If You Don’t Succeed 13 Times Then Try Try Try Again NOT [7/1/23]

In this image from video, Senators vote on the first article of impeachment during the impeachment trial against President Donald Trump in the Senate at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2020. (Senate Television via AP)

Pictured… the other legislative place.

How determined are you?

How many times do you need to fail before you go “Fuck you, I’ll be my own Speaker of the House with blackjack and hookers! Or just blackjack…”?

What situations would make you a determined win at all costs type?

To be ‘fair’ to a certain hapless political hack, I get it. I want a new job and new company to work for. I won’t stop trying no matter how many times I get kicked in the testes by prospective employers as I am unhappy with my current situation.

If I ask someone out on a date and they look at me and go “NOOOOOOO!” I’m going to take a hint and move on because I’m not going to hang out where I’m not wanted.

For me depends entirely on the situation.

Most of the times if it isn’t important or other people lives/safety aren’t involved then it is usually “Nah, I’ll Go To Arby’s Instead.”



  1. Off topic and previously posted late to the Brain Drain. I need to know!…

    How the mighty Alan Cumming has fallen…or is this trash actually Scottish Highland treasure?

      • Same here.

        Actually what broke me out of my dating shell was going to some singles event in my 30s and being shot down 8 times that night. I was so overloaded with the pain of rejection I eventually became immune to it. I honestly don’t know how I survived without breaking down and sobbing.

        After that I did not treat rejection as the end of the world.

  2. When I was younger I was a slow learner. I’d hang on kicking and screaming until the bitter end. Usually to something or someone that was bad for me. These days I might have given it two tries and then bowed out. My days of chasing anyone or anything are behind me.

    • If I want something bad enough sure, but how many times?

      I knew a couple of people that were so ultra competitive. They were also so miserable and unlikable. I respect determination, but I don’t respect it when it transforms to psychopathy.

  3. I don’t make repeated attempts. I asked girls to dance once. Asked them out once. They said no, I moved on. Jobs are the same. I get rejected, I don’t brood about it, I just move on. In the age of social media, you’ll get one friend request or link request from me. One. You don’t accept, I don’t care. I move on. (I stopped requesting friends or links a LONG time ago, actually.) Once you get past error analysis (what did I do wrong?), dwelling on things is useless.

      • My wife can’t let go either. She’ll spiral endlessly if I don’t stop her. Sometimes I just have to say that we’ve rehashed these events enough and further discussion isn’t going to give any new insights. Sometimes I can cajole her into moving on, or at least talking about it less.

  4. Taking advantage of the “open” part of the open thread.
    I went out to buy a new pillow today. Holy fucking shit, when the hell did pillows get so expensive?! They’re selling pillows for $100-$300 dollars. I could not bring myself to do that so I had to grit my teeth and spend $75, but I’m not sure the pillow will actually support my head. If I just spent $75 on a garbage pillow I’m going to be super pissed.

    • It’s probably too late, but fwiw, if you’re a side sleeper who likes firm pillows, personally I’d recommend the firm down-alternative pillows by Casaluna at Target.

      They’re in the “medium expensive” range, at $26-29, but I can say after having bought 2 of the King-sized, snd then two of the “Standard” sized ones, those things hold up reasonably well!

      Dad wanted some “good” pillows when he went into the Rehab facility last winter, and he said he wanted King sized ones… turns out, after he wrote his name on the pillows and cut all the tags off, what he actually wanted were firm pillows in *standard* size–so the King ones went into plastic bags on top of his closet, and he used those Standard ones every day, ALL day, as he slept at night & napped during the daytime in his recliner.

      If they had been washed with any regularity, and not gotten completely embedded with body oils? I totally could’ve brought those two standard pillows home & used them here! They were STILL really decent & firm–even though dad used one to sit on, and was constantly fluffing/mashing/re-fluffing the other one, each time he got up/sat down in the recliner, for the 11+ months he had them…

      But having laundered dad’s clothes & blankets since childhood, I knew that the sweat & oils from his skin weren’t ever going to fully lift out of those two pillows, so I just tossed them in the trash when we packed his room up after he died.

      Those nearly-new King ones though?

      Those ones are on my bed, and seriously are the best pillows I’ve used in YEARS!😉

      They’re *perfect* for side-sleepers, and there’s actually enough “give, but with support” that if you roll onto your back during the night, you *don’t* painfully stretch out all the muscles, tendons, & ligaments down your neck & spine–the back of your head “sinks in” a bit and your neck stays supported!

      I’d been using the “Pillow Guy” (you know, the *former* crack-addict from Minnesota) pillows Dad had at his place, when I got up there a year ago in November… those ones were ok, but after a while they seem to “flatten” annnd they’ll also start getting really uncomfortable on the ear that you sleep on, as the foam begins to “lock up” after being slept on a while–unless you regularly “fluff ’em back up!”🥴

      And the other/last “good” pillows I’d had was some “Ralph Lauren for Macy’s” thing that I’d been gifted by a former roommate–she regularly got those for folks as gifts, when they were on sale at about half the “regular” $75-80.00 price…

      Tbh? Those Casaluna firms are better/more comfortable imo, than both those “more expensive” types I’d previously been using!

