It Appears Big Coal Knew About CO2 Damaging Our Environment in the 60’s

One of the many things that bothers me about our changing climate is the energy sector’s need in general to be dragged kicking and screaming to the reality of changing business needs.

This is true with power companies that choose to turn off power to millions of HOUSEHOLDS (not people) rather than underground and fortify their lines; automakers that fight electric/alternative-fuel vehicles (and legislators who do the same); people who promise to revive dying industries (even coal companies acknowledge it’s a dying industry, don’t yell at me); companies and industries responsible for things like phone and internet connection, and banking, and all sorts of things that rely on electricity and not being under water or on fire? I feel like knowing this is coming for most of my life is enough time to plan ahead.

So I really had to take a minute to let the rage-stroke pass when I read this piece on how the coal industry knew but about CO2 melting polar ice caps, rising temperatures, and raising oceans:



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