…in-de-pen-dance? (DOT 4/7/20]

but it don't mean a thing if we ain't got that swing...

…happy fireworks day, y’all

Mysterious Explosion and Fire Damage Iranian Nuclear Enrichment Facility

…but being as there are usually real fireworks on the 4th

As many as 80 percent of the holiday fireworks displays in large cities and small towns have been canceled because of the pandemic.

…it seems a mite churlish to rain on that parade with a bunch of figurative fireworks so maybe we’ll leave most of those for another day

…you weren’t planning on doing much sunday anyway, right?

…besides, you probably won’t be able to load the page anyway

…then you know what time it is

…because the whole world is presumably downloading &/or streaming Hamilton at this very moment…so we all get to stay in

…at least I hope so…because what would be best for everyone is if

…stay home & stream you some bangin’ history, yo

…& whatever the hell you do…don’t go to mount rushmore

Trump’s Mt. Rushmore Crowd ‘Won’t Be Social Distancing’



…however you look at it

July 4 and America’s crisis of the spirit.

…it’s kind of a tricky one this year

A Difficult Independence Day

…but if you’re still wondering what the hell that title was about…it’s a stretch…but then so much of what’s happened since Bob handed in his homework is…it almost makes you doubt that it takes two to tango

…one more chance



The move almost certainly means that blacked-out passages requested by Congress will stay secret at least until after the presidential election.

…& not to put a downer on it…but…speaking of the old orange try in the sorry-ass song & dance that ought to have landed someone behind bars stakes…who am I kidding…the mount rushmore thing was bad enough already…in for a penny in for a pound & all that


…still, it’s not all bad…well, maybe it is…but at least in some senses that’s a good thing

Last month represented the political nadir of President Trump’s three and a half years in office, thanks to self-inflicted wounds as he played to his base and missteps by a fractured campaign.
Hours after President Trump’s campaign announced an enormous cash influx of $131 million last month, Joe Biden’s team said it had brought in even more.
The candidates together raised over a quarter of a billion dollars in June, pointing to Joe Biden’s financial turnaround, President Trump’s resiliency and the 2020 campaign’s staggering cost.

…apparently the key is to just learn to live with the things that live to kill you


…just whatever you do…if you plan on doing it around anyone you don’t already live with…remember these words to live by



  1. eh the whole world minus one is streaming hamilton…im watching f1…sides im allergic to musicals..tho…i guess ill make exceptions for jesus christ superstar and the rocky horror show

    • I went on a road trip a few years ago with a friend. When she picked me up she excitedly told me she’d brought the Hamilton soundtrack. Like you, I normally dislike musicals except for the two you named. And I have a strong aversion to all things hyped. But I was very surprised by how much I liked it. It is more like Superstar than a traditional musical.  The story is told entirely in song. I think you might enjoy it.

  2. Kinda awkward to say.  Happy birfday US Amercia.  This birf day reminds me of the spat Bones and James T Kirk had in Wrath of Khan.
    Unlike Bones, I get why this birfday is awkward and weird.

  3. OT: We’ve been mostly consistent, the four of us, where I work to keep everyone else out but yesterday someone left one of the doors open and a customer made it all the way to the office to ask me questions.  I thought, “ok I guess I’ll just wipe everything down when he leaves.” WHILE HE WAS STANDING IN MY OFFICE TOUCHING THINGS he was telling me how stupid people are for wearing masks.  That he has a “very handicapped 22 year old daughter that requires full-time care” and that “I have 6 healthcare workers on rotation to care for her every day and they are always different people every day.” Then he rambled on, “I’ve told them not to worry about wearing masks because it’s pointless.  I put essential oil in my vapourizer and it kills the virus but the gubment and the media won’t tell you that because they just want to scare you.”

    As I was escorting him out of the building trying hard not to put on my HOLY FUCK face, he was blabbing about huffing his vapouriser because it disinfects him instantly…but the gubment and doctors and media won’t tell us that.  

    As I was closing the door he said, “don’t be one of the stupid ones that doesn’t see that all of this is bullshit.” To which I replied, “don’t worry, I’m not the stupid one.”

    Then I spent the next hour disinfecting EVERYTHING.  I should probably self-isolate based on this experience.

  4. Here’s an absolutely insane bit from Florida:
    “TALLAHASSEE — Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis in late May sent a stern letter to 100,000 business owners licensed to do business with the state.
    He wanted to know: Were they owned or controlled by the Communist Party of China?”
    What I want to know is who is this guy’s Roy Cohn?

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