It Finally Happened

They’ve anonymized the rebellious kinja sites.

Here’s a discord to keep in the loop:

Find a way to back up anything you really want. Everyone has the ability to write here, most don’t even need their posts approved.


  1. I followed both sites so I can go through that route

  2. Let’s get the word spread.

    I hope this software doesn’t give me fits when I do next week’s jamboroo.

  3. Holy fuck. Spineless cowards didn’t even let the new community last through the weekend.


    • Well, what do you expect from someone taking perverse pleasure in killing something that isn’t worshiping the ground he walks upon. He leveraged the crap out of the purchase and is just letting the short-term return pad his pockets. As 45’s proven, there’s always someone willing to give you money after you’ve burnt through any reasonable source of credit – and the strings don’t matter so long as you get what you want in the moment.

    • I’ve said it elsewhere already, but… there’s a bad argument for refocusing Deadspin, but I don’t see ANY upside in just openly going to war with your company’s most dedicated readers.

      • It doesn’t even make sense in the “the point is to bankrupt the sites” sense, because they’re driving down traffic before they even get to the “load this place up with debt and cut expenses” part of it.

  4. Damn, I drive home from work and get online and someone nuked it from orbit.

  5. Well… This sucks. It’s gonna be hard not visiting what was essentially my homepage for quite a few years. But I’m sure several thousand people feel the same way. Let’s lock our wounds together. Well, not literally… Unless you’re into that kinda thing

    • *lick

    • This is so petty. Spanfucker truly is one of the worst of our species.

  6. Herbiest possible move. Definitely eyeing my Oregano with suspicion from now on.

  7. What is dead may never die.

  8. What’s happened to us has been noticed; a verified acct on Twitter who shall remain nameless made a suggestion, he has a number of reporters that follow him, but nobody’s taken the bait. We’re having discussions about how to approach the situation. We may very well have to talk to actual reporters about this.

    • I’m just going to assume it’s Bernie.

  9. I just found out, I was going to post on it and it’s already gone! What the hell?!

  10. An FYI on backups, you can use and paste in any URL for them to backup. I did it with a few long-form articles I have bookmarked to read later myself. It can take quite a while for it to fully backup each page, and it doesn’t always get all the images, but it’s very good at getting the text, including formatting.

    You can also search what they’ve already archived in the lower box bounded in blue/black (whatever color that is). For example ** will find everything that’s been archives from Deadspin. It will work the same for Splinter’s posts.

  11. Just checking in here. Also hopped on the Discord channel (holy fuck is that popular! 😉

    Thanks for setting this place up — let’s see how things go!


  12. “Here’s a discord to keep in the loop:

    “Invitation invalid. This invite may be expired, or you might not have permission to join.”

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