I’m good, don’t need to do that again [NOT 12/12/21]

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Hi, friends!

What’s something you’ve done once or twice in your life and are like “welp, I’m good”? Silly, serious, ridiculous, boring, whatever works here.

I tried kabocha squash a few weeks ago on someone’s recommended here (might have been Emmer?). Yeaaaah, never again. Way too pumpkin-ey, despite how lovely the texture was.

Also? Yeah I don’t want to plant cherry tomatoes ever again. I prefer slicers and cocktail tomatoes, but I was like what’s 1 little Sweet 100 cherry tomato? It can’t produce that much…. Jesus fucking Christ I am tempted to tear it up because I’m just sick of them. I was getting about a pint of tomatoes every day from that 1 fucking plant during August, now it’s slowed down to about half that finally. My parents and neighbors got bags of them. Multiple times. I used a ton of them in salsa and red sauce. Today I roasted my third goddamn batch of them to freeze and dump into sauces or chilis or whatever this winter.

Anyways, next year I’m planting a roma or other paste tomato in that spot. I am so over cherry tomatoes!



  1. Yeah, cherry tomato plants are completely out of control.  I had a rogue plant pop up this year, and just the one plant was completely burying me in little yellow tomatoes.


    I watched “Leaving Las Vegas” once.  It was incredibly well done and superbly acted, but no way in hell did I need to ever see that film again.

  2. When I was growing we had a little stand of cherry tomato plants in the backyard. It was the fenced-in part so between the fence and whatever dog we had at the time running around the plants were pretty unmolested by wildlife.

    Those few plants threw off so many cherry tomatoes. Luckily members of my family, myself included, liked to slice them in half, salt them, and eat them as snacks.

    I’ve long advocated that our rooftop grove contain more edible food (in addition to the planter devoted to herbs) so maybe come the spring I’ll suggest ripping out a few of the more difficult ornamental plants that inevitably have to be replaced as the year goes on to make room for cherry tomatoes. IIRC it’s almost impossible to kill them, and their bounty is so…bounteous, that it wouldn’t require much territory to supply the whole building.

    • Kale, too! Red Russian kale and lacinato kale are beautiful plants and yield tons! I grew arugula from seed this spring and it was also a heavy yield plant with basically no effort on my part beyond watering.

  3. It’s entirely possible I might have recommended the kabocha squash to you. It works well in curry, but I also like that you can just bake the whole thing and eat it as is.

    Delicata is the best autumn squash, though, imho.


    • I think you’re likely right, because Kabocha is on my list of “want to try” squashes😉


      The one I recommended the most was Blue Hubbard.💖


      Also, for anyone interested in a more “savory” squash experience–and one which *should* go well with Kabocha, or any of the buttercup/butternut (and probably hubbard, too!) squash types;



      This is VERY similar to the spice combo one of the first ECSE teachers I worked with used regularly. She didn’t bother to peel her squashes, iirc she just did the microwave trick to soften them a bit, so that she could cube them in 1.5″-2″ pieces, then tossed the chunks in oil & sprinkled them with the spices.


      And they were good both warm *AND* cold, as leftovers, too!!


      She showed me how to roast them this way–and then, you just hold the skin of your cubed piece & eat the flesh off of it (a little like watermelon, but MUCH less messy!)


      It’s REALLY tasty! And it’s not as sweet, for folks who don’t have a massive sweet tooth & don’t like their squashes maple/brown-sugar flavored.😉

    • its bigly banana planes for me (ryan air)…. well…actually its landing in on of those on my local little airfield…mostly used for cesnas and f16s….in a crosswind

      pretty sure the imprint of my grip is never coming out of those arm rests

      • I’m not crazy about flying in general. But sometimes it’s the only realistic way of getting where I want to go in a timely manner. But small planes? Nope!

      • Yeah, Waimea is like having several pools fall on your head.  I did it the size of this video in my early 20’s when I thought I was invincible but even then it was terrifying & like Hawaii’s version of bull riding.  I will still ride big waves but not with no chance of coming out of the tube.  You do not come out at Waimea, just learn how long you can hold your breath while you figure out which way is up.