      And judging by how Dad had beat up on the two I tossed? I suspect the one I have will hold up for a LONG time, if they get treated with *some* decent level of care!😉

      This is typically the time of year to buy bedding/home goods! Lots of stores run decent sales in January on Towels, Bedding, & Pillows–especially around/after MLK day, and even on into February (especially President’s Day sales, then!)😉💖

      • I had those Ralph Lauren pillows from Macy’s for seven years. I wouldn’t recommend them. I just got awesome pillows from Sijo . They have sales that get you the pillows for less than 100$. Their sheets are nice too.

      • How determined I am typically depends on the context…


        If it’s something one of the kids I work with needs? Well, I’m a water sign, with no earth at all in my Western astrological chart (supposedly that “grounds things” a bit!😉), and a fire-dragon in the Eastern one… sooooooo I’m basically willing to out-stubborn everyone, until that child DOES start getting the supports they need and are entitled to under Federal Law

        But other than ^that^?

        I’ll typically make sure a job is done right/according to the originally-agreed-upon requirements, and that folks aren’t shortchanged for what they expected when they agreed to something, etc…

        But unless someone is being an utter asshat? If it’s “not a big deal,” or an important life skill/lesson someone needs, and only impacting me? I’m usually willing/able to just walk away without too much fuss.

        But if it’s a “right or wrong” issue, where folks are getting screwed over? You can bet your ass I’m that annoying one who’s going to find a way to at least try to get the “higher ups” noticing & fixing the issue… especially things impacting vulnerable populations of people who might not know how or where to go to get the issue fixed.

        Because I don’t like bullies who pick on the little guys.

        That also means that if I SEE any of the kids I work with being assholes to other kids, I absolutelywill jump in, call the behavior out and say, “This *is* bullying behavior. This *is* what ‘bullying looks like.

        And oh BOY does that calling out bother some of those kids, who’ve been told, “Bullying is BAD!” but who’ve never been taught that ALL of us have it in us to *be* a bully, if we aren’t taught how *NOT* to do it.

        I still remember one little dude in particular, who, when I pulled him aside and said, “What you just did was bullying behavior, you might not have meant to be bullying someone, but you *DID* in that situation.”

        Little guy got indignant and tried to tell me, “That was just my brother, we do that all the TIME,” and then got really quiet & pondered, when I reiterated what he did, how he put his little brother in a scary & unsafe spot, and how *that* can be bullying as much as picking on a person and calling them nsmes😉

        He’s a good kid–he just doesn’t always get called out for his bullshit when it crosses the line–and he needs to learn those important lessons now, when he’s LITTLE, before he bullies the wrong person/people when he’s bigger and can get into real trouble for it.

        Or, conversely, if he bullies someone when he’s bigger and (because he’ll be a middle-class/upper-class blonde & blue-eyed conventionally-attractive white guy), he gets away with it, while the weaker/more marginalized person he picked on pays too high a cost (because it *wasn’t* fixed when he was a little kid!).

        ^Those^ sorts of things? Yep, I’m usually gonna dig in & be my stubborn & rigid a.f. autistic self!😉💖

        But mostly, because I want these kids to be the good people they have the potential to be!😉😁💖

        I want them to meet that high level of potential i can see in there, I don’t want them being mediocre & asshats, if I can help it💞

        Dating wise & other-wise though?

        Meh? I’m much more likely to be both oblivious to anyone being interested, and tend to just assume that folks *aren’t* interested, because I guess tend to just assume they’ve already got a significant other if they’re a decent person (since most of the truly *good* folks i know are already in relationships!😆😂🤣) so I don’t even bother with “one attempt” like some of y’all😉

        Not to mention that between *everything* that’s gone on for the last near-decade, and all the stress & crap to get through, I’ve barely had time to *myself*–so I haven’t bothered much with trying to succeed at anything past keeping a roof over my head (and Lily’s, for those years!), a running vehicle, and enough money to cover both, and at least *most* of my bills every month!😉💖

  5. I just started the movie Black Adam, because why not.

    Anyways, just in the intro with the “before Rome, before the pyramids…there was Kahndaq” with the description as the first self-governing people at like 2600 BC. Egyptian pyramids were built like 2500 BC, which means the predynastic period was already in full swing. Ancient Sumeria was also in full swing before 2600 BC.

    I mean this is basic shit they could have checked.

  6. regarding giving up –

    I think a large part of the problem is the republican party literally had no one else who would be a better leader than that dipshit. And they were too much of assholes to cross the aisle and vote for any democrat. So like what other option was there except to just keep voting?

    • Too many folks also seem to have forgotten the part where, for a LONG time, the stated goal has been, 

      “Shrink the Government to the size where it will fit in a bathtub, and then drown it!

      The “broken” stuff, that doesn’t work for anyone, *IS* the entire point for *most* of these folks!!!


      There *was* “no plan to Govern,” because there IS no plan to govern… it’s sheer showboating, grandstanding, and fundraising by “scoring” on anyone they perceive as “an opponent.”

      The money is the endgame, and it’s mostly a cash-grab, until they’re forced from the possibility of grabbing as much as they can, by whatever means they can.🙃

      • What a stupid fucking movie that was.

        Also color scheme was way too dark. I don’t understand that trend to make movies literally dark where you can’t see details that well or need ot have lights off. When I watch Lord of the Rings, even the dark scenes there’s still enough contrast to see things. Shit like this or the Witcher I’m like welp can’t watch this during daylight because I can’t see the damn details.

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