Iowa holds its own Cockus


Merry Caucsmas to anyone caucusing. May you…do whatever it is you are supposed to do.

I guess we can put all discussion on Iowa returns here. Mostly I just wanted to write that headline. Anyone else gnawing off their fingernails because they’re worried we’re about to be trapped in a Biden and Mayo Pete sandwich?

History lesson:


  • Hillary Clinton (23 delegates), Bernie Sanders (21 delegates)
  • Ted Cruz (8 delegates), President Fuckface (7 delegates)


  • Obama – basically unopposed
  • Ron Paul (22), Mitt Romney (6) – Rick Santorum got more of the vote because of complicated caucus ass shit didn’t get any delegates.


  • Obama (16), Clinton (15), John Edwards (14)
  • Mike Huckabee (17), Mitt Romney (12), John McCain (3) (and more)


  • John Kerry (20), John Edwards (18), Howard Dean (7)
  • GW Bush – unopposed


  • Al Gore (29), Bill Bradley (18)
  • GW Bush (10), Steve Forbes (7), Alan Keyes (4) (and more)


  • Clinton – unopposed
  • Well I can’t figure out a goddamn delegate count (or maybe theye didn’t do that back then?), but: Bob Dole (26%), Pat Buchanan (23%), Lamar Alexander (17%) (and more)


  • Tom Harkin (26), uncommitted – what? (17), Bill Clinton (7)
  • George HW Bush – unopposed


  • Dick Gephardt (28%), Paul Simon (24%), Michael Dukakis (21%), Jesse Jackson (17%)
  • Dole (37%), Pat Robertson (25%), Bush (19%), Jack Kemp (11%)

Some observations – the Democrat who wins Iowa tends to win the nomination – or rather, the last time that hasn’t happened was ’92. The same is not true for the Republicans. Republicans seem to run a higher number of viable/popular candidates in their primaries – Democrats tend to have a couple of them just dominate and all the other ones get almost nothing. In some ways, what we are experiencing this year is fairly normal for the Republican primary.

Notes for today:



  1. He does not look to be enjoying that corn dog. I’m not fan of hotdogs but dip them in corn bread and even I get excited for a corn dog. WTF with these people…

  2. Apparently results are being delayed due to “inconsistencies” – I don’t think we’re getting a straight story yet, but sounds a lot like the new app is failing and they’ve had to go to the backups? This sounds like a great excuse in the making for whomever doesn’t do well.

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