Is This Winning? [DOT 2/6/20]

I was given DOT duties two days in a row; mainly to save Rip’s sanity, but honestly I think we’re all losing it. Sending all of you every bit of extra goodwill I can muster.

It’s been a running joke among my friends that whenever I leave the country on vacation, bad things happen.

I was in the Caribbean when Trump was elected; I was somewhere else when Scalia died (though I’d argue that wasn’t THAT bad). I’ve missed major weather events at home and I was in Italy when my cousin fell off a waterfall and died. Seriously, I shouldn’t be allowed to go anywhere.

HOWEVER, I am supposed to be on a two week vacation right now, and instead I’m here. So, the good news is that I think the curse is broken. The bad news is…everything else.

We can all see what is going on and we know it’s bad. I’ve rounded up some of the news below and it may all change by the time this posts at 6 AM. So feel free to drop any updates in the comments.

File under: No Shit Sherlock

George Floyd: Medical examiner says death was a homicide
Report comes as the family releases results of a private autopsy which determined the cause of death as asphyxiation

The evening started off as such:

Declaring himself “your president of law and order,” President Donald Trump vowed Monday to return order to American streets using the military if widespread violence isn’t quelled, even as peaceful protesters just outside the White House gates were dispersed with tear gas, flash grenades and rubber bullets. It was all, apparently, so Trump could visit a nearby church.

After his ‘speech’ he took a stroll down to St. John’s for a photo op. Quick question: Do you think he can even read?

How is he holding this without it bursting into flames?

And check out the live action: Sound On!

The bishop was Not. Having. It.

Episcopal bishop on President Trump: ‘Everything he has said and done is to inflame violence’

As someone currently trying to care for aging parents from afar, this scares the shit out of me.

More than 25,000 nursing home residents and 400 staff have died during pandemic, federal report shows

There’s still a pandemic people! A friend from Peru lost two uncles in one day.

In Peru, bodies mount and masks are reused with region’s second highest coronavirus cases

I always feel bad delivering link after link of bad news, so I like to end with a couple of things that cracked me up today. I hope it helps you, too.

First of all, Seth Rogan is also Not. Having. It.

And secondly, I watched this tonight and felt a little better. Add it to your queue and thank me later.

Hang in there; have a Tuesday!



  1. I suffered under a similar curse, corporate-related. The day my entire corporation was sold off (“merged”) with a competitor I was on vacation. The day my division head was escorted out the door I was on vacation. Later on, the day the subsequent division head was escorted out the door I was on jury duty. The day I got laid off I had taken a pre-scheduled personal day but I was part of a wave of layoffs so it couldn’t exactly wait until the next day, I got a call at home, so I fell victim to my own curse! Now I work for myself, at home, so my predictive powers have been curbed.

      • Me too. My survival was because I wasn’t anyone’s flunky/”boy.” Where I worked, loyalty purges were common. I was just there like the furniture… I always figured I was considered decent office furniture. Sort of the same now at my current job in the pill factory where factions are based on your national origins. I am my own faction literally as there aren’t any loud mouthed Korean Canadian bananas (yellow on the outside/white on the inside) working there.

      • I’m trying to be like you. Seen, not heard, not causing trouble, just getting shit done. I think I’ll survive the upcoming layoffs. People leaving voluntarily had to submit paperwork yesterday. Involuntary will happen later after they total up the voluntaries, but probably this month. But I got approved to go back to the office, which suggests I’m not on a list. Yet.

  2. Sometimes it is the people who seemed the most wired tight are the most fucked up.

    Roy Halladay was a bit of an inspiration* for me because he had to fight his way back from what most folks would consider a career destroying season (worst ever ERA for a pitcher with 50IP) and come back to be one of the best pitchers of his era (and the best Blue Jays Pitcher ever.) Become a HOF pitcher.

    And he was addicted to opiates which helped kill him at the age of 40 in a plane crash.

    *fucked up bad in university, graduated barely, stumbled and yet still became a capable and worthy engineer.

  3. The NY Times had a spectacularly bad headline, even worse than the one in 2016 exonerating Trump from ties to Russia because this one was a full pager. Ashley Feinberg provides commentary:

    This would be on a par with writing in April 16 1865 “White House in disarray after expression of Southern opposition/Lincoln uncharacteristically silent”

  4. Holy shit, that “Trump walking” tweet is fucking unbelievable. That needs to be in the dictionary under “oblivious.”

    “Is that your Bible?”
    “It’s A Bible.”

    Are you sure, Trump? Because the way you looked at it suggests you have no idea what it is. Or which end is “up.”

  5. “Is that you’re bible?”
    “It’s A bible.”

    My first reaction was, “holy shit, he actually didn’t lie and say it was his.” Then I remembered that fucking prick was just standing there holding a bible like it meant something.

    As an Episcopalian, I was very happy to see the responses by the bishops and the rector. Their stance is one of the reasons why I still identify as such, even though my wife and I haven’t attended services in years.

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