. I would rather listen to others who have far more at stake right now than insert my hilariously ill-informed thoughts.

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