IDK…[DOT 19/12/22]

I don’t even know what is going on this weekend. I’ve been deep in “party mode”, which is fun, but exhausting! Friday night my neighbor who is a Julliard trained opera conductor hosted a holiday party. Friends with beautiful voices sang carols and played instruments and otherwise made me feel inadequate. It was great.

Sunday night was my annual cookie exchange, which was a little more low key than in years past but still a lot of fun. As I write this, I’ve probably had 1.5 bottles of wine, a gummy, and about 20 cookies.

So yeah, as far as the news goes, IDK!

Here goes nothing…

SPROTS were exciting this weekend:

An immortal World Cup final rewards Argentina’s Lionel Messi at last

LOL this fucking idiot.

Twitter says it will no longer allow ‘free promotion’ of other social media platforms


How Sam Bankman-Fried swindled $8 billion in customer money, according to federal prosecutors

Good news if you’re a foreigner stuck in Peru…

Peru evacuates hundreds of stranded tourists


Major winter storm expected to hit much of US before Christmas

I’m so over the parties now! I can’t wait to sit on my ass and watch TV and drink egg nog over the Christmas weekend.
Have a great day!



  1. Fucking idiot indeed.

    For those not aware:

    Musk argued that he could no longer allow “relentless free advertising of competitors” on his social media platform, while then adding that “no traditional publisher allows this and neither will Twitter.”

    By claiming Twitter is a “traditional publisher,” Elmo becomes liable for everything posted on the site. Now think about the trolls, antivaxxers, election deniers, and general shitposters that infest Twitter and have been growing. That’s … a lot of liability.

      • …speaking of things that aren’t funny & the NYT…I thought it was a bad joke…but the Sunday crossword grid was basically a swastika…coinciding with (I believe) the first day of hanukkah

        …& to add insult to injury…a tweet surfaced denying the crossword intentionally resembled a swastika

        …from…the last time it happened

        …big oof

    • I didn’t read the Times link but that election was notable because both the D and the R were openly gay and apparently it was the first Congressional election where this was the case. So, progress, I guess, except that even if everything Santos said about himself were true, he’d still be a zany Trumpist nutjob. Good work, Sean Patrick Maloney, head of the DCCC, who lost this seat along with his own, in part by funneling all that DCCC money into his own failed re-election bid.

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