Idiosyncrasies with what you buy? [NOT 5/4/23]

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Hi, friends!

Happy Wednesday! I hope the bad weather today in the states doesn’t affect you. My sinuses are extremely unhappy with the weather changes and luckily I had old school sudafed because the other stuff was not touching the pressure.

Topic tonight is do you have a specific reason you won’t buy something? I won’t buy Club crackers because I don’t like the pointy edges (Ritz crackers 4 life!) but I love Cheez-its, which definitely have pointy edges. That sort of thing.

This morning I was driving to the office in a bad thunderstorm and I was reminded why I will not buy a white or light gray car. Harder to see in bad visibility. Much harder to see white cars when it’s snowing. I got enought problems and dumb shit I do, I don’t need to make it harder to be seen on the road!



  1. I’ll always try to buy stuff in the biggest pack practical to minimize the number of times I have to open the packaging. Sure, cut down on plastic and all that, but I hate needing a paper towel and having to get the plastic off a fresh roll while the sauce is spreading all over the counter. A roll of wrapping paper on Christmas Eve that’s wrapped up in plastic that has to be unpeeled is a giant pain, so I’ll try to get ahead of the game by getting a four pack that I can get the plastic off in one fell swoop, and then not have to deal again for a couple of years.

  2. I will not buy anything Goya after that Trump shit.  I won’t shop at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, or eat at Chick Fil A.  I wish I could stop doing Home Depot but no choice too often.  It is way too hard to try to avoid awful companies!

  3. I’m with y’all on not shopping at Hobby Lobby, and although I’d love to know wtf is sooooo special about Chick Fil A sauce, I’m not gonna go to their restaurants *or* buy a bottle of their sauces from the grocery store!!!

    Otoh, though, I will freely admit that I’m a total hypocrite–because I do go to Walmart occasionally, to get stuff that is either not carried by the store where I work (or Target), or because on a few items, the Wal-Mart price is nearly *half* the price at my store, and sometimes I NEED to make my budget stretch…🙃

    And I *also* have a Sam’s club membership–primarily for the gas savings, because around here, Sam’s & Costco prices are typically at least 20 cents per gallon cheaper than the regular gas stations…

    I did the math *years* ago, and the cost of the membership is EASILY paid for (and much more!), by the gas savings over the course of the year…

    I end up getting Sam’s club gas more frequently than I do Costco gas, because the Sam’s location is closer to both my work, and home, than the local Costcos are (Costco *did* used to be the one I had a membership for–but they only have Suburban/Exurban locations around here, while Sam’s has stores in some “first-ring” suburbs.

  4. I’m trying to cut down on the number of things that I buy from Amazon, but it is not easy.

    Also, I will go to my neighborhood Starbucks despite their union-busting bullshit because I like the folks who work there, and because they had the best Covid response here.

    • I’ve given up on Amazon for the most part because the interface is so terrible. I wanted to buy a lamp a couple of weeks ago and looked at them just to see and gave up. One million options, 98% weird cheap stuff. Just too much work.

  5. I try to avoid Walmart as much as possible. I try to limit my purchases from Amazon unless I get some special discounts or points on my travel plan credit card.

    No Hobby Lobby here. Buncha dicks though.

    I want to stop shopping at Loblaws, a local grocery behemoth but near impossible due to being the majority of grocery stores because they are a bunch of price gouging motherfuckers.

  6. I’m a dollars per unit shopper. Fortunately my store does the math for me on most things with their shelf tags. Unless there’s something very specific (like a particular bread that I buy because it’s from a local company) I will always by the better per unit price. Brand loyalty is bullshit. They’re not loyal to me or their workers or the environment, so I have no reason to be loyal to them.

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