…if you’ll buy that [DOT 27/8/20]

then I've a bridge to sell you...

…sometimes it’s hard to know where to start

‘I Fear That We Are Witnessing the End of American Democracy’


Intelligence Officials See No Foreign Effort to Undermine Mail-In Voting


…& often people like to suggest “the beginning” as though that’s somehow helpful


…but with a thing that’s busy eating itself the beginning can be hard to spot




It’s possible you failed to notice, but the Republican convention has a theme for each night. The list sounds a little like a Lord-of-the-Rings theme park: Land of Promise, Land of Opportunity, Land of Heroes and Land of Greatness.



Controversial change in guidelines about coronavirus testing directed by the White House coronavirus task force

…so forgive me if I’m still trying to get my head around far from the latest round of bullshit emanating from the RNC



The GOP’s gaslighting convention

…how do you spell “publicity stunt” again?

Five new American citizens were stunned to be naturalized at a White House ceremony during the Republican National Convention. Some said they did not know they were being broadcast until friends called to tell them.

…& again?


…& again?

White House Dismisses Questions of Whether Convention Events Broke Anti-Corruption Law

The law is aimed at preventing public officials from using their power for partisan political activity.

The White House put forward a legal theory for why the two ceremonies were not Hatch Act violations, saying its role in staging them and posting videos of them on YouTube was an official act unrelated to the campaign’s decision to then use the publicly available material for political purposes.

…are you fucking kidding me with this shit?


‘We Did the Exact Right Thing,’
So why does the United States have 4 percent of the world’s population and 22 percent of coronavirus deaths?


…not to put too fine a a point on it…but this shit is beyond unethical…it is criminal that these are the people who lay claim to any species of genuine authority when they have so thoroughly undermined their own & had so little of any legitimate variety to lay claim to in the first place

Yevgeny Vindman, Alexander S. Vindman’s brother, says he was fired in retaliation for his role in the impeachment inquiry and for raising ethics and legal concerns about the national security adviser.


…& that’s just shit that is directly attributable to their occupation of a moral vacuum…if you extend the purview to shit that’s gone down on their watch the fact that the populace haven’t risen up & deposed the mad tyrant is going to puzzle the hell out of future schoolchildren

Family of Fort Hood Soldier Found Dead Demands Congress Investigate
The police said there was no sign of foul play after they found a body, believed to belong to Sgt. Elder N. Fernandes, about 30 miles from the base in Central Texas

…maybe as much as they’ll wonder how bad a job of it he made when the Russians have been lying through their teeth about murdering people long enough to call it SOP


…& yet somehow even a literal car crash isn’t enough to stir reprisal nor response from Mr “America First”…which is…what it is, I guess


…like a lamentable litany of lies being ladled out from much the same sources


…but one thing I am definitely struggling to get my head around is how to some away with the idea that more republicans is the road to recovery from our present ills

How Chaos in Kenosha Is Already Swaying Some Voters in Wisconsin

…because that shit is a tragedy & a travesty, both



…but so is the prospect of the current incarnation of the GOP continuing its staggering course while claiming against all evidence that it isn’t a zombified corpse being puppeted by wholly self-serving liars & cheats of the lowest character imaginable

The Epic Shamelessness of the Republican Convention

…& for all that the situation is yet another example of fucking outrage that defies all logic in its claims to being lawful…& puts the lie to the police involved being officers of the law…much less charged with keeping the peace



…whichever way round you choose to look at it I fail to see how it can be claimed that the current sham of an adminstration has the slightest regard for law, order, precedent…or any other metric by which a reasonable person might hope to ascertain that any substance at all is to be found therein…beyond the hope of pardon…& by exactly no kind of coincidence


…while, elsewhere



…at the end of the day “we the people” all of us just statistics these days

The Lesson We’re Learning From TikTok? It’s All About Our Data

…although, strangely enough…that is apparently not the lesson some are taking from all things China

To counter China, some Republicans are abandoning free-market orthodoxy


…not that some are much occupied by anything but the home front, presently

‘2020 Can Go to Hell’: The Story Behind the Viral Fire Photo That Said It All
Across much of California in the last two weeks, many of my friends and neighbors have faced a dead-end choice: Is it safer to conduct your life outdoors and avoid the coronavirus, or should you rush inside, the better to escape the choking heat, toxic smoke and raining ash?





