Is it News or Not? [NOT 24/2/22]

Hi, friends

What makes the news where you live? Is there a bias you can identify in what makes headlines and what is just ignored?

St. Louis area is known to be pretty damn racist, and one of the ways you can see this is gun violence is reported from North County and St Louis City, both of which are predominantly African American residents compared to other parts of the metro area.

So around 11pm last night, I’m in bed trying fall asleep. I hear 4 rapid gunshots, a pause, then about 5 more shots, a very brief pause, then 7 more shots. Definitely not fireworks. Also close enough that I was like huh any second I should hear police sirens. Any second. About 10 minutes later I fell asleep.

No mention on local news. Nothing. I find out from a local facebook group that yep, 16 shots fired, I know the apartment complex it happened at (close to my house), 5 police cars showed up, but we think no one actually got shot because no ambulances at the scene.

You hear stories constantly about shootouts and gunshots etc for the “dangerous” parts of St Louis, but crickets for the rest of it. Such bullshit.



  1. So much is just operating on fumes following the models set up over 50 years ago — news, sports, weather, if it bleeds it leads, follow the fire trucks, and stick a cute baby in there somewhere.

    It’s crazy expensive to still do all of the ambulance chasing for a two minute segment, but they just can’t quit it.

    I’m encouraged that a nonprofit news organization may get rolling locally — with luck they’ll drive the VC owned paper out of business, which is barely a husk anymore. I just hope the nonprofit understands that a good news org is more than just longform pieces on public housing funding but includes things like restaurant reviews, local arts coverage, and personality profiles.

    • This is my local news, the most sensational stories they can find. You’d think I lived in the most crime ridden large city in the world instead of the sleepy mid size city it really is. It’s gross.

  2. My favorite local news was taken over by Sinclair so I had to switch.  They do ok on some local stories but here it is nonstop weather updates & a few local shootings, crashes, & business stories.  I miss Gardening with Ciscoe which was a hilarious gardening segment.

  3. Well, thanks to Trump pardoned Federal Convict Conrad Black’s drive to corporatize information and just only hire right wing drivelists (including the CBC), most of my news is right leaning except whatever I can get on somewhat reputable blogs.

    I avoid local and national opinion shows like herpes.


  4. shootings make the news here…even the ones where no one gets hurt..

    its just rare enough here to be news worthy

    yesterdays news was a hostage situation in an apple store in amsterdam…. dude with a hand gun and a machine gun…and apparently a bomb vest…wanted 200 million in crypto

    which you know…is a perfectly reasonable request…and im sure he had a really good exit strategy for his cunning ploy in the busiest part of amsterdam..

    anyways…coz he was a genius…when his hostage ran outside he chased after…and immediately got run the fuck over by police..

    tbh…sometimes its so quiet here kittens getting rescued from under bridges make national news

    • my local local news will report on literally anything that happens here…my daughter and another neighboorhoud kid made for a story once by getting stuck in an elevator (the door wouldnt open)

      the fire brigade had to turn up to get them out…big excitement..much wow..i think they might have been bored… full team of 6 turned up all geared up only for the first one to use some kind of skeleton key on the elevator door and fix the issue

      (did you know firefighters had skeleton keys for elevators? i didnt….makes sense tho)

      • Actually, I did. They also have an override key that works inside the elevator so it ignores everybody else and takes them directly to the emergency.

        If you’re ever trying to get into a gated community, you can try “911” on the gate. A lot of them used to be programmed with that so police can enter. Once that got around, though, I suspect they shifted to something else.

      • Coworker and I got stuck in an elevator a few years back at the office. We tried calling the emergency number on the elevator panel and the person who answered asked what we wanted her to do about it.

        Anyways, turns out 2 adults can pry those doors open with minimal work. We just had to stoop down and exit on a different floor.

        • lol…we tried the emergency number too….got told they would send out a mechanic from the arse end of nowhere who’d be there in 2 to 3 hours

          that kind of wait was not going to end well with 2 kids amping eachother up on the panic scale in an elevator…. sooo we called the fire brigade

          we did try prying the doors open from our side..but that was not happening

    • I love that in The Netherlands, getting hit by a bus is a law enforcement technique.

      ETA: Medical personnel were not allowed to examine Akkad on the street until after a robot examined his body for explosives while snipers kept him in their sights. He was then transported to an area hospital, where he later died.

      Basically, killed by his own claim that he had a bomb vest on. Wow.

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