I Remember Deadspin: Show Us Your Fantasy Football Team

An in-person draft party
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Last night was our league’s fantasy draft. In that spirit, I wanted to hark back to the days of Deadspin, when Barry Petchesky would post the following (warning, Deadspin link):

The NFL season kicks off tonight, and with the return of real football comes the start of the fantasy football season. So show us what you’re working with.

What was your draft philosophy this year? Did you reach for one of the few trustworthy running backs? Or did you frontload on receivers in a pass-happy era of the league? Who were your steals? Who’d you have your eye on only for the manager picking directly ahead of you to steal?

In the comments below, share a screengrab of your roster or tell us any interesting stories from your fantasy draft.

— Barry Petchesky, 9/07/17

And of course, the comments were always turned off. Just like this post. The best online punk ever.

Thomas gives the finger
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