Isaiah Thomas Got Suspended Because Some Fans Wanted a Frosty

The Wizards are currently 8-20 on the season and are waist deep in the beginning of what is probably going to be a hard, shitty rebuild, while they try and wriggle their way out of the cap hell that John Wall’s contract has placed them under. Basically, being a Wizard is already a no good, not fun time, but it’s even worse when someone is heckling you over some damn soft serve.

The Sixers played host to the Wizards and comfortably roughed them up 125-108 on Saturday night. But in the waning moments of the game, guard Isiah Thomas lined up to take his free throws. He missed the first one and hit the second, at which point Thomas lost his mind and went into the stands after a couple of fans who were heckling him.

Per the Philadelphia Inquirer;

“I’m running back and the fan has both of his middle fingers up and said [expletive] you [expletive] three times,” Thomas said. “So then the timeout goes, and I go in the stands to confront him, I said ‘Don’t be disrespectful’ that calm. ‘Be a man. I’m a man before anything, and be a fan.’ And his response was, ‘I’m sorry. I just wanted a Frosty.’ ”

Here’s a hot take; Frosties are trash. They’re not great ice cream and they’re not great milkshakes. They sit squarely in the middle, and that makes them thoroughly mediocre. Frosties are the Kirk Cousins of frozen dairy based desserts, and two fans not only nearly got their asses kicked by Thomas (who will now serve a two game suspension, which if nothing else means he doesn’t have to play for the Wizards for a couple days, and that can’t be seen as a negative) over a Frosty (JUST BY THE FUCKING KEY TAG THAT HELPS CHARITY AND GET THEM FOR A DOLLAR, YOU MONSTERS), they’ve been banned for a year, and the totally innocent season-ticket holder who transferred his ticket had his 24 remaining tickets revoked. (He will get refunded, however.)

Frankly, the punishment for these sad sacks who couldn’t chill the fuck out over a slightly melted cup of Breyers (the worse of all ice creams) wasn’t harsh enough. If you really want to punish them, force them to watch the Wizards for the rest of the season.

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