  4. oh wow, I feel like this topic is made for me.  I’ve made so, so, sooo many bad decisons.

    following the google map bike directions through the port of oakland

    leaving my windows open during the day

    going over a waterfall

    job hunting

    using ebay

    riding a bike through that oakland/alameda tunnel

    trying to catch a falling bottle

    trying to see if boiling water is hot by putting my finger in it (actually, I’ve done that twice…)

    “cooking” while blackout drunk

    using a checkbook

    homemade “napalm”

    living in the desert

    not using eye protection with a dremel


    flaming shots

    working food service

    taking on debt

    impulse buying a whole jackfruit

      • solo backpacking trip that involved multiple tiers of questionable judgment.  ok, just outright bad judgement.

        hiked up a mountain along the trail, camped out, everything is okay.  next day, lost the trail in a snowfield on the top of the mountain, just started heading off in a random direction.  completely lost the trail, so tried that old bit about “go down hill, find water, follow it” -side note: there are some important exceptions to that rule that I was about to learn…

        found a stream, started following it down hill, pretty sure I figured out where I was with the topo map and drawing some azimuths to other peaks and such (turned out I had accurately pinpointed my location, but just no way to verify that at the time), overnighted and almost had a tree blow over onto my tent.  Also saw another tree blow down the next day (awesome thing to witness, but a bit concerning when it’s kinda nearby…)

        kept following the stream, went down some drops and some scree slopes, some of which were pretty steep.  Dropped down an pretty big one, into a bowl-like formation, and the stream simply went into a crack in a huge boulder.  No real way to climb back up, as I couldn’t make much progress on the scree.  And, here’s the questionable judgment bit: I’m sure if I ditched my pack I could have made it up one of the slopes and found a different route down, and I could have tied some cord to my pack to drag it up after I cleared the slope, but that would have added days to my… outing? and I had to be at work in two days.  I could just make it through the planned route in a bit over a day.

        so, questionablebad judgment time: the crack in the rock the stream was flowing through was pretty smooth, looked like a reasonably sized pool maybe 10-20 ft down.  cut down a small tree, figure I could shove it over, and then climb down it like a makeshift ladder, and continue.  maybe 20-30ft tall at the twiggy brushtips, but that thing just went over and disappeared.  So, not considering maybe I could show up for work and explain and apologize, vs risking breaking my head/neck/legs and getting eaten by raccoons… I double checked the waterproofing on my pack, emptied my pockets of most stuff (into my pack), but kept my knife on me, and tossed the pack over.  And then I went over.  the crevice was well weathered, so it was almost like a waterslide (of potential paraplegia), and luckily the pool at the bottom was plenty deep.  But it was snow melt, and cold as fuck, so I had that whole “holyfuckthisiscoldicantbreathfuck” thing going on as I swam to land.

        Luckily, everything went better than can be expected, clean over the waterfall, into the pool feet first, didn’t hit bottom, didn’t hit rocks, didn’t hit that small tree I just pushed over, etc.  just cold as fuck.  And then I looked around for my pack, and it wasn’t tangled in the nearest log jam like I expected it to be.  And then I saw it, just spinning in an eddy near the fall.  So, back in the cold water, swimming against the cold, very strong current, to try and retrieve my backpack.  Got it, but just barely.

        The remaining day and a half of the trip was pretty easy, although I ended up wading through pretty cold snowmelt for most of it.  somehow got a rock in my boot, but didn’t realize it because my feet were numb from the cold water.  definitely felt that the next several days after my feet regained feeling  :/

        That first night after the waterfall, I was so damned tired, I couldn’t be arsed to go stash my bear cannister someplace proper/suitable, I just gave it an anemic chuck “away”, and figure if I get mauled by a hungry but frustrated bear, at least I don’t have to keep trudging through that damned snowmelt stream…

      • dumb, pre-internet, teenage, ‘edgy’ shit.


        heard about that whole mixing gasoline with styrofoam thing?  yeah, it works okay.  pretty good actually.  better than I was prepared for (for certain values of “prepared”)

        I was unsupervised, bored, and recently heard about this, and wanted to try it out.  also, we recently received a package of something, that had those styrofoam packing peanuts in it…

        I think my grandparents were visiting, and my parents were out?  I just remember my grandmother asking me something, and me being out of breath trying to say I was in the middle of something, and can’t talk right now, but everythings ok.

        so, I got some gasoline from our lawn mower, I think I put it in a disposable plastic cup that it melted through, which should have been a clue that maybe I shouldn’t be messing with things I don’t understand.  but, no, I just got a disposable paper cup, put a few ounces of gasoline in it, and then took it into the basement, and started dropping styrofoam peanuts into it, and mixing them in with a stick, and kept doing so until it got pretty gummy.  went outside, and there was a fire pit in a vacant lot where I had an old pot that I was boiling a bear skull, so I turned the pot upside down, smeared the gasoline/stryofoam peanut mixture on it, and lit it on fire.

        Holy fuck, like 10-12 foot flames from that little batch.  except, there was a tree with overhanging branches, and honeysuckle all throughout, maybe 7-9 feet up.  I had played with lamp oil/kerosene a fair bit, but never with gasoline before.  and of course I didn’t have a fire extinguisher, or even a bucket of water nearby, I mean why would I, it’s just on the upturned bottom of a metal pot, what could it burn?

        honeysuckle and tree was burning, grabbed a nearby old tarp, and beat the fuck out of that, threw the tarp over it, and sprinted back to the house to get a bucket of water. (I think this is when my grandmother asked me what I was up to…), filled a bucket, ran back, and the flames are back up to the tree.  pulled the tarp out, beat it against the ground till it stopped burning, then beat the remaining bit against the “napalm” until the flames subsided, and then doused it with the bucket of water.

        luckily, this stopped the “napalm” from burning with the 12 foot flames, and the honeysuckle/treebranch just burned out without spreading, because this was a humid summer in the northeast, and not dry-ass california, and also fire generally burns “up”, and it was already at the top of that bit of vegetation.  I did go get a couple more buckets of water, and make sure everything else was soaked and cold to the touch, as that kinda scared me.

