I’m on Smoko

James Caan, smoke break, on the set of The Godfather

That’s Aussie speak for “I’m on a smoke break”, according the lads in The Chats.

Now I don’t smoke, but generally in the afternoon, about an hour so after lunch, on workdays, I almost wish I did. Because workday afternoons are the worst, and Friday afternoons in particular.

I go into a real funk. And often my way out of that pit of despair is what I call the evergreens: the GIFs/memes/videos that I will always love and laugh at.

So feel free to post any that you swear by. Add descriptions or just plunk them down with no context. Hopefully we’ll see some that are new to us. I’ll start us off by posting some of mine, some of which I’m sure I’ve posted previously.

I’ve seen several Ozzy Man Reviews, but this is the one that kills me.

A cat GIF that sums up my reaction to each and every last-minute change from the client.

I call this GIF Kung Fu Chicken, and it certainly could serve as a metaphor.

This stupid little clip from “Ice Age” pretty much sums up US politics for me.

And how did 2020 turn out (NSFW, or while eating)?


Have a good weekend, all.



  1. I can’t post gifs but I enjoy seeing them!

  2. Can’t figure out how to edit my post, so:
    Apologies to @hannibal for posting this right after she posted her Happy Hour post. I could not recall when this usually came out and was trying to get my post in before hers so that I would not knock her off the top of the page. Unfortunately, I did exactly that. Sorry.

    • @MemeWeaver No problem! Things are pretty quiet around here today anyhow. 

      • Yeah, that’s what gave me the idea to post. I’d had this notion rumbling around the basement of my brain, and decided that I should be posting when others are not. Thanks for understanding. I’m still trying to figure some of this stuff out.

  3. *boop*

  4. I smoked cigarettes for 30 years. A real bitch to give up. I also gave up caffeine around the same time. Here’s an homage to my two favorite (ex-) vices.

    I’m in an oversharing, self-doxxing mood, when am I not, so I’ll tell you how I quit smoking after many failed attempts. My beloved hound, who we raised from puppyhood, lived an astonishingly long life. Her body was sent to Cornell Veterinary for further study, with our blessing, because the vets all went there and thought this would be useful to research. When she was 4 weeks old we took her to the practice and she lived to be 16 1/2 (average lifespan for her breed: 10, maybe 11) so she was this amazing case study with all kinds of medical records. God knows what kinds of notes they kept on us, the humans, but I’m sure they did.
    A couple of weeks went by and The Better Half and I grew more and more agitated with each other. Neither of us particularly wanted another dog but we knew that we were falling apart without the companionship and the routine and the focus that a dog can provide. It’s fairly well-known that marriages break up due to empty nest syndrome and we were kind of suffering a cross-species version of that.
    So we went to the shelter and I fell in love with a puppy who has turned into our current Ravenous Hound. The Better Half went in to do the paperwork and I was an emotional wreck. I was mourning my boon companion, I was embarking on a new adventure—
    “Mattie, you look like you’re about to have a nervous breakdown. Go outside and take a little smoking break.”
    So I went outside. It was a miserable, sleeting, late-December day (yes, the Boon Companion died just a few days before Christmas) and I lit up the cigarette, a Marlboro Red, took a couple of drags, was I weeping or was that the sleet on my face?, and said, out loud, “Fuck this. I fucking hate all of fucking this.” So I marched back inside and didn’t say anything to Better Half, we took the puppy, and I haven’t had a cigarette in over seven years now. 
    It’s a terrible method to give up smoking, I don’t recommend it, but it worked for me.

    • An unhealthy habit abandoned, and replaced with a furry companion. Win-win!

  5. …for whatever reason I have trouble posting images, let alone .gifs but I do hope we get another of these posts because I do enjoy a good .gif/meme?

    …as for editing posts post-publication…I think you might want to drop myo a line & ask if he can hook you up…it might not be a default ability but I can vouch for it being handy when you spot a typo that would otherwise glare at you…even if folks are generally too polite to give me a hard time about those?

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