I Need A Rest From This [NOT 5/1/20]

On this our day of rest, I was perusing the news and saw that Evangelicals are worshiping both God and the guy in the Oval, and that runs directly counter to everything I ever learned in Sunday school, vacation Bible school, or church.


A US government agency I had not heard of was hacked by a group claiming to be from Iran, and Iraqi Parliament has voted to expel US troops.

On the tech front, Google’s apparently not okay to work for if you have moral guidelines:



This isn’t really news, if you’ve been paying any kind of attention, so maybe spread the word and share the importance of voting:


But this, courtesy of myopicprophet, warmed my heart:



  1. …I know they say that a lie can travel around the globe before the truth has got its boots on but the good news network could stand to up its PR game in this day & age, no?

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