…is not a word.

I don’t have a ton of pet peeves. I hate the sound of Bob Costas’ voice for some reason and people who throw cigarette butts out the car window annoy me to no end. That’s about it. I’m pretty easy going, but hearing Representative Collins use the word “irregardless” made me cringe.

What made up words or phrases put you over the edge?



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        • yes, but for those who don’t know html, they can edit their own comment and use the visual editor if they need one, then hit “update”.
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          either way works.

          • Great, thank you. WordPress is a new UI for me.

    • One of my biz partners likes to say “inside baseball” a lot. And one of them hates when you say “no problem”, which of course just makes me say it to him more than any normal person would.

    • I also hate “first things first”. Where else would you put them?

      • If you’re not first, you’re last.

  1. Supposably “irregardless” isn’t a word…who knew?

  2. I literally say literally way too often when I mean figuratively.

    • I literally hate that word! My daughters teacher has banned it from any conversation in her class. High school kids definitely do not use the word correctly and they constantly use it in the wrong way.

  3. People who say things happened “on accident” instead of “by accident”. Makes me want to SCREAM!

    • I am bugged when I hear/read “all the sudden.” All. Of. A.

  4. Too many to dare mention. I have a degree in English, so you can imagine what it is like for me to roam the Interwebs on a daily basis.

      • Yeah, same here. 😬

    • …I feel your pain on the english degree = too many to mention…
      …but if I had to pick one it would be either “the ouster” meaning not person doing the ousting but the ousting itself in defiance of the fact that there was a perfectly good word for that already…
      …I don’t care if the usage has now been deemed correct, dynamic language evolution can kiss my ass on that one – it’s bullshit to me…
      …or the constant use of reigns when you mean reins…
      …the reigns of power is not a meaningful statement…
      …free reign might be close to meaning something but it sure as shit isn’t free rein…
      …but I have to stop because I’m thinking of more words faster than I can type…

    • Don’t haz a sad – play with us!

    • Perhaps you could add it here and get all of your kinja friends to come over here with you.

    • You can make it your avatar here too!

  5. I really dislike “anyways,” that “s” at the end irks me every time I hear it or read it.

    And I absolutely hate the word “squick.”

    • I used to add the “s” in a mocking way. Until it started to be a habit, and I had to correct myself.

  6. A thing needs fixing. Or it needs to be fixed. It doesn’t “needs fixed.”

  7. Irregardless is my pet peeve also.
    I have seen some very educated people in some very high places use this awful non-word.

    A close second is “your” welcome.
    I was bored at work one day so I kept track of the usage of this on my e-mails. Six or seven of the first ten corporate e-mails that I received used “your” welcome so I just stopped counting out of disgust.

  8. I also HATE when people use bath as I verb. No, you didn’t bath your dog, you bathed her.

    • As a verb, not I verb

      • you can edit your own comments…

        • I knew I could in my own post but don’t see an option to edit comments.

    • I’ve literally never heard anyone say that before. I would definitely do a double take!

  9. And “ask” is not a fucking noun, no matter how badly you want it to be.

  10. And “ask” is not a noun, no matter how badly you’d like it to be.

    • worth starring twice…but did you deliberately Kinja yourself out of nostalgia…?

      • I don’t think Lemmy saw my notice on their profile page.

        • Well see, there’s another glitch because I never got a notification of a notice. It was worth saying twice, though, because “ask” is fucking annoying as a noun.

  11. Does misuse count? Because I really hate when people say ‘quality’ without an adjective attached to said quality. Is it high quality or low quality??? There’s even a company near with just quality in the name.

    Also, first deadsplinter post for me, Hi!

    • Also, first deadsplinter post for me, Hi!

      A high quality one. Hi!

    • Excellent – we love quality commenters around here! Welcome Mish Mosh.

  12. Thank-you for hating on Bob Costas – he drives me crazy!
    There is a PSA on my local radio station that says, ‘they gave their lifes’ arrrgh, make it stop!

    • Their lifes!
      And here I thought I was all alone in my Bob Costas hate. So nice to find a kindred spirit. Welcome!

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