  1. i love that lead pic….2020 in a nutshell
    also stay safe any and all in lauras path….shes not fucking around…
    storm surge up to two stories high….holy shit

    • Yeah, I’ve been through more than a few hurricanes and this is one to run from. Seriously. Run. 
      Between packing people onto buses and into shelters and spreading coronavirus, and the sheer damage from this hurricane, this is going to make Katrina look like a minor event. And anybody counting on help from Trump is going to get an unpleasant surprise.

        • We’re just fine. Sun shining, birds chirping, afternoon thunderstorms as usual. Funny thing about hurricanes is that they tend to “vacuum up” all the bad weather. If you’re not in the path, you usually get pretty good weather. Plus Florida’s a lot bigger than most people realize. I remember going to the beach on the day that Hurricane David hit South Florida. You didn’t want to swim, because waves and riptides, but it was bright and sunny here 200 miles away from landfall.

  2. Sinnerman is such a good song (I have the 10+minute version floating around various playlists.)

    I found today’s listing of horrors especially troubling. I think it was the addition of hurricanes and fires to the regular pandemic and political corruption related news that pushed me over the edge.

    • …I’d be happy to see his audience dwindling but for two things, I think…on the one hand his schtick plays better (indeed is designed for the purpose) as snippets strewn about social media in profusion…all at once in a solid block its internal contradictions are harder to ignore, however willfully

      …& worse…it’s liable to goad the tangerine tyrant to really outdo himself this evening in a bid to (over)compensate

      • Demographics are against him. People just don’t watch television now. Particularly this rag-tag collection of carnival geeks and third-rate hucksters. Actually, carnival geeks put on a better show. His ratings would improve if he could get Matt Gaetz to bite the head off a chicken. 
        Yes, he’s going to redouble his efforts, but he’s got very little room left to escalate. I mean, short of screaming the n-word over and over like Michael Richards, he’s pretty much hit peak racism (I don’t put that past him). He can’t lie his way out of the coronavirus, and sweet Jesus, this Hurricane Laura is going to be devastating. 
        His best bet at this point would be to give a short acceptance speech and cut the rest of the shitshow off so he could “focus on Laura response” but there is zero chance he’ll do that. And there’s a 98.7% chance he’ll go play golf while the hurricane is killing people. There’s a 100% chance he’ll claim his response, whatever it is, is “perfect.”
        This is shaping up to be a “perfect storm” that effectively ends Trump’s presidency, which would be great except a lot more people are going to die through his stupidity.

        • Of all the things that bother me about the RNC, the one that bothers me the most is how relentlessly fucking boring it is.
          Aside from Kim Gullible or whatever and Donald Trump Jr.’s coked up speeches, every speech has said the same fucking thing. At least the DNC had their various speakers talking about various different aspects of what made Joe and his plan great. Every night of the RNC has had a different theme, but all the speeches say the exact same shit, often in the same order. The backdrop’s are all the same. Listening to Mike Pence drone on about what Trump has accomplished annoyed me less for the content of what he was saying and more because his droning, boring as fuck, dry as hell delivery was like listening to a particularly uninteresting podcast on the various shades of the color beige.
          Not only do they not have any ideas and are basically barreling straight into out-and-out racism at this point because it’s the only thing that keeps their ever dwindling base interest, but they can’t even present the out-and-out racism in an interesting and compelling way. Just loads of speeches with the same applause lines in the same fucking places with the same fucking camera shots and the same backdrop.
          The men all look the same, except for the black men, who only look different in comparison to their lily white counterparts and who all have terrible shape-ups. All the women look to be wearing a different colored version of the same dress, with the same hairstyle and the same make-up, the only difference being whether they’re blonde or brunette. The relentless fucking sameness of the thing is such a drag, I don’t under how anyone but the most dedicated of Republican voters can stand to watch it, even in a world where there’s nothing else on.

  3. in unrelated news…. we had our own little named storm here…..francis
    curse you francis! you killed tommy!
    rest in peace tommy…. you were a great tomato plant…full of promise and potential…
    oh well…i have 4 more in a sheltered part of the garden…all about redundancy me…its just good planning
    im a little concerned about the lack of laura news in my local feed btw….i figures that means it either wasnt so bad….or its really really bad

  4. According to local headlines, Kyle Rittenhouse was “obsessed with supporting the police.”  We’re just half a step away from:
    “it’S NoT gUnZ iT’s mEnTAl iLLneSs!!!”

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