SNOT [NOT 23/10/21]

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SNOT: Saturday night open thread. Total open thread. Tell us some things.

Are you a wordy wordsmith and like etymology? I know someone on the site that loves it. Or do you sometimes get stuck like our friend Ted.

Do you have an opinion on the great debate of separating the art from the artist? Nico and the reports of casual racism. I have some of her records, but because they were bought second hand I did not contribute to her royalties.

Or has something been on a loop for you?

Rant, rave, educate, inform, ask, and answer.



  1. im the opposite of a wordy word smith….i know a great many words…and try to use them as sparingly as possible


    also i never realized snot is short for saturday night off topic….that shits hilarious

  2. I can separate art from artist if the issue falls into the category of “normative behavior for the time” – for example, someone marrying a a 15 yr old in Medieval or Renaissance times.

    I can’t separate it when it falls into a category of oh my fucking god that is never okay. For example, Picasso is great at cubism and modern art, but he also put a lit cigarette out on a woman’s face. He treated women like shit and was extremely abusive. You don’t see that included in placards at museums.

    Similarly, I think it’s disgusting how much Michael Jackson music I still hear on the radio based on all the indications that he was a serial child molester. We’ve finally (mostly) stopped hearing R. Kelly music. See also – how quickly I lose respect for people who work with Woody Allen since 2014.

    • Hannah Gadsby, with her art history qualifications, goes into Picasso quite a bit in Nanette. During the closing frames of the special, she’s at home and has a book on her coffee table titled Pablo Pic-asshole. I spent entirely too much time online trying to track down that title, but it must have been a prop, because–alas–no luck.

      • Or there was a nasty lawsuit and the copies all got destroyed.

        I had a college professor who tried to publish an article about how anti-semitic Walt Disny was and it was a thing of either don’t publish it or goodbye job.

  3. I’m pretty hypocritical in when I choose to separate the art from the artist and mostly just assume most artists are awful unless I meet them or told otherwise by a reliable source.  I do now hate Ted Nugent though.  I like to talk when I have something to say but okay just listening and will fade into a group if I don’t know them well.

    Today I shot senior portraits for an old friend’s son.  I hadn’t seen the boy in years and he has turned into an amazing young man.  We lucked out on the rain holding off and the amazing fall colors.  His parents are harassing me to see the pics but he made me promise to let him have first edit privileges first.

    Made red beans and rice in the slow cooker so looking forward to that and a matching cocktail soon.


  4. Did a lot of nothing today. Pestered a child into scrubbing out the shower, so it’s not all gross and mildewy, finally (I have to rely on the others to do any serious scrubbing because I can’t do it anymore). It’s shiny! Dropped off groceries for Almost-MiL, picked up cat litter, a couple other little errands.

    Dinner was nachos/burritos (I make the filling, everyone can do with it as they will.) We had a big bagful of pre-cooked fast food burger patties, so I chopped those up fine, blistered a pint of cherry tomatoes, added in 2 cups of leftover white rice, a can of black beans, a can of diced tomatoes, and loads of taco meat spices and hot sauce. Quite tasty as a burrito with some cheese and sour cream.

      • @KeitelBlacksmith For real. Asking for help is hard! There are days when I have to ask for help with even simple things, like getting dressed or getting something from a cupboard, and there’s days when I can do things fine by myself. Asking for help on the bad days is always difficult, and I often don’t when I really should.

        • @HoneySmacks, I am 5′ 1′ tall, so regularly need help reaching things. I apparently have lost a lot of hand strength so I need help opening jars. And I am blind as a bat…so when I misplace my glasses I need help finding them. I need a whole bunch of help, frequently.

          • @elliecoo Oh, isn’t it fun when you can’t find your glasses without putting your glasses on?? I couldn’t find my way out of a paper bag without mine on.

            Despite only being 41, I have arthritis in more joints than not, and I’m staring down the barrel of at least one hip replacement in 5 or so years… longer if I’m stubborn (I haaaate surgery. I mean, no one likes it, but I haven’t ever had one that was simple and uncomplicated. Something ALWAYS goes awry.)

            Soooo… basically, I need to be better about asking for help with things so I don’t damage myself further!

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