I Mean Seriously! [DOT 29/6/22]

I’m so over this week already, or more like I want this work week to be over so I can go have some fun!

Of course, right before I try and leave someone needs 4 new accounts open and funded by 6/30 (which they’ve known about for months but didn’t bother to tell me until yesterday).

Fun times! Will they get open? It’s a toss up!

Ukraine Updates:

Russia’s war in Ukraine

#JFC I wish I had time to watch these live!

Trump lunged for steering wheel, Secret Service agent in bid to reach Capitol, former aide testifies

Rules are for the poors

Daniel Snyder is resisting subpoena, House oversight committee says

They are good for 3 years; smart people are stocking up.

CVS and Rite Aid limiting purchases of emergency contraception

Somehow the governor of Texas thinks this is Biden’s fault.

Fifty migrants found dead inside abandoned Texas trailer truck

So creative!


Enjoy your Wednesday!



  1. Grave disappointment here in the ol’ Empire State: Andrew Giuliani was unable to win his primary — possibly because of the savage beating his father took recently — and will not get to fulfill his dreams of Chris Farley-ing his way into electoral defeat this November via diving into a coffee table headfirst.

  2. Let the 3D chess begin with the takes on the Trump restimony!

    “Why did Biden divide America by not interfering with the investigation?” “If Republicans don’t consider the Republicans involved in exposing this to be Republicans, how can this be considered bipartisan?” “None of this will affect the price of gas in Ohio.”

    And most of all “We deserve a Pulitzer for how we covered this all along.”


  3. Uh, yeah. Can I take “no future for privacy rights” in the office pool?

    The future of privacy rights in a post-Roe world

    Quote: “I do think that there are very legitimate reasons not to trust that the rest of the conservative majority on the Supreme Court will only impact abortion and no other rights, including privacy,” Caitlin Chin, a fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, told Axios.

    Yes, Caitlin, trusting lying liars who lie is really a stupid move.

  4. Apologies if I missed a link earlier. Remember Trump’s social media platform attempt?

    All of the directors have gotten subpoenas by a federal grand jury:


    In another setting I’d assume it’s purely greed-related. But now, considering how there has been a lot of suspicion of how the Trump conspiracy has been funded, I wouldn’t rule out a broader linkup  down the line.

    • …think I threw in something about this the other day…the part they seem to be investigating isn’t particularly new in that it looked that way from the start…but the problem with funneling all your grift cash into one of these SPAC things so you can fold your joke of a social media platform into a big pile of “investor” money is that to qualify as a SPAC the bit with all the cash can’t premeditate that deal…& in their case everything points to it having been created specifically with that transaction in mind

      …I guess that part might be analogous to capone fiddling taxes if that weren’t more of a compliment than the fatuous one deserves when it comes to playing gangster

      …if some of that SPAC funding came from sources as sketchy as some of his past financing & they keep going in those directions…that seems like it might be a good time to lay in the popcorn?

  5. over here the farmers have gone mental


    only a matter of time till someone gets killed me thinks

    at the moment they’re mostly just blocking roads and threatening politicians but the rumormills picking up on plans to block airports monday…tractors on runways wouldnt be good…and theres really not a lot stops a tractor from going wherever it wants to


    • uhhhh….the police/mayor have declared a state of emergency in apeldoorn as there are worries the farmers are going to break out their arrested comrades….

      getting a little out of hand me thinks

      seems tractors are really good at bullying the police

  6. also…hollywood lied to me….i thought big money jewellery heists were sposed to be subtle clever things


    turns out its just walk into an art fair and smash shit with a sledgehammer…get filmed doing it and run

    and the police arrests 2 belgian guys who were suspiciously parked nearby but dont appear to have anything to do with it

    …..welp…if my lottery ticket doesnt pay out…im investing in a sledge hammer

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