        And I only used a fraction of what I had made.  I think I smeared the rest on the bottom of the pot, and just left it there for the gasoline to evaporate.

        So, yeah, it worked pretty well, gooey and sticky, and holy fuck did it burn…

          • nah, just got a bear head from a taxidermist, and was boiling it to get the flesh off the skull.  I think I also got a mountain lion skull that way?

            it doesn’t work for horned/antlered critters, but for most things, taxidermists get styrofoam forms for the skull/head, and use that after skinning the animal.

            Can get some neat/rare animal skulls that way…

    • Okay, before I ask why, I’ll preface it with “I would TOTALLY do this, too!” (And have honestly only restrained myself from doing so in the past because they are SO BIG, snd I don’t know how to prepare them… annnnd because the stores here where I can find them also sell them cut into large chunks, so I don’t need to buy them whole😉😆🤣💖)


      But WHY did you buy the whole jackfruit, Lochaber?


      Which size was it–little, medium, or the 2-ish footer, and were you able to use it all before it went bad?😉🤣🤣🤣



      • If we ever end up in the same general geographic area and hang out, I will totally foot the bar bill if you want to put up with me…


        You saw through all that “bait” and hit on the real mistake…


        It wasn’t quite two foot, but I’m fairly certain it was over ~15″ across the long axis.


        I had jackfruit previously on a field trip to SE Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, more specifically), and I remember really liking jackfruit (along with a fuckton of other new(to me) fruits.


        If only the store selling them were also selling them in pre-cut portions…


        So, I googled around a bit, and apparently they’ve got a lot of latex in the… outer rind thingy?  so I put some olive oil on my chef’s knife (the one I keep reasonably sharp and am always talking shit about “bread knives”), and just tried to split it in half.


        And that sorta worked.  at least enough to attempt repeating to “quarter” it.  But the knife was absolutely coated in latex and pretty much useless afterwards.


        I didn’t realize their were seeds.  I also didn’t realize the seeds I didn’t realize are edible.  So, I started removing them and putting them in a container.  I never properly dried them, and attempting to compensate by adding salt didn’t work so well…


        I ate a bunch in the couple of days around that iteration of poor judgement, but the rest went into the freezer, and stayed there, until I decided to try some vague recipe using jackfruit as a meat substitute/extender.  it turned out okay.  but i’d totally smack the shit out of any prior or future version of me who may consider it an acceptable expenditure of energy…





        jackfruit does taste pretty awesome, though…

        • @Lochaber, sorry this past week’s TOTALLY gotten away from me, but it’s a deal if we’re ever in the same zip code!😉🤣💖


          And I have to know–how did you ever get the latex-y stuff off the knife? Or did you just give up & get a new one?

          • oh, yeah, I definitely cleaned the knife up, it was just useless in the short term, and too much work to clean as I went.  probably just a scrubby, or something.

  5. I feel like *most* of the things I’ve done/tried–even ones I didn’t like, for *some* (stupid, I admit!!) reason, I do often try again (and again & again!🙃😖🤪), just to see if my perception of them as THAT BAD really was accurate…


    And YES, Bread Pudding, Rice Pudding, Oatmeal, Black Coffee, and Peach Fruit-on-the-bottom Yogurt really ARE that nasty! (Buuuuut, I’ll probably try them all again in a decade or so, just to make sure.😉🤫)


    Otherwise, it’s the dumb/little-ish things–like going to crowded/noisy places (especially ones with no seating), or stuff like taking Prednisone, codeine, benadryl, or Morphine**

    The place/space thing gets miserable because it’s a sensory overload, and the meds all have terrible side-effects*** for me, that make all of them either unmanageable *or* something I take, then immediately go to bed to sleep off.


    **the hallucination of 3′ long cockroach-looking  bugs coming to get me, as they walked across the ceiling to my hospital bed was quite enough to nix ANY sense of “relaxation,” “not caring,” or “enjoyment” that particular drug apparently gives other folks… my experience with it was terrifying, and one I’d prefer to NEVER repeat!!

    ***i.e. the last time I took benadryl, I passed out for about 36 hours, the Codeine makes everything look funny & I feel dizzy from that, and most steroids mane me long-bone achy *AND* “Hulk MAD!!!”-ragey.🙃




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